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Research Data

Photograph of Kelsey Badger, Research Data Librarian

Meet the Expert:

Kelsey Badger is the Research Data Librarian and an assistant professor at The Ohio State University Libraries. Through consultations, training, advocacy, and collaborative initiatives, she supports best practices in research data management and sharing, tools and workflows for scientific reproducibility, and the discovery and (re)use of open and proprietary data sources. Previously, Badger has supported data management through positions in academia as well as state and federal government, including the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Research Data

Schedule a Research Data consultation to discover tools and strategies to work with your data. Through the Research Commons, researchers can receive assistance with:

  • Finding, acquiring and evaluating open and proprietary datasets
    • Locating existing research data on a topic of interest
    • Submitting dataset purchase requests to the Libraries
    • Mining Libraries subscription content
    • Understanding data documentation and licenses¬†
  • Planning for research data management and creating funder-compliant plans
    • Answering questions about funder and publisher data policies
    • Reviewing data management plan drafts
    • Incorporating data management best practices into your research
  • Developing documentation and workflows that support scientific reproducibility
    • Tools/methods for documenting¬†data analysis, with or without code
    • Checklists and standard operating procedures for labs and research teams
    • Selecting and getting started with a metadata standard
  • Sharing, publishing and preserving research data
    • Writing a data availability statement
    • Selecting an appropriate research data repository
    • Increasing visibility and citation of published research data


For more information about these topics and links to tools, visit the Research Data guide.