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Hebrew Studies : a journal devoted to Hebrew Language and Literature / published by The National Association of Professors of Hebrew in Institutions of Higher Learning.

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Hebrew studies, volume 52 (2011) / Marvin A. Sweeney, Editor ﹡ Smadar Shiffman, Associate Editor ﹡ Pamela Barmash and Shachar Pinsker, Book Review Editors

Table of contents:

Hebrew studies, volume 53 (2012) / Serge Frolov, Editor ﹡ Smadar Shiffman, Associate Editor ﹡ Pamela Barmash and Shachar Pinsker, Book Review Editors ﹡ Rick Painter and Rebekah Johnston, Managing Editors

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Hebrew studies, volume 54 (2013) / Serge Frolov, Editor ﹡ Smadar Shiffman, Associate Editor ﹡ Pamela Barmash and Shachar Pinsker, Book Review Editors ﹡ Rick Painter, Managing Editor

Table of contents:

  • Alexander Andrason: Future values of the Qatal  and their conceptual and diachronic logic : How to chain future senses of the Qatal  to the core of its semantic network (pp. 7-38)
  • Rivka Halevy: Understanding the locative alternation in Swarm-Drip  verbs : evidence from Hebrew (pp. 39-47)
  • Kristopher A. Lyle: A new methodology for ascertaining the semantic potential of Biblical Hebrew prepositions (pp. 49-67)
  • Max Rogland: Two philological notes on Haggai 2:15-19 (pp. 69-77)
  • David Emanuel: The diachronic order of Psalms 134-136  (pp. 79-92)
  • Victor Avigdor Hurowitz: Unsavory personalities in the Book of Proverbs in light of Mesopotamian writings  (pp. 93-106)
  • Marvin A. Sweeney: Dimensions of the Shekhinah: The meaning of the Shiur qomah  in Jewish mysticism, liyurgy, and Rabbinic thought (pp. 107-120)
  • Aryeh Wineman: Hasidic myth on the death of Moses and its metamorphosis (pp. 121-132)
  • Lily Kahn: Grammatical gender in the early modern Hasidic Hebrew tale  (pp. 133-165)
  • Aharon Gaimani: Letters of charity from Yemen (pp. 167-202)
  • Chaya Shacham: Clay in the potter's hand: The Song of Songs and the case of Lea Goldberg (pp. 203-222)
  • Bruria Margolin: Yihud  sentences and their contribution to information structure in modern Hebrew (pp. 223-242)
  • Tamar Wolf-Monzon: Ya'acov Orland's ballad The Day of Tel Faher  : reality, myth, poetry  (pp. 243-263)
  • Yehudit Henshke: Sara Shilo's No gnomes will appear  : a linguistic analysis  (pp. 265-284)
  • Alan Mintz: David Grossman's To the End of the Land  : a symposium  (pp. 285-286)
  • Nitza Ben-Dov: Voices of war, illness, and dream (pp. 287-298)
  • Todd Hasak-Lowy: Grossman after 2000: an ambivalent complaint in nine parts (pp. 299-309)
  • Anne Golomb Hoffman: Toward an ethics embodiment (pp. 311-318)
  • Iris Milner: Sacrifice and redemption in To the End of the Land  (pp. 319-334)
  • Alan Mintz:  Ora's tale: the narrative ambitions of David Grossman's To the End of the Land   (pp. 335-344)
  • Shimrit Peled: Nationalism and maternal sacrifice in To the End of the Land  (pp. 345-357)
  • Smadar Shiffman: The indelible stamp of reality on the subject: David Grossman's To the End of the Land  (pp. 359-371)

    Review Essays
  • Serge Frolov: Jews, Greeks, and dilettantes <a review of "Argonauts of the desert : structural analysis of the Hebrew Bible", by Philippe Wajdenbaum> (pp. 373-385)
  • Na'ama Pat-El and Aren Wilson-Wright: "Features of archaic Biblical Hebrew and the linguistic dating debate <A review of "Dating archaic Biblical poetry: Critique of the linguistic arguments", by Robyn C. Vern>. (pp. 387-410)

  • Jennie Grillo: "Ancient Judaism: new visions and views", by Michael E. Stone (pp. 411-413)
  • Isaac Gottlieb: "ליישב פשוטו של מקרא: אסופת מחקרים בפרשנות המקרא", edited by Sara Japhet and Eran Viezel  (pp. 413-419)
  • K. L. Noll: "Jeroboam's royal drama", by Keith Bodner  (pp. 419-421)
  • Paul Korchin: "Biblical metaphor reconsidered: a cognitive approach to poetic prophecy in Jeremiah 1-24", by Job Y. Jindo  (pp. 421-425)
  • Michael D. Matlock: "Exile and restoration revisited: essays on the Babylonian and Persian periods in memory of Peter R. Ackroyd", edited by Gary N. Knoppers, Lester L. Grabbe, and Deirdre Fulton (pp. 425-428)
  • Richard J. Bautch: "Visions and eschatology: a socio-historical analysis of Zechariah 1-6", by Antonios Finitsis (pp. 428-431)
  • Eric Lawee: "The challenge of received tradition: dilemmas of interpretation in Radak's Biblical commentaries", by Naomi Grunhaus  (pp. 431-433)
  • Doron B. Cohen: "חיים כתובים: על אוטוביוגרפיות ספרותיות ישראליות", by Nitza Ben-Dov (pp. 434-436)
  • Periodicals and collected essays / compiled by Pamela Barmash, Shachar Pinsker, and Rick Painter (pp. 437-447)
  • Books received - 2013 (pp. 449-452)
  • Information for contributors (p. 453-457)

Hebrew studies, volume 55 (2014) / Serge Frolov, Editor ﹡ Smadar Shiffman, Associate Editor ﹡ Pamela Barmash and Shachar Pinsker, Book Review Editors ﹡ Rick Painter, Managing Editor

Table of contents:

  • John Huehnergard and Aren Wilson-Wright: A compound etymology for Biblical Hebrew זולתי 'Except'  (pp. 7-17)
  • Yohan Hwang: Eschatology in Genesis 15:6  (pp. 19-41)
  • Brian Bompiani: Style switching in the Jacob and Laban narratives  (pp. 43-57)
  • Matthew Michael: Twilight of the Gods: Hidden polemics in Joshua 10:12-14 (pp. 59-72)
  • Sung Jin Park: "Pointing to the accents in the scroll": Functional development of the Masoretic accents in the Hebrew Bible  (pp. 73-88)
  • Joseph Dana: Moshe Ibn Ezra and his ars poetica: imitation and innovation according to Kitab al-Muhadara val-Mudhakara  (pp. 89-116)
  • Adel Shakour: Relative clauses in Hebrew translation of Maimonides' Treatise on Asthma (pp. 117-127)
  • Michal Ephratt: A model is born: presenting the derivation in Modern Hebrew (pp. 129-170)
  • Nimrod Shatil: Noun patterns and their vitality in Modern Hebrew  (pp. 171-203)
  • Dalia Cohen-Gross and Noga Ilani: Hebrew plene  spelling in Israeli books: Does it follow the rules? (pp. 205-218)
  • Maria Maddalena Colasuonno: Notes on sociolinguistic terminology in Modern Hebrew: Morpho-syntactic and lexical devices for the creation of a technolect  (pp. 219-251)
  • Rima Shikhmanter: A Moment of Rebirth: Nathan Alterman's poetry for children  (pp. 253-270)
  • Haim O. Rechnitzer: From Honolulu to Tel Aviv via Mt. Gilboa : the rise and fall of Shlonsky's Messianic Halutz  (pp. 271-294)
  • Nitza Ben-Dov: They call you the Parisian : on Thera  by Zeruya Shalev  (pp. 295-303)
  • Shahar Bram: Wandering around the library : on the joint book of poet Harold Schimmel and photographer Avigail Schimmel  (pp. 305-327)
  • Dorit Lemberger: Contacts and discontinuities : Changing aspects in Shimon Adaf's work  (pp. 329-354)
  • Zafrira Lidovsky Cohen: The Non-chosen body : poetics and politics in Alona Kimhi's Lily la Tigresse (pp. 355-377)

    Review Essays
  • John A. Cook: Putting old wine in new wineskins : a new synthesis of the verbal system of Biblical Hebrew that is neither new nor a coherent synthesis  <A review The Verbal system of Biblical Hebrew: a new synthesis elaborated on the basis of classical prose,  by Jan Joosten> (pp. 379-388)
  • Tania Notarius: Historical linguistics is not text-dating  <A review of Early Biblical Hebrew, late Biblical Hebrew, and linguistic variability: a sociolinguistic evaluation of the linguistic dating of Biblical texts, by Dong-Hyuk Kim> (pp. 389-397)
  • Elizabeth Robar: An old argument in new garb : John Cook on aspect and Biblical Hebrew <A review of Time and the Biblical Hebrew verb : the expression of tense, aspect, and modality in Biblical Hebrew, by John A. Cook>  (pp. 399-409)
  • Ben Boeckel: Doing form criticism with slippery genres : a review of treaty, law and covenant <A review of Treaty, law and covenant in the Ancient Near East, by Kenneth A. Kitchen and J. N. Lawrence> (pp. 411-430)
  • Serge Frolov: Halfway to Noth: taking stock of current research on the formation of Genesis-Kings <A review of Pentateuch, Hexateuch, or Enneateuch? Identifying literary works in Genesis through Kings, edited by Thomas B. Dozemam, Thomas Römer, and Konrad Schmid> (pp. 431-443)

  • Rachel Hallote: "The lives of ordinary people in ancient Israel: where archaeology and the Bible intersect", by William G. Dever (pp. 445-448)
  • Sandra Jacobs: "Tanak: a theological and critical introduction to the Jewish Bible", by Marvin A. Sweeney  (pp. 448-450)
  • Timothy J. Sandoval: "The Book of Genesis: a biography", by Ronald Hendel  (pp. 450-453)
  • Anthony J. Frendo: "Josiah's reform and the dynamics of defilement: Israelite rites of violence and the making of a Biblical text", by Lauren A. S. Monroe  (pp. 453-455)
  • Christine Mitchell: "Isaiah 40-66: Translation and commentary", by Shalom M. Paul (pp. 455-457)
  • Michael Rosenberg: "A Companion to Biblical interpretation in early Judaism", edited by Matthias Henze (pp. 457-461)
  • Karen Grumberg: "Futurity: contemporary literature and the quest for the past", by Amir Eshel  (pp. 461-464)
  • Tirza Lemberger: "עטרה ליושנה: המאבק ליצירת יהדות ההשכלה", by Moshe Pelli  (pp. 464-466)
  • Itay Marienberg-Milikowsky: "הקולך זה הקול: היבטים רטוריים ודיאלוגיים בפיוטי הגאולה של ר' שלמה אבן גבירול", by Ariel Zinder (pp. 467-469)
  • Eric Zakim: "Place and ideology in contemporary Hebrew literature", by Karen Grumberg (pp. 469-472)
  • Tamar S. Drukker: "הספרות והחיים : פואטיקה ואידיאולוגיה בספרות העברית החדשה: למנחם ברינקר, ביובלו", edited by Iris Parush, Hamutal Tsamir and Hanna Soker-Schwager (pp. 472-474)
  • Haya S. Feig: "Israeli cinema: identities in motion", edited by Miri Talmon and Yaron Peleg (pp. 474-476)
  • Adriana X. Jacobs: "A Poetics of trauma: the work of Dahlia Ravikovitch", by Ilana Szobel (pp. 476-479)
  • Ranen Omer-Sherman: "Agnon's Moonstruck lovers: the Song of Songs in Israeli culture", by Ilana Pardes (pp. 479-482)
  • Periodicals and collected essays  (pp. 483-502)
  • Books received - 2014 (pp. 503-506)
  • Information for contributors (p. 507-511)

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