Articles about the movement


"The cry that became a movement" by Rachel Ben Dor (English, Hebrew )

"Mothers in the service of the army" by Eran Shachar, HaKibbutz, February, 1997 (English, Hebrew )
This article motivated us to act when we realized that we are not the only people with doubts about the war.

"The Home Front Goes on the Offensive" by Eran Shachar, HaKibbutz, April 3, 1997 (English, Hebrew )
This article defined us as the "Four Mothers" movement.

Research about the movement

'Four Mothers': The Womb in the Public Sphere by Dafna Lemish and Inbal Barzel

"Engendering Dissent: The Four Mothers Movement and Israel's Lebanon War by Daniel Lieberfeld

"It's Amazing What They Can Do!" The Media and Israel's "Four Mothers" Protest Movement by Daniel Lieberfeld

"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?: Israel's 'Four Mothers' and the Legacies of Successful Antiwar Movements" by Rachel Ben Dor and Daniel Lieberfeld

"Parental Protest, Public Opinion, and War Termination: Israel's 'Four Mothers' Movement" by Daniel Lieberfeld

"More Hills to Climb: Defining the legacies of successfil antiwar movements" by Rachel Ben Dor and Daniel Lieberfeld

August, 2002, Student research paper titled "'Four Mothers' movement as a catalyst for the Israeli government's decision to take the IDF out of Lebanon" for a class at Bar Eilan University

Excerpts from a research about the movement published by the Truman Institute for Peace. (English, Hebrew )

26 May, 1998, A paper published by the Tel Aviv University which is titled "The Power of Commitment: A Pluralistic Study of the Four Mothers Movement" written by Arik Ben-Zvi. Ben-Zvi was the movement's coordinator who organized and represented the younger generation, mainly students, of the movement. Some of these members included many former soldiers who fought recently in the Lebanon War. (English)


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