Publishing Services

Our publishing services are free to members of the Ohio State community. Our mission is to provide open access to scholarship. All of the content we publish is freely available online from the date of publication.


University Libraries provides journal publishing and hosting through partnerships with members of the Ohio State community. Our journals are published on a number of platforms, but they are all digital and open access (they do not charge subscription fees). Read the descriptions below to see the types of partnerships available, and then fill out our application or contact us ( for more information.

Journal Hosting

Any scholarly journal affiliated with The Ohio State University is eligible for journal hosting through University Libraries. Journal hosting partnerships provide:

  • A journal website or dedicated space in the Knowledge Bank for journal content
  • Tools for managing editorial workflows (including online submissions and peer review)
  • Support for managing rights and permissions
  • Technical support for editors, authors, and readers
  • Long-term preservation of journal content
  • Consulting and support for journal development

Journal Publishing

In addition to the services listed above, journals for which the Libraries is the publisher of record are eligible for additional support, including:

To be eligible for a publishing partnership, a journal must have a stable editorial presence and a regular publishing schedule, provide open access to all content from the date of publication, and follow our journal publishing policies. If the journal is not edited by a member of the Ohio State community, it must be affiliated with a scholarly society, and an Ohio State faculty member who is a member of the society must sponsor the application.

Conference Publishing

Conferences are a major venue for sharing scholarship, but often the papers and presentations given are invisible to those not present at the event. We believe that making that work discoverable contributes to the progress of scholarship, so we offer conference publishing services to faculty, staff, students, and academic units who organize conferences on campus. Contact us ( for more information.

Any scholarly conference affiliated with The Ohio State University is eligible for the following services:

  • Help in identifying appropriate ways to collect conference scholarship and make it available online, including support for managing copyright and permissions
  • Creation of an online archive of conference materials and presentations
  • Digital publication of a formal proceedings

New Model Publishing

Our publishing services are structured to provide sustainable support for some of the most common forms of scholarship. However, scholarly publishing is a rapidly evolving field, and we believe that libraries have a role in nurturing experimental and innovative modes of publishing. If you have a publishing project in mind that does not fit the above categories, we are very happy to consult with you, and may, in some cases, be able to offer some support. Contact us ( for more information.