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Annie Glenn 161-255-1 14 1 Annie Glenn:
Life Membership from Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers, March 27, 1962.
Honorary membership from10th Special Forces Group, December 20, 1979.
The Golden Helmet Symbol of Courage from The Amicus Group, August 15, 1983.
Certificate of Appreciation for being a Community Advisory Honorary Member, from MHMR of Southeast Texas, September 23, 1983.
Marriage Achievement Award from Bride's Magazine, July 30, 1984.
Certificate of Appreciation from National Association for Hearing and Speech Action, December 4, 1987.
Recognition from the Explorers Club, March 27, 1999.
Acknowledgement for role as Co-Chairman of National Executive Committee of The Design for Tomorrow, from Muskingum College Board of Trustees, no date.
Family 161-255-1 14 2 Clara Theresa Sproat Glenn:
Proclamation for the Ohio Mother of the Year Week from the State of Ohio Executive Department, April 5, 1962.
Mother of the Ohio Society of New York from the Ohio Society of New York, May 7, 1962.
Honorary membership to the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, June 1962.
Life membership to the American War Dads Auxiliary, August 2, 1962.
Family 161-255-1 14 3 John H. Glenn, Sr.:
Mission Colonel from Union Mission of Charleston, West Virginia, February 23, 1962.
Honorary Life Membership from the Ohio State Association of Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Contractors, Inc., March 1, 1962.
Foundation Life Membership from the American War Dads Foundation, August 2, 1962.
Family 161-255-1 14 4 Margaret A. Castor:
Sympathy for passing of Margaret A. Castor, from the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, June 10, 1988.
Family 161-255-1 14 5 Homer Castor:
President Nixon honors memory of Homer W. Castor, no date.
Military 161-255-1 14 6 1950s:
Certificate for passing the Post Exchange Accounting Course, from U.S. Marine Corps Institute, February 28, 1950.
Certificate for graduation from the Test Pilot Training Division, Naval Air Test Center, July 9, 1954.
Recognition of military service from New Concord Board of Trade, September 2, 1957.
Citation from Police Athletic League, Harrisburg, Penn., c.1958.
Membership certificate from The Golden Eagles, (The Early and Pioneer Naval Aviator's Association), September 16-18, 1956.
Award of appreciation from Supreme Pup Tent, Military Order of the Cootie, no date.
NASA 161-255-1 14 7 1961:
"Moon Plant Engineer" certification, from Celestial Society of Loonar Astrofizical Engineers, April 1, 1961.
Poem, "Evolution Skyward!!," from Humanist Unitarian Action, no date.
Certificate from U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, June 24, 1961.
Certificate of appreciation for service in improving community health in fight against tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases, from Christmas Seals to Protect the Family Circle, no date.
NASA 161-255-1 14 8 1962, January - March:
Radio 750 Award from WSB Radio, Atlanta, Georgia, January 26, 1962.
Citizen of the Day Citation, from WFUN, January 31, 1962.
Congratulations from St. Mary's Dominican College, February 1962.
Precepto Cumplido from Jose F. Araujo, February 1962.
Honorary membership from New Concord Lions Club, February 10, 1962.
Honorary citizen of Trenton, New Jersey, February 20, 1962.
Honor of flight from National Association of Manufacturers, February 1962.
Certificate of participation for launch team, from General Dynamics, February 1962.
Membership certificate from Firefly Club, February 20, 1962.
First Traveler Award from Division Five of the Ohio Department of Highways, February 20, 1962.
Certificate of Merit for Safety from United States Army, February 20, 1962.
Radio 750 Award from WSB Radio, Atlanta, Georgia, February 20, 1962.
Honorary Six Star General in the Air Section of the Sumter Guards, February 22, 1962.
Certificate of Honorary Membership in Clarksburg, West Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce, February 22, 1962.
Mission Colonel from the Union Mission of Charleston, West Virginia, February 23, 1962.
Appointment of Aide-de-Camp with rank of colonel on staff of Kentucky Governor, from Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, February 26, 1962.
Naming of "Swift Eagle" from Improved order of Red Men, Great Council of Rhode Island, February 29, 1962.
Honorary member of Alpha Sigma Upsilon Fraternity, from Upsala College, East Orange, N.J., February 29, 1962.
Honorary Major General in Company S. Sixth Regiment of National Society of Pershing Rifles, March 1962.
Honorary member of National Association of Power Engineers, March 1, 1962.
Recognition of service from Explorer Post No. 15, Hazleton, Pa., March 1, 1962.
Brother of William Bull Meek, William Morris Stewart, Chapter, No. 10, Nevada County, Calif., March 4, 1962.
Certificate for space flight, from Civil Defense and Disaster Control, Mercer County, New Jersey, March 5, 1962.
Citation for Meritorious Service from Detroit Lutheran Post No. 406, March 15, 1962.
Life membership from Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers, March 27, 1962.
Honorary membership from the Explorers Club, March 27, 1962.
AAS Flight Achievement Award from American Astronautical Society, Inc., no date.
NASA 161-255-1 14 9 1962, April - December:
Honorary Membership in Orbiters Toastmasters Club, April 1, 1962.
Tree dedication from Class of R7A, Framingham, Mass., April 14, 1962.
Distinguished Service Award, from the First Last Man Club, April 6, 1962.
"Christian Parents of the Century," from Bible Meditation League, June 23, 1962.
Citation from Newspaper Lodge No. 2100, July 19, 1962.
Arlington's Farewell Banquet to John Glenn, program, July 24, 1962.
Capital stock from the Wythe Industrial and Development Corporation, July 31, 1962.
Certificate of Recognition from Interfaith Movement, Inc., September, 1962.
Twenty Year Service Award from National Aeronautics and Space Administration, November 1, 1962.
Honorary and life member of the Star Spangled Banner Flag House Assoc., November 1, 1962.
Copy of plaque from Glenn painting, November 15, 1962.
ARS Astronautics Award from American Rocket Society, November 16, 1962.
Distinguished Service Award from Seabee Veterans of America, Department of Michigan, no date.
Emissary of City of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, no date.
Certificate for leadership and physical fitness, from Marine Corps League, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., no date.
Tree planted in honor, from Class 4F Daled, Israel, no date.
Certificate of Appreciation for address before Congress, from Optimist International, no date.
Honorary member, 4th Armored Division and Honorary Master Tanker, no date.
Certificate of Merit from Greater Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce, no date.
Tree dedication from 5th Grade Sunday School, Shaarey Zadek Congregation, no date.
Tree dedication from Class of A-B, United Hebrew Schools, no date.
Tree dedication from Class of Borman 3-B, United Hebrew Schools, no date.
NASA 161-255-1 14 10 1963:
Honorary member of the Lions Club of West End, Chicago, April 9, 1963.
Citation from Student Science Fair Inc., Chicago Public Schools, April 9, 1963.
Poems from Fred Stein, Humanist Unitarian Action, April 10, 1963.
Senate Resolutions, April 16, 1963.
Certificate of Training from the Department of the Air Force, June 3, 1963.
Columbus Day celebration, from William Mnich, October 12, 1963.
Honorary member of Civil Air Patrol, from Auxiliary United States Air Force, December 3, 1963.
Robins Awards, from American Student Academy, no date.
Tree planting from Temple Adeth Yeshurun Religious School, Israel, no date.
Commission of Colonel in Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, no date.
Honorary member of the Greater Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, no date.
Elected member of Board of Governors of National Space Club, no date.
NASA 161-255-1 14 11 1964:
Certificate of honor from Ohio University, February 17, 1964.
Certificate of Membership, National Space Club, 1964.
NASA 161-255-1 14 12 1965:
Certificate of Appreciation from National Space Club, February 19, 1965.
Pionierkette Der Windrose from International Committee of Aerospace Activities, October 1, 1965.
Honorary membership in Hermann Oberth Society, October 7, 1965.
NASA 161-255-1 14 13 1966:
Extraordinary Member of the Adventurers' Club of Denmark, May 17, 1966.
Wisdom Award of Honor from Wisdom Magazine and Wisdom Society, May 20, 1966.
Honorary Charter Membership from Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, October 27, 1966.
NASA 161-255-1 14 14 1969:
Charter Member in the Aviation Hall of Fame, Dayton, Ohio, December 17, 1969.
Senate 161-255-1 14 15 1970:
Tribute to JHG from Lebanon, Ohio, February 6, 1970.                             Honorary citizen in Lancaster, Ohio, from Lancaster City Hall, April 9, 1970.
Senate 161-255-1 14 16 1971:
Honorary Citizen of Auburn, New York and key to the city, October 27, 1971.
Honorary Citizen of Kansas City, Kansas, November 13, 1971.
Senate 161-255-1 14 17 1972:
Honorary Citizens Certificate and key to the city from Cocoa Beach, Florida, February 22, 1972.
Letter of Greeting with seal from Lord Mayor of Perth, Australia, October 27, 1972.
Official Pardon from Mayor of the city of Fort Smith, Arkansas, November 29, 1972.
Senate 161-255-1 14 18 1973:
Recognition of service from Franklin County Democratic Executive Committee, July 12, 1973.
Ohioana Career Medal 1973, from Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Association, 1973.
Certificate of Appreciation, from Special Olympics Program, 1973.
Senate 161-255-1 14 19 1974:
Doctor of Science degree from the College of Steubenville, May 1974.
Member of Over-The-Hill Gang of the Ohio Young Democrats, June 15, 1974.
Certificate of Appreciation from Rotary Club of Youngstown, Ohio, October 2, 1974.
Certificate from John Glenn for President Club, Newark, Ohio, November 5, 1974.
Certificate of Election to United States Senator, November 5, 1974.
Senate 161-255-1 14 20 1975:
Certificate of Membership to Supreme Lodge of the Order of Ahepa, Stanton Chapter No. 92, Steubenville, Ohio, January 4, 1975.
Certificate of Award from Residential Neighborhood Community Association, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 6, 1975.
Membership Certificate from National Space Club, November 1975.
Senate 161-255-1 14 21 1976:
Certificate of Achievement from National Space Club, March 12, 1976.
Special Membership in the Archaic Graphics Society, May 14, 1976.
1976 Inductee to Guernsey County Hall of Fame, Cambridge, Ohio, May 27, 1976.
Senate 161-255-1 14 22 1978:
Honorary membership in Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Fairfield, Ohio, January 12, 1978.
Honorary certificate of permanent residence, Turks and Caicos Islands, June 26, 1978.
Appreciation from Reverend Leon H. Sullivan, for 1978 Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, October 27, 1978.
Senate 161-255-1 14 23 1979:
Proclaiming April 7, 1979 as U.S.S. Ohio Day, Groton Conn., April 3, 1979.
Appreciation for support of Springboro-Clearcreek Township Jaycees, August 22, 1979.
Certificate of Recognition, from Board of Directors of Mahoning County Agricultural Society, August 30, 1979.
Senate 161-255-1 14 24 1980:
Certificate of Appreciation from National Secretaries Association, June 9, 1980.
Senate 161-255-1 14 25 1981:
Honorary Ozark Hillbilly of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Springfield, Missouri, April 4, 1981.
Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from West Liberty State College, May 16, 1981.
Senate 161-255-1 14 26 1982:
Honorary Citizen from Board of Directors, City of Little Rock, Arkansas, March 5, 1982.
Certificate of Appreciation from Department of Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, July 23, 1982.
F-16 Fighting Falcon certificate from Ted Webb, Vice President, F-16 Programs, September 17, 1982.
Service Award for contributions to the disabled from Abilities Demonstrated by the Disabled, November 29, 1982.
Senate 161-255-1 14 27 1983:
Certificate of Stock from Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Florida, March 2, 1983.
Ohio 4-H Certificate of appreciation from the Cooperative Extension Service of the Ohio State University, April 5, 1983.
Honorary Citizen from the Board of Directors, City of Little Rock, Arkansas, April 25, 1983.
Certificate from Secretary of State Don Siegelman, Alabama, April 30, 1983.
Distinguished Public Service Award from the Department of Biochemistry, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, June 2, 1983.
Ohio 4-H Certificate of Appreciation from the Cooperative Extension Service of the Ohio State University, July 13, 1983.
Resolution for John Glenn Day in state of Alabama, July 19, 1983, from Senate of Alabama, July 14, 1983.
Proclamation for July 19, 1983 to be John Glenn Day by the Governor of Alabama, July 18, 1983.
Invitation to act as Grand Marshal of Torchlight Parade for Minneapolis Aquatennial, July 20, 1983.
Certificate of Appreciation for appearance at luncheon, from National Press Club, October 12, 1983.
Honorary Deputy Sheriff for Shelby County, Tennessee, from Sheriff of Shelby County, December 1, 1983.
Senate 161-255-1 14 28 1984:
Honorary citizen of the city of El Paso, Texas, January 23, 1984.
Honorary citizen of Lubbock, Texas, January 23, 1984.
Honorary sheriff, County of El Paso, Texas, January 23, 1984.
Resolution inviting Glenn to address joint session of Alabama legislature, from Senate of Alabama, March 1, 1984.
Honorary citizen of Escambia County, Florida, from Escambia County Board of Commissioners, March 6, 1984.
Contributing Member of Academy of Political Science, New York, New York, March 13, 1984.
Ohio 4-H Certificate of Appreciation from Cooperative Extension Service of the Ohio State University, April 4, 1984.
Certificate for 100% voting record, from American Association of University Women, June 22, 1984.
Certificate of appreciation from Northern Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Assn., August 22, 1984.
Lifetime membership to Astronaut Space Club, no date.
Senate 161-255-1 14 29 1985:
Distinguished Service Award from Ohio Union of Patrolmen's Association, February 26, 1985.
Certificate of appreciation for commitment to child nutrition programs, from Ohio Food Service Association, February 26, 1985.
VIP Award for service to Rankin School, from City of Akron Public Schools, March 22, 1985.
Certificate of appreciation for contributions of voluntary family planning, from Planned Parenthood of Miami Valley, Dayton Ohio, April 12, 1985.
Certificate of recognition for participation in Career Development Program, from Ansonia High School, April 26, 1985.
Honorary Member for support of the California Association of Wine Grape Growers, May 21, 1985.
Certificate of appreciation from XIIIth International Congress of Gerontology, July 12-17, 1985.
Ohio 4-H Certificate of appreciation from Cooperative Extension Service of the Ohio State University, November 21, 1985.
Proclamation for naming year of 1986 as "John H. Glenn Year," from Office of Mayor, Defiance, Ohio, December 7, 1985.
Senate 161-255-1 14 30 1986:
Certificate of appreciation for presentation, from Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Ohio, October 17, 1986.
Senate 161-255-1 14 31 1987:
Recognition for support of Retired Senior Volunteer Program, from Lorain County Retired Senior Volunteer Program, February 13, 1987.
Proclamation for naming February 20, 1987 as John Glenn Day in Tybee Island, Georgia, February 20, 1987.
Resolution honoring Glenn on 25th anniversary of his orbital space flight, from the Ohio Senate, February 25, 1987.
Appointment to International Committee for 60th anniversary commemoration of Charles Lindbergh's flight, from Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, April 15, 1987.
Certificate of appreciation for contributing to Ashtabula County Summer Program for gifted students, from Ashtabula County Schools, July 17, 1987.
"The Birthday Times" certificate, July 18, 1987.
Senate 161-255-1 14 32 1988:
Bicentennial Commendation from Marietta Bicentennial Commission, Marietta, Ohio, August 22, 1988.
USS America CD 66 Tailhooker Certification, from Commanding officer, USS America, August 29, 1988.
Certificate of appreciation for 1987 National Capitol Christmas Tree Project from Wayne National Forest, May 19, 1988.
Farmers Union Award for 100% voting record favoring family farm system, from National Farmers Union, June 28, 1988.
Congratulations on 67th birthday, from the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, July 18, 1988.
Honorary Young Astronaut of Nevada, from Astronomical Society of Southern Nevada, October 15, 1988.
Senate 161-255-1 14 33 1989:
Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Denison University, Granville, Ohio, April 13, 1989.
Certificate of appreciation for action to ensure Home Delivered Meals for elderly, from Mobile Meals, August 10, 1989.
Membership certificate from Amputees of Northern Ohio Inc. and other disabled individuals, August 1, 1989.
Proclamation from Ohio State Firefighters' Association, Sharonville, Ohio, August 20, 1989.
Boxer License from Board of Athletics, State of Montana, October 28, 1989.
Certificate of appreciation from Grove City High School Band, December 3, 1989.
Senate 161-255-1 14 34 1990:
Certificate of appreciation, from Exchange Club of Capitol Hill, March 21, 1990.
Doctor of Public Service degree, from University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio, May 20, 1990.
Farmers Union Award for 100% voting record favoring family farm system, from National Farmers Union, June 25, 1990.
Senate 161-255-1 14 35 1991:
Certificate for commitment to new air cargo hub at Toledo Express Airport, from Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, August 7, 1991.
Congressional Certificate of Achievement and Award, 1991 Parma Democratic Club Honoree from Mary Rose Oakar, Member of U.S. Congress, September 14, 1991.
Certificate for support of Missile Space and Range Pioneers Organization, November 15, 1991.
Senate 161-255-1 14 36 1993:
Certificate of appreciation for effort for education at Perry High School, March 22, 1993.
The Helping Hand Award from Edward E. Hieber, Sr., May 14, 1993.
Small Business Beacon Award from American Collectors Association and Garnishment Coalition, no date.
Senate 161-255-1 14 37 1994:
Honorary Charter Member of United States Capitol Historical Society, March 7, 1994.
Certificate of appreciation for passage of Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994, from American Veterinary Medical Association, November 1994.
Resolution of Appreciation for work on Mandate Reform Act of 1995, from National Governors' Association, 1994.
Certificate of recognition for contribution to Ohio Red Ribbon Celebration to make Ohio drug free, 1994.
Senate 161-255-1 14 38 1995:
Honorary member de la Legion d'Honneur du Voyage, Paris, France, for knowledge of travel management, January 21, 1995.
Congressional Record, "The Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima," signed by USMC 30th Commandant, March 2, 1995.
Certificate of appreciation for effort in education at Perry High School, March 23, 1995.
Certificate of recognition for promoting the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters, from National Council of Jewish Women, March 27, 1995.
Award for cleanup of Nuclear Weapons production facilities in Ohio and U.S., from Military Production Network, May 9, 1995.                                                 Certificate of Achievement awarded to Senator John Glenn, presented in commemoration of your outstanding flight in the B-2 Weapons Systems Trainer, June 2, 1995.
Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to the USMC, from Marine Corps Aviation Association, September 23, 1995.
Marine Corps Aviation Association Fighting Hawk trophy for service to nation, September 23, 1995.
Congressional Award, Leadership Award for guidance and support of the program, from the United States Senate, September 26, 1995.
Senate 161-255-1 14 39 1996:
Certificate of appreciation for community service, from Mayor of Avon Lake, Ohio, July 12, 1996.
Green Thumb Older Worker Champion for helping low income older workers, from Green Thumb Program in Ohio, September 10, 1996.
Proclamation for October 17, 1996 as day for special consideration for Glenn, from Mayor of Zanesville, Ohio, October 17, 1996.
Commission of deputy sheriff for Limestone County, Alabama, from sheriff of Limestone County, October 31, 1996.
Senate 161-255-1 14 40 1997:
Certificate of Recognition and entrance to "Legends Walk of Fame," from Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame, Hernando, Florida, February 17, 1997.
Certificate for distinguished service, from Cuyahoga County Commissioners, Ohio, April 5, 1997.
Certificate of Appreciation for contribution to Third Annual Intelligence Community Audit Conference, from Intelligence Community Departments and Agencies, April 28, 1997.
Lifetime Achievement Award for efforts on "behalf of citizens living in the shadows of the Department of Energy's nuclear weapons complex," from the Military Production Network, April 29, 1997.
Doctor of Humanities degree from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, May 11, 1997.                                                                                                              1996 Voting Achievement Appreciation Award from the National Farmers Union for supporting family farms, September 1997.
Designation from The Ohio State University as a University Honors Distinguished Fellow and Adjunct Professor…, October 3, 1997.
Senate 161-255-1 14 41 1998:
Order of the Wings for attributes affiliated with unrivaled airborne soldiers, from 194th Infantry Detachment, 34th Infantry Division, Iowa Army National Guard, February 10, 1998.
Resolution of Honor for service to Ohio citizens, from Ohio Council of Churches, February 18, 1998.
Champion for Choice for support in protecting women's reproductive rights, from National Council of Jewish Women Washington Institute, February 23, 1998.
Certificate of honor for being named to crew of Space Shuttle Discovery Mission 95, from the Alaska Legislature, March 19, 1998.
Resolution recognizing the 105th US Congress, from Combined Coalition of Marketing Students from the Commonwealth of Virginia, May 1998.
Certificate of honor for exceptional contributions to aviation, from International Forest of Friendship, Atchison, Kansas, June 20, 1998.
Recognition for upcoming space flight, from the Honorable Robert W. Ney, Ohio House of Representatives, October 8, 1998.
Proclamation in recognition of upcoming space flight, from City of Palm Bay, Florida, October 19, 1998.
Award of Honor for Outstanding Achievement in service to humanity at NASA, from Cortland Jr. Sr. High School, October 29, 1998.
Elected to Annual membership in American Association of Variable Star Observers, October 30, 1998.
Resolution and congratulations on safe return from Space Shuttle mission, from Chicago City Council, November 4, 1998.
Admiral in the Texas Navy, from the state of Texas, November 10, 1998.
Resolution for Glenn's service to his country, from Council for the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, November 18, 1998.                                                                      Resolution from the Brevard County, Florida, Board of Commissioners commending the crew of STS-95, December 8, 1998.
Proclamation for December 16, 1998 to be John H. Glenn Day throughout the State of Ohio, December 16, 1998.
1998 Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame, no date.
Certificate of Authenticity, STS-95, ninety-second flight of the space shuttle, from NASA, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, no date.                                  University of Alabama in Huntsville Consortium for Materials Development in Space and Microgravity Biotechnology Laboratory, STS-95 BioDyn certificate, 1998.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 42 1999:
Honorary Directorship for outstanding exploration of space, from the Explorers Club, March 27, 1999.
Senate Resolution for recognition of accomplishments, from the Senate of the State of Texas, April 21, 1999.
Distinguished Member for outstanding scholarship, leadership and service, from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Ohio State University, April 13, 1999.
House Concurrent Resolution for achievements, from the State of Texas, House of Representatives, April 23, 1999.                                                               Honorary degree from Brown University, May 31, 1999.
Honorary member of the Smugglers' Notch Resort 55+ Club, for inspiration to active seniors, from Smugglers' 55+ Club, November 7, 1999.
Honorary Citizen of Louisville, Kentucky, December 13, 1999.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 43 2000:
National Jefferson Awards, 2000 National Ceremonies, from American Institute for Public Service, June 13, 2000.
Telly Awards Finalist 2000 for non-network television commercials and programs, no date.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 44 2001:
Certificate of appreciation for contribution to 2001 American Red Cross, Montgomery County Chapter Gala, February 13, 2001.
Citation of appreciation for assistance given the FFA, from National FFA Organization, May 10, 2001.
Congressional record proceedings in honor of Senator and Mrs. Annie Glenn, September 5, 2001.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 45 2002:
Resolution for recognition of leadership in advancing America's technological innovation, from Cuyahoga County Commissioners, January 24, 2002.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 46 2004:
Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Oregon State University, June 13, 2004.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 47 2005:
Honorary Ohio Director of Agriculture certificate presented to John Glenn by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, November 9, 2005.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 48 2006:
Resolution by Ohio Governor Robert Taft recognizing John Glenn for his NASA Ambassador of Exploration Award, February 20, 2006.
Citation from Nassau County, New York for John Glenn's support of the Cradle of Aviation Museum, November 9, 2006.
Citation from New York State Senator Michael A.L. Balboni for John Glenn's support of the Cradle of Aviation Museum, November 9, 2006.
Certificate from U.S. Congressman Steve Israel in recognition of the presentation to John Glenn of the Spirit of Discovery Award by the Cradle of Aviation Museum, November 9, 2006.
Post-Senate 161-255-1 14 49 2007:
U.S. House of Representatives proclamation honoring John and Annie Glenn for receiving the 2007 "I'm a Child of Appalachia Award."
Membership certificate for John and Annie Glenn for the 101st Class of Sphinx Senior Class Honorary at the Ohio State University.
Senate 161-255-1 14 50 Undated certificates:
Membership to Whitehall Democratic Club.
Certificate in appreciation for being a guest speaker, from the Exchange Club of Capitol Hill.
Citizenship award from the Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America.
Citation for space flight, from Little Compton Town Council.
Honorary membership in Cayuga Memorial Detachment, Marine Corps League, Auburn, New York.
Honorary membership to the 180th Fighter Wing and the 112th Fighter Squadron.
Exceptional Service Award for interest in the Selective Service System.
Membership to Houston Course of the Indoor Yacht Club.
Appreciation for Bureau of Outdoor Recreation Grant from Mayor of city of Fairfield, Ohio.
Gold Award for achievement in the Combined Federal Campaign.
Silver Award for achievement in the Combined Federal Campaign.
Proclamation to recognize dedication in role of Co-Chairman of National Executive Committee of the Design for Tomorrow, from Muskingum College Board of Trustees.
Certificate of Recognition for participation as member of caucus in support of U.S. Ferroalloy Industry, from the Ferroalloy Congressional Caucus.
Senior member of the American Astronautical Society, Inc.
Resolution of Expression for efforts to protect the safety of Columbus citizens, from Columbus City Council.
Certificate of Appreciation for efforts to retain the IPS work at Mound, from Isotope Power Systems.
Honorary Citizen, from City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Recognition of contributions to Ohio educational system, from Ohio House of Representatives.
Family 161-209-5&7b 15 1 Margaret A. Castor:
Resolution in memory of Margaret A. Castor, from the Ohio Senate, June 7, 1988.
Annie Glenn 161-209-5&7b 15 2 Annie Glenn, 1970-1999:
"Beatitudes for Friends of the Aged," poem, presented to Annie Glenn by the Aristocrat Facilities, May 15, 1973.
Flight Certificate, for flying in Air Force One as guest of President Gerald R. Ford, January 1977.
Letter of Commendation on being inducted into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame, from the Ohio House of Representatives, December 8, 1999.
Annie Glenn 161-209-5&7b 15 3 Annie Glenn, no date., c.1990s:
Recognition on being named Sweetheart of the Year by the Franklin County Democratic Women, from the Ohio House of Representatives, no date.
Family 161-209-5&7b 15 4 John and Clara Sproat Glenn, 1962:
Citation in recognition of high moral and spiritual values, 1962 American World Mother, from the American Mothers Committee Inc., May 11, 1962.
Ohio Service Award for volunteer work "contributing to the welfare of others," from the Salvation Army, May 22, 1962.
Ohio Senate Resolution in memory of Mrs. John Glenn, Sr., February 16, 1971.
1962 Mother of Ohio, from the American Mothers Committee Inc., no date.
Military 161-209-5&7b 15 5 1956:
Thousand Miles-Per-Hour Club, certifies that Glenn flew 1000 mph in level flight in a Navy F8U Crusader on May 3, 1956, from Chance Vought Aircraft, Inc.
Military 161-209-5&7b 15 6 1957:
Diplome de record, for F8U Crusader flight, from Federation Aeronautique Internationale, 1957.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 7 1959:
Honorary U.S. Navy Frogman, from Underwater Demolition Unit Two, July 2, 1959.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 8 1960:
Membership in International TWA Ambassadors Club, April 15, 1960.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 9 1961:
Certificate of Membership, Active Life member of the Order of Daedalians, February 10, 1961.
Resolution to acclaim Glenn as Ohio's pioneer in the last frontier, space, from Ohio Senate, March 13, 1961.
Appointment of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps, from the President of the United States of America, April 1, 1959.
Resolution to congratulate and commend Glenn for outstanding contribution to space program, from State of Ohio House of Representatives, March 27, 1961.
Resolution for work in preparation for Alan Shepard's flight, from United States Senate, May 8, 1961.
Certificate of achievement for work in space travel, from Commonwealth of Virginia, July 25, 1961.
Certificate of appreciation for efforts toward establishment of the Cape Canaveral Hospital, from Cape Canaveral Hospital District Board, December 1, 1961.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 10 1962:
Kentucky Colonel commissioning from Commonwealth of Kentucky, February 20, 1962.
Certificate of Honorary Membership, Civil Air Patrol, Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, San Luis Obiso Composite Squadron 103, February 28, 1962. Resolution of Appreciation from the Council of the City of New York, March 2, 1962.
Citation for distinguished and exceptional service from Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of the City of New York, March 2, 1962.
Member of Explorers Club, March 6, 1962.
Honorary member of Aerospace Medical Association for meritorious contributions to aerospace medicine, April 11, 1962.
Inaugural Flight Certificate from National Airlines Rocket Run, April 28, 1963.
Citation to Pioneer Astronauts for team spirit, physical fitness and courage in exploring space, from American College of Sports Medicine, May 6, 1962.
Honored member of the Ancient Order of Bookworms, from Milwaukee Public Library, Wisconsin, May 9, 1962.
National Commander's Award of Merit, from Veterans of World War I USA, Inc., May 16, 1962.
Certificate of tree planting in honor of orbital flight, from Israel Center of Hilcrest Manor Hebrew School, May 24, 1962.
Alfred A. Cunningham Award, "Marine Aviator of the Year," from the First Marine Aviation Force Veterans Association, October 1, 1962.
Citation for orbital flight, from Geographical Society of Philadelphia, October 12, 1962.
Scroll of Honor for Service, from the Explorers Club, November 2, 1962.
Citation of merit for orbital flight, from the Salvation Army Association of New York, December 11, 1962.
Honorary life membership for service rendered, from Little Mayors of Buffalo and Erie County, no date.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 11 1963:
Resolution to the astronauts and NASA from National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, May 24, 1963.
Senate Resolution urging Congress to provide a memorial commemorating first seven astronauts, from Michigan Senate, June 6, 1963.
Grande Medaille D'Argent , from Le Bureau Du Conseil Municipal, Conseil Municipal de Paris, September 30, 1963.
Membership to National Society of Aerospace Professionals, San Diego, California, December 5, 1963.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 12 1964:
Patriotism Award from the Senior Class of the University of Notre Dame, February 24, 1964.
Honorary mountaineer for meritorious service, from State of West Virginia, April 8, 1964.
Internationalis Astronauticae academiae electum esse, from Internationalis Astronautica Academia, no date.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 13 1965:
Proclamation for Bill Dana Day, from City of Houston, January 20, 1965.
"A Legend in His Own Time," from KGU Honolulu, Hawaii, February 14, 1965.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 14 1966:
Citation from Iron Gate Chapter, United States Air Force Association, February 21, 1966.
Citizenship Award from the Kiwanis Club of Brussels Toison d'Or, May 21, 1966.
Medal of Honor for "outstanding achievements and as testimonial of meritorious services to our common cause," from Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, May 27, 1966.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 15 1967:
Red Carpet honor on arrival at Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, Kentucky, October 30, 1967.
Military 161-209-5&7b 15 16 1968:
Citation for a Gold Star in lieu of a Sixth Distinguished Flying Cross awarded to JHG for his Friendship 7 space flight, sent January 2, 1968.
Corporate 161-209-5&7b 15 17 1970:
Honorary Ohio "Buckeye" Jaycee, for contribution to Ohio Jaycee movement, from Ohio Jaycees, March 14, 1970.
Senate 161-209-5&7b 15 18 1971:
Honorary Citizen from City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, April 26, 1971.
Sweatshirt Number One resolution, from the Lt. Col. John Glenn Elementary School, Seven Hills, Ohio, March 20, 1971.
NASA 161-209-5&7b 15 19 1972:
Ohio Senate Resolution to commemorate 10th anniversary of Glenn's historic flight in space, 1972.                                                                                         Honorary Doctor of Science degree from New Hampshire College, June 11, 1972.
Corporate 161-209-5&7b 15 20 1974:
Resolutions on Glenn's resignation from Questor Corporation and congratulations on being elected to the Senate, from the Board of Directors of Questor Corporation, December 10, 1974.
Senate 161-209-5&7b 15 21 1975:
Appointment of member of U.S. National Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, from the Department of State of the United States of America, December 6, 1975.
Senate 161-209-5&7b 15 22 1977:
Flight Certificate to certify that Glenn flew as guest of President Gerald Ford in Air Force One, January 2, 1977.
Resolution commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of Glenn's space flight, March 1, 1977.
Certificate of Appreciation for assistance in groundbreaking ceremony for Mid States Farm Automation Inc., April 24, 1977.
Certificate for supporter for "fair housing and equal opportunity," from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, June 1, 1977.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 1 1980:
Commission of Kentucky Colonel, from Commonwealth of Kentucky, January 7, 1980.
Appreciation Award for participation in Missile, Space and Range Activities, from Missile, Space and Range Pioneers Inc., February 20, 1980.
Flight Certificate to certify that Glenn has flown in Marine One as guest of President Jimmy Carter, May 29, 1980.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 2 1981:
Certificate of Election to U.S. Senate to begin January 3, 1981.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 3 1982:
Honorary Citizen of the city of Clarksville, Tennessee, September 18, 1982.
Proclamation declaring October 2, 1982 as John Glenn Day, September 30, 1982.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 4 1983:
Proclamation declaring May 14, 1983 to be Senator John Glenn Day, from City of Kansas City, Kansas.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 5 1985:
Presidential proclamation declaring 1985 as International Youth Year, from President Reagan, February 6, 1985.
Certificate for being a member of Air and Space Heritage Council, from the National Air and Space Museum and Air and Space Heritage Council, no date.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 6 1986:
Certificate of Nomination to certify that Glenn was nominated as Democratic party candidate for U.S. Senator, from Secretary of State, June 17, 1986.
Certificate of Election as U.S. Senator, from the State of Ohio, November 4, 1986.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 7 1987:
Harry S. Truman Award for Public Service, from the City of Independence, May 8, 1987.
Honorary citizen of the City of Houston, Texas and Goodwill Ambassador, May 11, 1987.
Certificate of honor from the Willard F. Rockwell, Jr. Space Foundation, October 22, 1987.
Hall of Excellence Class of 1987, from Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges, no date.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 8 1989:
Honorary Tar Heel, from the State of North Carolina Executive Department, June 16, 1989.
Birthday card from the Selective Service System, July 1989.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 9 1990:
Certificate of Appreciation for service on the National Archives World War II Commemorative Committee, April 2, 1990.
Southern Ohio Gentleman Farmer, Ohio Warranty Deed, from Bob Evans Farms, June 18, 1990.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 10 1991:
Proclamation declaring July 4, 1991 as Desert Storm Veterans Day, from the City of Dayton, Ohio, July 3, 1991.
Creative Thinking National Recognition Award, for creative achievement, from the Creative Thinking Association of America, October 2, 1991.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 11 1992:
Certificate of Nomination to the U.S. Senate, from the State of Ohio, June 2, 1992.
Certificate of Election for Six-Year Term, December 14, 1992.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 12 1993:
Resolution honoring Senator and Mrs. Glenn on their Golden Wedding Anniversary, from the Ohio State Senate, March 18, 1993.
Congratulations to Senator and Mrs. Glenn on their Golden Wedding Anniversary, from the Ohio House of Representatives, April 6, 1993.                             Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, June 4, 1993.
National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, from 103 Congress of the U.S.A., September 21, 1993.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 13 1996:
Diplome de Record for flight from Dayton to Washington, from Federation Aeronautique Internationale, December 17, 1996.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 14 1997:
Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32 degrees, from the Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, April 11, 1997.
Honored Citizen of New Concord, Ohio, June 2, 1997.
Resolution honoring Glenn for service to the citizens of Ohio, from the Ohio State Senate, June 10, 1997.
NASA 161-209-5&7c 16 15 1998:
Proceedings honoring Glenn, from Congressional Record, January 29, 1998.
Proclamation declaring October 29, 1998 as John Glenn Day, August 4, 1998.
NASA Space Flight Medal for being a crewmember of a U.S. spacecraft, from NASA, November 7, 1998.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 16 1999:
Honorary member of the Wings Club, Inc., in recognition of support in aeronautics, October 12, 1999.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 17 2000:
Tribute of Distinction for space achievements, from Sameera Rahhal Nelson, June 2000.
2000 Ohioana Book Award, for Glenn's book, "John Glenn: A Memoir," from Ohioana Library Association, no date.
Commendation on 2000 Ohioana Book Award, from Ohio House of Representatives, no date.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 18 2002:
Resolution on 40th anniversary of orbital flight, from Ohio House of Representatives, February 21, 2002.
Proceedings thanking members for support of McCain-Feingold bill, from Congressional Record, March 20, 2002.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 19 2003:
Remarks by Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle Honoring Senator John Glenn, An American Hero, on the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers' First Flight, Friday, December 12, 2003, Aero Club of Washington.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 20 2004:
Commission of John and Annie Glenn as "Arkansas Travelers" signed by Governor Mike Huckabee, November 17, 2004.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 21 2005:
Honorary Doctor of Laws degree conferred on John Glenn by Elon University in North Carolina, April 14, 2005.
National Volunteer Week, 2005 proclamation from President George W. Bush. (sent to John Glenn for his work with the USA Freedom Corps)
Public Service Medal certificate presented to John Glenn for his work on the NASA Advisory Council, October 31, 2005.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 22 2006:
National Volunteer Week 2006 proclamation signed by President George W. Bush.
Post-Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 23 2007:
Ohio Senate proclamation honoring John Glenn on the 45th Anniversary of his Friendship 7 space flight, February 20, 2007.
Senate 161-209-5&7c 16 24 Undated certificates:
Flight certificate to certify that Glenn flew on Air Force One with President Bill Clinton, no date.
Flight certificate to certify that Glenn flew aboard Marine One with President Bill Clinton, no date.
Certificate of Appreciation for work on behalf of Leukemia Society of America, no date.
United States Flag for service to YMCA, from the International Y's Men's Club of the Seattle Downtown YMCA, no date.
Commissioned Admiral in the Swift Creek Navy, U.S.A., no date.
Certificate for honoring Americans who served in Korean War, from Ted Williams, Richard Stilwell, no date.
Status of Alumnus and Tarheel from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, no date.
Honorary member of Harris County Democratic Party, no date.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 1 1959:
Member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, January 20, 1959.
Member of the Clipper Club, Pan American, Mary 15, 1959.
Admiral of the Flagship Fleet, from American Airlines, Inc., November 25, 1959.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 2 1961:
Honorary Citizen of State of Florida, July 12, 1961.
Certificate for orbital flight, from Ames Research Center, NASA, July 31, 1961.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 3 1962:                                                                                                          National Aeronautic Association "Certificate of Record for Manned Space    Craft…," February 20, 1962.
Honorary Citizen of City of Montgomery, Alabama, February 20, 1962.
Distinguished Service Medal, from NASA, February 20, 1962.
Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, February 20, 1962.
Medalha Bandeirantes Sa Cosmonautiea, diploma, from Instituto Brasileiro de Astronautica e Ciencias Espaciais, February 20, 1962.
Honorary member of the Adventurers' Club of Honolulu, March 9, 1962.
Award of Merit, from Garden Club Council of Fort Worth, April 14, 1962.
Honorary Citizen and Goodwill Ambassador, from City of Houston, July 4, 1962.
Certificate for Fortieth Anniversary of Birth, from Knights Templar and Knights of Columbus of Florida, July 18, 1962.
Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg, Florida, July 24, 1962.
"Round the World" certificate from Navy Department, no date.
Eminent Serviteur de la Science et du Progres, from Prix Galabert International D'Astronautique, no date.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 4 1963:
Collier Trophy Award Certificate for orbital flight, from National Aeronautic Association and Look Magazine, 1963.
Special Citation Award for orbital flight, from the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, April 18, 1963.
Distinguished Citation for flight and religious faith, from the American Baptist Convention, May 19, 1963.
Honorary Doctor of Engineering Degree and Citation, from Nihon University, Ryogoku, Tokyo, May 30, 1963.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 5 1964:
Flying Colonel award for contribution to development of aviation, from Delta Air Lines, January 15, 1964.
Corporate 161-209-2&4c 17 6 1965:
Member of Berlin Island Association, from US Air Force, Tempelhof Central Airport, October 5, 1965.
Member of World Society of Skippers of the Flying Dutchman, from Royal Dutch Airlines, October 9, 1965.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 7 1969:
Certificate from Ordre Souverain Militaire Dynastique Des Chedaliers De La Croix De Constantinople, October 11, 1969.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 8 1971:
Appointed Admiral on the Staff of Governor John J. McKeithen, Louisiana, April 26, 1971.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 9 1972:
Member, Transportation Research Board of Ohio, from October 19, 1972 to October 18, 1976, from Governor John Gilligan, November 21, 1972.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 10 1982:
Honorary Citizen of Fort Worth, Texas, September 17, 1982.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 11 1984:
Greetings from State of New Hampshire, for Presidential Primary, March 1984.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 12 1990:
Congressional Member, from The United States Capitol Historical Society, March 21, 1990.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 13 1992:
Resolution for 30th anniversary of orbital space flight, from the Ohio House of Representatives, February 19, 1992.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 14 1993:
International Star Registry, star named "John and Annie Glenn," April 19, 1993.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 15 1997:
Resolution for outstanding public service, from Ohio House of Representatives, June 12, 1997.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 16 1998:
Certificate for renaming of NASA Road 1 to John Glenn Parkway from October 13 - November 13, from City of Webster, Texas.
Resolution of Commendation from the Democratic Conference of the U.S. Senate honoring John H. Glenn for his distinguished service, December 10, 1998.
Resolution for flight on STS-95, from the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, December 14, 1998.
NASA 161-209-2&4c 17 17 1999:
Certificate from the city of Granada, Spain, January 13, 1999.                   Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Case Western Reserve University, May 16, 1999.
Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Brandeis University, May 23, 1999.
Post-Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 18 2000:
Honorary Citizen of the City of New Orleans, April 10, 2000.
First Annual Walter Dandy Orator, from the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, at annual meeting, San Antonio, Texas, September 26, 2000.
Post-Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 19 2005:
Honorary degree presented to John Glenn by Amherst College, May 22, 2005.
Senate 161-209-2&4c 17 20 No date:
The Phillips Medal of Public Service, from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, no date.
Family 161-255-3&8b 18 1 Homer Castor:
License to practice dentistry from the State Dental Board of Ohio, Columbus, July 28, 1919.
Annie Glenn 161-255-3&8b 18 2 Annie Glenn:
Honorary Plank Owner, for commissioning of USS Ohio, from Navy Department, November 11, 1981.
NASA 161-255-3&8b 18 3 1959:
Honorary General, Public Relations Division of the Attorney General, January 12, 1959.
NASA 161-255-3&8b 18 4 1962:
Certificate for orbital flight, from officers and men of Marine Air Reserve Training Command, signed by officers, no date.
Proclamation (tongue-in-cheek) making JHG the head of a "committee" in charge of the upkeep of the John Glenn Physical Education Building at Muskingum College, March 5, 1962.
NASA 161-255-3&8b 18 5 1962, February 10:
Invitation to vacation at the Hotel Fontainenleau, from Hotel President, February 10, 1962.
Family 161-255-3&8b 18 6 1962, June 17:
Marine Father and Mother of the Year, to John and Clara Glenn, from the Marine Corps Fathers Association and the Ladies Auxiliary, June 17, 1962.
NASA 161-255-3&8b 18 7 1966:
Certificate for flight, from Confrerie des Chevaliers du Sacavin, May 26, 1966.
NASA 161-255-3&8b 18 8 1966:
Citoyen D'Honneur de la Ville D'Angers, from Republique Francaise, Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Deparmtne de Maine-et-Loire, May 26, 1966.
Senate 161-255-3&8b 18 9 1984:
Representative of the United States of America to the 39th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, from President Ronald Reagan, September 27, 1984.
Corporate 161-255-3&8b 18 10 1988:
Grand Floridian Award for services to Florida, from Walt Disney World Company, June 26, 1988.
Senate 161-255-3&8b 18 11 1989:
Appointment to The Executive Order of the Ohio Commodore, from Ohio Governor, April 18, 1989.
Senate 161-255-3&8b 18 12 1994:
The Ahepa Periclean Award 1994 for service to America, from the Order of Ahepa, March 28, 1994.
Senate 161-255-3&8b 18 13 1998:
Honorary Member of Supreme Council, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, September 10, 1998.
NASA 161-255-3&8b 18 14 1999:
Premio Principe de Asturias de Cooperacion Internacional, from Spain, October 22, 1999.
Senate 161-241-8 915 219 Framed and matted photograph of two children and a certificate for the "1999 Universal Smile Award," given to JHG by Operation Smile.
Senate B1-21-7 915 237 Framed and matted certificate, with medal, "Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service," presented to JHG by Secretary of Defense William Cohen, December 1998.
Post-Senate B1-21-5 916 235 Framed and matted certificate, "2000 Public Service Award," presented to JHG by Time Inc. Health on November 10, 2000.
Post-Senate B1-21-9 916 239 Framed and matted certificate from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development presented to JHG for his support for service learning, March 11, 2002.
Post-Senate B2-21-3 916 248 Framed and matted letter by JHG supporting Ohio Dominican University, with commemorative plate to JHG from the university, 2003.
Post-Senate B1-22-9 916 299 Framed and matted Honorary Doctorate Award (Doctor of Science) presented to John Glenn by Oregon State University, June 13, 2004.
Annie Glenn B1-21-6 917 236 Framed and matted certificate, "2000 Public Service Award," presented to Annie Glenn by Time Inc. Health on November 10, 2000.
Annie Glenn B1-21-8 917 238 Framed and matted certificate, with medal, "Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service," presented to Annie Glenn by Secretary of Defense William Cohen, December 1998.
Annie Glenn B1-21-11 917 241 Framed and matted certificate presented to Annie Glenn as an inductee into the Ohio Foundation of Independent Collages Hall of Excellence, 1999.