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Prooftexts, vol. 1, no. 1 (January 1981) / editors: Alan Mintz, David G. Roskies

Table of contents:

  • Joel W. Rosenberg: The Garden story forward and backward : the non-narrative dimension of Gen. 2-3 (pp.1-27)
  • David G. Roskies: The emancipation of Yiddish (pp.28-42)
  • Ruth R. Wisse: Di Yunge: immigrants or exiles? (pp.43-61)
  • Alan Mintz: Agnon in Jaffa : the myth of the artist as a young man (pp.62-83)
  • S. Y. Agnon: "Nights," a translation by Hillel Halkin (pp.84-95)

  • Warren Bargad: Agnon and German neo-Romanticism (pp.96-98)

  • Michael Fishbane: Recent work on Biblical narrative <on דרכי העיצוב הספרותי של הסיפור במקרא על-פי שמואל ב' י'-כ'; מלכים א' א'-ב' מאת שמעון בר-אפרת, J.P. Fokkelman's Narrative art in Genesis, and Jacob Licht's Story telling in the Bible> (pp.99-104)
  • David Stern: New directions in Medieval Hebrew poetry  <on שירת הקודש העברית בימי הביניים, מאת עזרא פליישר and חידוש ומסורת בשירת החול העברית, מאת דן פגיס> (pp. 104-115)
  • Arnold Band: A history of modern Hebrew fiction <on הסיפורת העברית 1880־1970, כרך ראשון: בגולה מאת גרשון שקד> (pp. 115-118)

Prooftexts, vol. 1, no. 2 (May 1981) / editors: Alan Mintz, David G. Roskies

Table of contents:

  • Uriel Simon: Samuel's call to prophecy : from criticsm with close reading (pp.119-132)
  • James H. Lehman: Polemic and satire in the poetry of the Maimonidean controversy  (pp.133-151)
  • Jacob Frances (1615-1667): Two love sonnets <a translation by Marcia Falk> (pp.153-157)
  • Hana Wirth-Nesher: Voices of ambivalence in Sholem Aleichem's Monologues  (pp.158-171)
  • Warren Bargad: Amalia Kahana-Carmon and the novel of consciousness (pp.172-184)

  • Alan Mintz: The Song at the Sea and the question of doubling in Midrash (pp.185-192)
  • Janet Hadda: German and Yiddish in the poetry of Jacob Glatstein (pp. 192-200)

  • Edward L. Greenstein: Biblical narratology <on James L. Crenshaw's Samson, a secret betrayed, a vow ignored ; Michael Fishbane's Text and texture ; David M. Gunn's The Story of King David  and his The fate of King Saul  ; and Jack M. Sasson's  Ruth, a new translation> (pp.201-208)
  • David G. Roskies: The Holocaust according to the literary critics <on Edward Alexander's The Resonance of dust: essays on Holocaust literature and Jewish fate ; on Dorothy Bilik's Immigrant-survivors : Post-Holocaust conciousness in recent Jewish American fiction ; Hamida Bosmajian's Metaphores of evil ;  Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi's By words alone ; Alvin H. Rosenfeld's A double dying ;  Encountering the Holocaust,  edited by Byron L. Sherwin & Susan G. Ament ; and ספרות יידיש ועברית תחת שלטון הנאצים במזרח אירופה by יחיאל שיינטוך  (pp.209-216)

Prooftexts, vol. 1, no. 3 (September 1981) / editors: Alan Mintz, David G. Roskies

Table of contents:

  • James Kugel: On the Bible and literary criticism (pp. 217-236)
  • Edward L. Greenstein: The riddle of Samson (pp. 237-260)
  • David Stern: Rhetoric and Midrash : the case of the Mashal (pp. 261-291)
  • Dan Miron: Rediscovering Haskalah poetry <Paper read on the occasion of J. L. Gordon's 150th birthday at a colloquium held by the Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University, 31 March 1981> (pp. 292-305)

  • Marc Saperstein: Halevi's west wind (pp. 306-311)
  • William Cutter: Figurative language in Agnon's "Sippur pashut" (pp. 311-315)

  • Arnold Band: The "rehabilitation" of Uri Zevi Greenberg <on אורי צבי גרינברג במלאת לו שמונים, בעריכת חנן חבר ; ריתמוס הרחבות : הלכה ומעשה בשירתו האקספרסיוניסטית של אורי צבי גרינברג, מאת בנימין הרושובסקי (הרשב); אורי צבי גרינבערג'ס געזאַמלטע ווערק, נאכוואָרט פון חנא שמערוק; מבחר שירים, ליקט יהודה פרידלנדר; באמצע העולם ובאמצע הזמנים : מבחר שירים משנות העשרים והשלושים / אורי צבי גרינברג ; בחר - בנימין הרושובסקי (הרשב) אורי צבי גרינברג - ביבליוגרפיה של מפעלו הספרותי, בעריכת יוחנן ארנון>  (pp. 316-326)
  • James Kugel: Avot Yeshurun in English <on Avot Yeshurun's The Syrian-African Rift and other poems, translated into English by Harold Schimmel> (pp. 326-331)

Prooftexts, vol. 2, no. 1 (January 1982) / edited by Alan Mintz and David G. Roskies

Catastrophe in Jewish Literature

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 2, no. 2 (May 1982) / edited by Alan Mintz and David G. Roskies

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

  • (pp. 227-241)
  • (pp.242-263)
  • (pp.265-282)
  • (pp.283-302)
  • (pp.303-312)

    Notes and Readings
  •  (pp. 313-321)

  •  (pp. 323-327)
  •  (pp. 328-332)

Prooftexts, vol. 2, no. 3 (September 1982) / edited by Alan Mintz and David G. Roskies

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 3, no. 1 (January 1983)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 3, no. 2 (May 1983)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 3, no. 3 (September 1983)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 4, no. 1 (January 1984)

A special issue: International Jewish Writing: From the Bellagio Conference

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 5, no. 2 (May 1985)

Table of contents:

  • Raymond P. Scheindlin: A Miniature Anthology of Medieval Hebrew Love Poems (pp.105-135)
  • Chana Kronfeld: Allusion: An Israeli Perspective (pp.137-163)
  • Janet Hadda: The Double Life of Isaac Bashevis Singer (pp.165-181)

    Notes and Readings
  • Daniel H. Gordis: Scripture and Halakhah in Parallel Aggadot (pp.183-191)
  • David C. Jacobson: The Creative Restoration of Legends in Bialik’s Megillat ha’esh (pp.191-199)

Prooftexts, vol. 5, no. 3 (September 1985)

Table of contents:

  • Geoffrey H. Hartman: On the Jewish Imagination (pp.201-220)
  • Gabriel Levin: What Different Things Link Up: Hellenism in Contemporary Hebrew Poetry (pp.221-243)
  • Elisa New: Reconsidering Delmore Schwartz (pp.245-262)

    Notes and Readings
  • Ken Frieden: I. B. Singer’s Monologues of Demons (pp.263-268

  • Daniel Boyarin and David Stern: An Exchange on the Mashal (pp.269-280)

  • Stanley Nash: Criticism as a Calling: The Case of Baruch Kurzweil <on James Diamond's Barukh Kurzweil and modern Hebrew literature, and Kurzweil's חפוש הספרות הישראלית>  (pp. 281-287)
  • Joel Rosenberg: Dual Vocations: The Biblical Scholar and the Biblical Storyteller <on Adele Berlin's Poetics and interpretation of Biblical narrative> (pp.287-295)

Prooftexts, vol. 6, no. 3 (September 1986)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 7, no. 1 (January 1987) / editors: Alan Mintz, David G. Roskies

Special issue on S. Y. Agnon

Table of contents:

  • Dan Miron: Domesticating a foreign genre : Agnon's transactions with the novel (pp. 1-27)
  • Yael S. Feldman: The Latent and the Manifest: Freudianism in A Guest for the Night  (pp. 29-39)
  • Gershon Shaked and Yaakov Green: Portrait of the immigrant as a young neurotic (pp. 41-52)
  • Nitza Ben-Dov: Dreams and human destiny in "Ad hena" (pp. 53-63)
  • Aryeh Wineman: Agnon's "Linen Man": Abraham and Satan in the Land of Ambiguity (pp. 65-71)
  • William Cutter:  Rendering Galicia for America: On Hillel Halkin's Translation of Sippur pashut (pp. 73-87)

  • Marshall Wilen: Citizen Cahan <on Beyond Ethnicity: Consent and Descent in American Culture  by Werner Sollors; Grandma Never Lived in America: The New Journalism of Abraham Cahan  by Moses Rischin (pp. 89-96)
  • Ilan Stavans: Borges and the Jews <on The Aleph Weaver: Biblical, Kabbalistic and Judaic Elements in Borges  by Edna Aizenberg> (pp. 96-105)

Prooftexts, vol. 7, no. 2 (May 1987)

Table of contents:

  • Arthur A. Cohen: Myths and Riddles : some observations about literature and theology <with an introduction by David Stern> (pp. 107-121)
  • Ross Brann: Judah Halevi : the compunctious poet (pp. 123-143)
  • Yael S. Feldman: Zionsim: neurosis or cure? : the "Historical" drama of Yehoshua Sobol <on נפש יהודי by Y. Sobol> (pp. 145-162)

  • Francis Landy: Recent developments in Biblical poetics <on Wilfred G.E.Watson's Classical Hebrew poetry; on Adele Berlin's The dynamics of Biblical parallelism; and on Robert Alter's The art of Biblical poetry> (pp.163-178)
  • Steven D. Fraade: Interpreting Midrash 1: Midrash and the history of Judaism <on Jacob Neusner's Judaism and scripture: the evidence of Leviticus Rabbah> (pp. 179-194)
  • Howard Eilberg-Schwartz: When the reader is in the write <on José Faur's Golden doves with silver dots: semiotics and textuality in Rabbinic tradition> (pp.194-205)

Prooftexts, vol. 7, no. 3 (September 1987)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 8, no. 1 (January 1988)
Special issue: The Representation of Women in Jewish Literature

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR


Prooftexts, vol. 8, no. 2 (May 1988)

Table of contents:

  • Uriel Simon: A balanced story : the stern prophet and the kind witch (pp. 159-171)
  • Judah Goldin: Of Shalom Spiegel (pp. 173-181)
  • Nurit Gertz: To Caesar what is Caesar's : Ideology versus literature in the stories of Hazaz (pp. 183-196)
  • Deborah Steinhardt: Figures of thought : Psycho-narration in the fiction of Berdichewsky, Bershadsky and Feierberg (pp. 197-217)
  • Goldie Morgentaler: The foreskin of the heart : Ecumenism in Sholem Asch's Christian trilogy (pp. 219-244)

    Notes and Readings
  • Eliezer Segal: Law as Allegory? : an unnoticed literary device in Talmudic narratives (pp. 245-256)


Prooftexts, vol. 8, no. 3 (September 1988)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR


Prooftexts, vol. 9, no. 2 (May 1989)

Table of contents:

  • Yairah Amit: The Multi-Purpose "Leading Word" and the Problems of its Usage (pp. 99-114)
  • Naomi B. Sokoloff: Narrative Ventriloquism and Muted Feminine Voice: Agnon's In the Prime of Her Life (pp. 115-137)
  • Sander L. Gilman: To Quote Primo Levi: "Redest key jiddisch, bist nit kejn jid" ["If you don't speak Yiddish, you're not a Jew"] (pp. 139-160)

  • Susan L. Einbinder: The Current Debate on the Muwashshaḥ (pp. 161-177)
  • Avraham Balaban: Gnessin Revisited <on מטאפורות וסמלים ביצירתו של גנסין, מאת חמוטל בר-יוסף and אורי ניסן גנסין: מחקרים ותעודות, בעריכת דן מירון ודן לאור> (pp. 177-184)
  • Ilan Stavans: Alberto Gerchunoff and the Jewish Writer in Argentina (pp. 184-194)


Prooftexts, vol. 9, no. 3 (September 1989)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 10, no. 1 (January 1990)
Tenth Anniversary Volume, Part 1

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR


Prooftexts, vol. 10, no. 3 (September 1990)
Tenth Anniversary Volume, Part 3

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR


Prooftexts, vol. 11, no. 1 (January 1991) / editors: Alan Mintz and David G. Roskies

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR


Prooftexts, vol. 11, no. 2 (May 1991) / editors: Alan Mintz and David G. Roskies

Table of contents:

  • Vera Basch Moreen: Moses, God's shepherd: an episode from a Judeo-Persian epic  (pp. 107-130)
  • Deborah Steinhart: Is anybody there? the subjectivism of Uri-Nisan Gnessin reconsidered (pp. 131-151)
  • Reuven Snir: We were like those who dream" : Iraqi-Jewish writers in Israel in the 1950s (pp. 153-173)

    Notes and Readings
  • Jonathan Magonet: Isaiah's Mountain, or, The shape of things to come (pp. 175-181)

  • Joel Rosenberg: Grammar with a small "g"  <On Lewis Glinert's A grammar of modern Hebrew> (pp. 183-197)
  • James S. Diamond: Nurit Govrin: Critic or Curator? <on N. Govrin's books: מאורע ברנר, המחצית הראשונה, דבש מסלע and Alienation and Regeneration> (pp. 197-211)


Prooftexts, vol. 11, no. 3 (September 1991) / editors: Alan Mintz and David G. Roskies

Table of contents:

  • Isaac Gottlieb: Sof Davar:  Biblical endings (pp. 213-224)
  • Raymond P. Scheindlin: Four Hebrew sonnets from Italy <by Immanuel of Rome, Yosef Tzarfati and Moshe ben Yoav, and translations into English>  (pp. 225-229)
  • Dvora Bregman: The emergence of the Hebrew Sonnet (pp. 231-239)
  • Michael Galchinsky: One Jew talking: Jacob Glatetein's Diminished imperative voice (pp. 241-257)
  • Michael Gluzman: The exclusion of women from Hebrew literary history (pp. 259-278)
  • Anne Golomb Hoffman: Constructing masculinity in Yaakov Shabtai's Past continuous (pp. 279-295)

    Notes and Readings
  • Stanley Nash: Two poles of the Yom Kippur experience in Agnon (pp. 297-302)

  • Adele Berlin: The Medieval Jewish reading of Psalms <On Uriel Simon's Four approaches to the Book of Psalms> (pp. 303-307)
  • Marc Saperstein: Polish Jewry: open or closed? <on Jacob Elbaum's פתיחות והסתגרות: היצירה הרוחנית הספרותית בפולין וארצות אשכנז בשלהי המאה השש-עשרה>(pp. 307-310)


Prooftexts, vol. 12, no. 1 (January 1992)

I. L. Peretz: A Night in the Old Marketplace

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 12, no. 2 (May 1992)

Table of contents: - Includes links to JSTOR

Prooftexts, vol. 14, no. 1 (January 1994)

Table of contents:

  • Iris Parush: Readers in Cameo: women readers in Jewish society in nineteenth-century Eastern Europe (pp. 1-23)
  • David A. Goldfarb: A living Schulz: "Noc wielkiego sezonu" ("The night of the great season") (pp. 25-47)
  • Nili Scharf Gold: A burning bush, or a fire of thorns: toward a revisionary reading of Amichai’s poetry (pp. 49-69)

  • Baruch J. Schwartz: On Peshat and Derash, Bible criticism, and theology <On David Weiss Halivni's Peshat and Derash, plain and applied meaning in Rabbinic exegesis> (pp. 71-88)
  • Burton L. Visotzky: Saturday morning live: new studies on Aramaic renditions of the Torah <On תרגום ואגדה בו : האגדה בתרגום התורה הארמי המיוחס ליונתן בן עוזיאל, and on מקרא אחד ותרגומים הרבה  by אביגדור שנאן> (pp. 88-94)
  • Sanford Pinsker: Competing for the soul of Cynthia Ozick’s art <on Norman Finklestein's The ritual of new creation : Jewish tradition and contemporary literature, and on Elaine Kauvar's Cynthia Ozick's fiction : tradition and invention> (pp. 94-102)


Prooftexts, vol. 14, no. 2 (May 1994) / editors: Alan Mintz, David G. Roskies

Table of contents:

  • Stephen A. Geller: Fiery wisdom: logos and lexis in Deuteronomy 4 (pp. 103-139)
  • Lawrence Rosenwald: On the reception of Buber and Rosenzweig's Bible (pp. 141-165)
  • Joseph Sherman: What's Jews? : Isaac Bashevis Singer's Androygenus (pp. 167-188)

  • Richard Kalmin: The modern study of ancient Rabbinic literature: Yonah Fraenkel's Darkhei ha'aggadah vehamidrash <on דרכי האגדה והמדרש / מאת יונה פרנקל> (pp. 189-204)



Prooftexts, vol. 18, no. 1 (January 1998)

Table of contents:

  • Marc Caplan: Performance anxieties: carnival spaces and assemblages in Der Nister's "Under a fence" (pp. 1-18)
  • Reuven Shoham: From the naive to the nostalgic in the poetry of Haim Gouri (pp. 19-43)
  • Joshua M. Getz and Thomas O. Beebee: The epistolary politics of Amos Oz's Black box (pp. 45-65)

  • Oren Baruch Stier: Memory matters: reading collrctive memory in contemporary Jewish culture <On Yael Zerubavel's Recovered roots: collective memory and the making of Israeli national tradition>  (pp. 67-82)
  • Avner Holtzman: Poetics, ideology, biography, myth : the scholarship on J. Ḥ. Brenner, 1971-96(pp. 82-94)

    Short reviews
  • Francis Landy: From tragedy to art and film: Cheryl Exum's contribution to Biblical studies <on J. Cheryl Exum's Tragedy and Biblical narrative  and Plotted, shot, and painted: cultural representations of Biblical women> (pp. 95-102)
  • Adele Reinhartz: Radical dualism and the reading of Paul <on Daniel Boyarin's A radical Jew: Paul and the politics of identity> (pp. 103-106)
  • Abigail Gillman: A Bible for "People today" <on Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig's Scripture and translation) (pp. 106-112)


Prooftexts, vol. 20, nos. 1+2 (Winter/Spring 2000)
Special issue: Reading through the Lens of Gender / Co-editors: Marc Brettler and Anne Golomb Hoffman

Table of contents:

  • Anne Golomb Hoffman: Embodiments : an introduction (pp. 1-11)
  • Bonna Devora Haberman: The suspected adulteress : a study of textual embodiment (pp. 12-42)
  • Adele Reinhartz: Margins, methods, and metaphors : reflections on a Feminist Companion to the Hebrew Bible (pp. 43-60)
  • Natan Margalit: Not by her mouth do we live : a literary / anthropological reading of gender in Mishnah Ketubot, chapter 1  (pp. 61-86)
  • Tova Rosen: Circumcised Cinderella: the fantasies of a fourteenth-century Jewish author (pp. 87-110)
  • Wendy Zierler:  Charit(ess) of Fire : Yokheved Bat-Miriam's female personifications of Erets Israel (pp. 111-138)
  • Yael S. Feldman: Hebrew gender and Zionist ideology : the Palmach trilogy of Netiva Ben Yehuda (pp. 139-157)
  • Sara R. Horowitz: Gender, genocide, and Jewish memory (pp. 158-190)
  • Kathryn Hellerstein: Translating as a feminist : reconceiving Anna Margolin (pp. 191-208)
    • A response from Lawrence Rosenwald (pp. 209-212)
    • A response from Anita Norich (pp. 213-218)
  • Marc Brettler: Afterword : Sof Davar Hakol Nishma? (pp. 219-223)
  • Abstracts (pp. 224-229)


Prooftexts, vol. 22, nos. 1+2 (Winter/Spring 2002)
Special issue: The Cinema of Jewish Experience / Edited by Joel Rosenberg and Stephen J. Whitfield

Table of contents:

  • Joel Rosenberg, Stephen J. Whitfield: The cinema of Jewish experience : introduction (pp. 1-10)
  • Joel Rosenberg: What you ain't heard yet: the languages of The Jazz Singer (pp. 11-54)
  • David N. Coury: "Auch ruhiges Land ..." : remembrance and testimony in Paul Celan's  Nuit et Brouillard  translation (pp. 55-76)
  • Alan Rosen: "Teach me gold" : pedagogy and memory in The Pawnbroker   (pp. 77-117)
  • Elisa New: Good-bye, children; Good-bye, Mary, mother of sorrows : The church and the Holocaust in the art of Louis Malle (pp. 118-140)
  • Judd Ne'eman:  The Jar and the Blade : fertility myth and medieval romance in Israeli political films (pp. 141-156)
  • Nurith Gertz: Space and gender in the new Israeli and Palestinian cinema (pp. 157-185)
  • Jacob Weitzner: Yiddish in Israeli cinema (pp. 186-199)
  • Régine-Mihal Friedman: The double legacy of Arbeit Macht Frei  (pp. 200-220)

  • Joel Rosenberg: Rogin's Noise: The Alleged historical crimes of The Jazz Singer <on Michael Rogin's Blackface, White noise : Jewish immigrants in the Hollywood Melting Pot> (pp. 221-239)
  • Abstracts (pp. 240-244)


Prooftexts, vol. 22, nos. 3 (Fall 2002)

Table of contents:

  • Adriane B. Leveen: Falling in the wilderness : Death reports in the Book of Numbers (pp. 245-272)
  • Elie Assis: Chiasmus in Biblical Narrative: Rhetoric of Characterization (pp. 273-304)
  • Barry dov Walfish: Kosher Adultery?  The Mordecai-Esther-Ahasuerus Triangle in Midrash and Exegesis  (pp. 305-333)

  • Stanley Nash: Critical reappraisals of Aharon Appelfeld <on בין כפור לעשן / בעריכת יצחק בן-מרדכי ואיריס פרוש; on קינת היחיד ונצח השבט : אהרן אפלפלד – תמונת עולם / מאת יגאל שוורץ and the English version:  Aharon Appelfeld : from individual lament to tribal eternity ; and Gershon Shaked's “רקוויאם לעם היהודי שנהרג" בתוך: הסיפורת העברית, 1880-1980 and Gershon Shaked.Modeern Hebrew fiction, edited by Emily Budick, and Aharon Appelfeld. Beyond Despair: three lectures and a conversation with Philip Roth. and Aharon Appelfeld.סיפור חיים. and Aharon Appelfeld. “זכרון אישי וזיכרון קיבוצי - שיחה, זיכרון סמוי, זיכרון גלוי edited by Yoel Rappel> (pp. 334-354)
  • Oren Baruch Stier: Holocaust, American Style <on Alan L. Berger.  Childrem of Job: American second-generation witnesses to the Holocaust. and Lawrence L. Langer.  Preempting the Holocaust. and S. Lillian Kremer. Women's Holocaust writing: Memory and imagination.  and Hilene Flanzbaum, ed. The Americanization of the Holocaust. and Jeffrey Shandler. While America watches: televising the Holocaust. and Yosefa Loshitzky, ed. Spielberg's Holocaust: Critical perspectives on   Schindler's List. and Norman Finkelstein. The Holocaust industry: Reflections on the exploitation of Jewish suffering. (pp. 354-391)
  • Rachel Rubinstein: Textualizing Black-Jewish relations <on Karen Brodkin. How Jews became White folks and what that says about race in America. and Emily Budick. Blacks and Jews in literary conversation. and Adam Newton. Facing Black and Jew: literature as public space in Twentieth-century America. and Ethan Goffman. Imagining each other: Blacks and Jews in contemporary American literature.> (pp. 392-402)


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