Keys to the Garden: new Israeli writing

Keys to the Garden : new Israeli writing / edited by Ammiel Alcalay. -- San Francisco : City Lights Books, 1996.
    369 pages

This first anthology of twentieth-century Israeli literature to feature the work of writers who were born in—or whose families originated from—the Levant, Turkey, Iran, India, and Arab worlds represents twenty-four authors whose concerns with cultural identity, race, class, gender, and political allegiances place their work alongside today’s emerging rediscovered and reinvented Arab, African, Indian, African-American, and Caribbean traditions.

Table of contents:

  • Acknowledgments (pp. i-iv)
  • Foreword (pp. v-xii)
  • Shoshannah Shababo (pp. 1-17)
    Simha's wondrous spell
  • Jacqueline Shohet Kahanoff (pp.18-39)
    from Jacob's Ladder
    A Letter from Mama Camouna
    To Die a Modern Death
  • Simha Zaramati Asta (pp. 40-45)
    The Dowry
  • Nissim Rejwan (pp. 46-60)
    from Passage from Baghdad : Bookshop Days
    Al-Rabita and After
    Najib al-Mani' and Scott Fitzgerald
  • Shimon Ballas (pp. 61-99)
    At Home in Exile: an Interview with Shimon Ballas by Ammiel Alcalay
  • Samir Naqqash (pp. 100-132)
    Signs in the Great Disorder : an interview with Samir Naqqash by Ammiel Alcalay
    Prophesies of a Madman in a Cursed City
    The Angels' Genitalia
  • Uziel Hazan (pp. 133-140)
    from The Mark of Berberia
  • Dan Banaya-Seri (pp. 141-149)
    from Birds of the Shade
  • Avi Shmuelian (pp. 150-161)
    from Moonstruck Sunflowers
  • Yitzhak Gormezano Goren (pp. 162-185)
    Tel Aviv and Alexandria : an interview with Yitzhak Gormezano Goren by Ammiel Alcalay
    from An Alexandrian Summer
    from Blanche
    Shelter in Bavli
  • Albert Swissa (pp. 186-204)
    Escaping the Cauldron Unscathed
        a. In the Concrete Colony
        b. The Encounter
  • Ronit Matalon (pp. 205-220)
    Little Brother
  • Ilana Sugbaker Messika (pp. 221-231)
    Memories of an Indian Upbringing
  • Moshe Sartel (pp. 232-253)
    The Language of the Worlf : an Interview with Moshe Sartel by Ammiel Alcalay
    Lamenting of the Birds
    A Stone I Lay from Marble of Marmara
    One Day We'll Be Other
  • Shlomo Avayou (pp. 254-260)
    Fleeting Thrill
    Odalisque of the Levant : an Ode
    Washerwoman under a Shady Tree
    Mothers Whispering Incantations
    From the Desert to the City via Home
    You Have to Abandon Jerusalem
  • Erez Bitton (pp. 261-272)
    Families at a School for the Blind in Jerusalem
    At a School for the Blind in Jerusalem
    Hoarse Rababa
    Emendation of the Aromas
    Summary of a Conversation
    Shopping Song on Dizengoff
    Moroccan Wedding
    Zohra al-Fasiya's Song
    On the Earthquake in Agadir
    Sulika's Qasida
    Something on Madness
    Parable for the Laying of the Foundation of the House
  • Amira Hess (pp. 273-285)
    There was a Time: an Interview with Amira Hess by Ammiel Alcalay
    from And the Moon Drips Madness
    And as Far as What I Wanted
    Then Slake Him From
    We're Children of Atlantis
    from The Information Eater
  • Lev Hakak (pp. 286-289)
    The History of Literature. Poets
    Poem Contemplating Poets
    Letter to Ibn Gabirol
  • Bracha Serri (pp. 290-295)
    I am the Daughter of Lot
    The Nomad in Me
    Jerusalem and San'a
    To Hold the World

  • Yehezkel Kedmi (pp. 296-313)
    Making a Home for Poetry: an Interview with Yehezkel Kedmi by Ammiel Alcalay
    from Eastern Ewe: Sister, Pillar of the City
        Not Equal to Them the Easterner ...
        Day Blood - Night Blood
        Raging Soul
        My People, Knowledge, and I

    from Sodom, Gomorrah and Jerusalem
  • Shelley Elkayam (pp. 314-324)
    Writing: a Dialogue with the World : The Public and the Secret Language of Literature

    Seven Stanzas to an Indian Chief
    The Crusader Man
    With Help
    Vessel of Fragrance
    The House Has to Have an Opening to the East
    A Kind of Vague Yearning
    Garden Time
    Yes Indeed I'll Answer God

  • Ronny Someck (pp. 325-333)
    The First Law of the Jungle, a Poem Missing-in-action
    Poverty Line
    And Her Husband Blurted Out — Buchenwald
    In Answer to the Question, When Did Your Peace Begin?
    Handcuffs, Street Poem
    Self-Portrait from the Marines
    The Girl and the Butcher’s Window
    Seven Lines on the Miraculous Yarkon
    Embroidered Rag — Poem on Umm Kulthoum
    Street of the Welders. Wedding Singer
    Hawadja Bialik
    This is the Poem about the Young Woman Who Wanted Me to Write a Poem About Her
    Bloody Mary
    Nelson—Trafalgar Square
    History’s Blowouts in the Valley of Yehoshephat
    Jasmine—Poem on Sandpaper

  • Tikva Levi (pp. 334-356)
    Fighting at the Borders Within : an interview with Tikva Levi
    Fig from the ’67 Borders
    Land Day
    And Finally
    To the Life of Plants on the Road
    December ’86 by the Rivers of Babylon
    The Extent of the Tragedy
    We Live in Jessie Cohen
    Poor Bertolt Brecht
    Purim Sequence

  • Sami Shalom Chetrit (pp. 357-369)
    On the Way to ‘Ayn Harod
    Quick Take
    “And Thou Shalt Teach Them Diligently to Thy Children.”
    A Night of Scuds
    Victory Parade
    Acrid Memoryv Who Is a Jew and What Kind of a Jew?
    Bad Dream
    Hey Jeep, Hey Jeepv At an Auditorium of a Local University

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