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Popol Wuj Online • Project Advisors

Academic Director:
Dr. Carlos M. López, Marshall University, Huntington, WV

Advisory Board:
Dr. Carlos M. López (Chair of the Committee)
Dr. Maureen Ahern, The Ohio State University
Dr. Fernando Unzueta, The Ohio State University
Dr. Edward Riedinger, The Ohio State University
Dr. Sara Castro-Klaren, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Luis Millones, Universidad de San Marcos, Perú
Dr. Enrique Sam Colop, Guatemala
Dennis Tedlock, Distinguished Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo

Library Liaisons:
Wesley Boomgaarden, The Ohio State University
John Powell, Newberry Library

Web site design:
Amy L. McCrory, The Ohio State University

Pictures of the Mayan ruins were taken by Carlos M. Lopez in May 2003.
Folios from the Popol Wuj were digitized by the Newberry Library in 2006.