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1980s, Ohio Stadium Dorm Basketball
Ohio Stadium dorm basketball, 1980s

End of an era
In 1982, the University determined the Stadium Dorms, last renovated 25 years earlier, required $5.5 million in repairs to plumbing and wiring. Inflation and recession limited the University's maintenance funds; with the planned renovation $3.5 million short, the dorms were threatened with closure. In spring quarter 1982, 30 scholarship dorm students scoured the University Archives to locate Stadium Dorms alumni; in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Tower Club, the University Development Fund organized a "Save Stadium Dorm" campaign. These actions convinced the University to locate other sources of funding, and the dorms were spared. The innate problems with housing students in windowless cells suspended from the girders of a 70-year-old structure persisted; a second renovation stretched from May 1985 to June 1986. Irritated students lashed out by vandalizing the new space. Finally, as part of the 2000 Stadium renovation, Stadium Scholarship residents were placed in Mack Hall. Current Stadium Scholarship students occupy Scholar Houses East and West, participating as their forebears did in cooperative work and self-governance. Read more


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