Publishing and Repository Services and Copyright Services have worked together to develop a research guide on navigating the article publishing process. The information outlined in the guide as well as the resources it points will help you:

  • Choose where to publish your work: This section gives tips to help you make an informed decision about where to publish your work.
  • Evaluate Open Access journals: This section goes into detail about steps you can take to evaluate OA journals and avoid predatory publishers.
  • Recognize your rights as an author: This section addresses authorship and ownership of an article, book, or other creative work under copyright law and Ohio State policy. Readers will also learn more about the automatic rights given to authors for the works they create.
  • Understand publishing agreements: This section provides tips for reading and reviewing publication agreements.

In addition to the research guide, Publishing and Repository Services and Copyright Services are also working on a series of blog posts that will provide more information about each of these topics. If you have any questions about publishing in general or copyright, please reach out to the appropriate unit.