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The Purpose of the Expedition

Chief Scientist Harold
Sverdrup conducting
water sampling
Wlikins 33-13-34

Special datasheets were used to
record scientific information.  This
example is from the day on which the
Nautilus reached her “farthest Northing.” Wilkins OV-16.

“In short, the expedition is for the purpose of gathering data in connection with a plan for comprehensive meteorology study, including the polar areas and with the hope that once polar meteorological stations are established it will be possible to forecast for several years in advance, the seasonal conditions, and to collect scientific data of academic and economic interest from an area hitherto unapproached by a scientific staff equipped with a complete scientific laboratory and facility for comfortably carrying out their investigations and provided with adequate means of sustenance and means of safe retreat.  Millions of dollars are spent each year by various institutions in oceanographical and geophysical research.  A submarine will provide means for similar investigations in an economic and safe manner, in areas as yet untouched by scientists.”  (Source Wilkins 15/33)

Document detailing the purpose
 of the expedition. Wilkins 15-33.

Wilkins (left) and Ray Myers (right)
establishing radio contact. Wilkins 37-4.

Wilkins at the typewriter writing his daily installment in fulfillment of his agreement with the Hearst empire. Wilkins 33-13-2.

Inside the cramped quarters of the Nautilus. Wilkins at center,
Sverdrup, at left.
Wilkins 33-12-1.

Wilkins, left and chief
scientist Harold Sverdrup.
Wilkins 33-11-9

Chief radio operator Ray Meyers at the periscope. Wilkins 33-11-24.

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