With the State of Ohio Stay at Home order, due to the spread of COVID-19, many people who have never worked remotely are now finding themselves working from home. Naturally, this includes our fellow buckeyes here at Ohio State, with faculty, staff, and students moving online to perform their work from home, or attending class from a distance. I am here today to discuss a few technologies and services offered through the university to keep in mind during this remote period.    

Adobe Creative Cloud is Free to Students Until May 31

Adobe creative software is now available free of charge for Ohio State students for the remainder of the semester. If any student needs Adobe software to complete pending assignments, projects, or if they just want to test out software that is normally available in the Research Commons Computer Lab, then they will need to submit a service ticket to the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Adobe administrator to request this extension.

You can submit a request with online with your Ohio State login credentials. 

Make sure to be as detailed in your request as possible, being sure that you mention the temporary license extension offered through Adobe and linked through OCIO’s website. 

You can visit OCIO’s complete list of available software on their website. 

Additional Software Options for Students

Until campus facilities reopen, all major computer labs are not available. Many students relied on these labs to access specialized software, and without access some students might struggle to find alternatives for completing their assignments. However, there are many lab-offered software packages available to students at low or no cost. This can include mainstay programs like Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, STATA, and SPSS. If you are working remotely and missing the software to complete your work, then I suggest taking a look at the OCIO software page to browse their collection.

This time of distant learning is the perfect opportunity to explore the remote software resources that our University has to offer. Even if there is not a software that you currently use, you may be surprised at what offerings are available to students.

Written by Brian Frueh, Research Commons IT Specialist, University Libraries