I am very excited to announce that on February 28, 2018 the DMPTool was updated and has some amazing new features! The DMPTool provides researchers with templates to create the high quality data management plans that are required when submitting a grant proposal to federal funding agencies.

Highlighted Features


Researchers now have the option to comment on data management plans rather than directly editing the plan text. This allows researchers to easily coordinate their plan with their collaborators.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to dmptool.org.
  2. Click on “Get Started” or “Sign In.”Screenshot of home screen of dmptool.org
  3. Select sign in option 1.Screenshot of the sign in options with option 1 highlighted with a red border
  4. Search for Ohio State University in the search box.Screenshot of searching for Ohio State University in the institutional search box
  5. Log in with your OSU name.number.screenshot of logging in with OSU name.number credentials
  6. If you have never logged in before you will be taken to your profile where you can verify your information and add your ORCID IDScreenshot of profile settings page
  7. From your dashboard, select “Create Plan.”Screenshot of dashboard with the create plan button highlighted by a red outline
  8. Fill out the plan details including the title of the project, the primary research organization, and the funding agency.
  9. Select “Create Plan.”Screenshot of plan details filled out with a project title, research organization and funding agency and template selected. The create plan button is highlighted by a red outline.
  10. Fill out the Project Details section, including the name of the data contact person, if this is not the same as the Principal Investigator.Screenshot of project details form
  11. Select the plan guidance information you want to see. This will always default to the guidance tailored to OSU researchers and the general DMPTool guidance. However, if you are collaborating with a researcher at another institution and want to see their guidance language, you can search for the institution and add it. Click Submit after making the necessary changes.Screenshot of plan guidance configuration options with the submit button highlighted with a red outline
  12. Click on Plan Overview to get an outline of the topics you will need to address in your selected template.
  13. After reviewing the instructions, click on Write Plan. Screenshot of plan overview page with the write plan button highlighted by a red outline
  14. Click on “Expand All” or the individual + symbols to open up the text editing area.Screenshot of the write plan section with the expand all button and the + sign highlighted with a red outline
  15. Answer the questions in the text boxes, referring to the guidance language and resources as necessary, and saving your responses as you go.Screenshot of text editing boxes with the guidance language to the right
  16. Click on the Share tab. Set the visibility for your plan, add collaborators, and request expert feedback from the Data Management Services team at OSU.Screenshot of Share section
  17. When your plan is finalized click on Download. Select the download  and format settings, and click on “Download Plan.”Screenshot of download section with the download plan button highlighted with a red outline

If you have any questions about the DMPTool or your data management plans, please consider using the Request Feedback button or contact us at datamanagement@osu.edu for personalized assistance.