Demonstrations and Events

A PowerPoint presentation about the movement's activities (PowerPoint presentation -English)

IDF award ceremony
The ceremony reflects the tragedy of war. The video shows Orr Ben Dor, the son of Rachel Ben Dor chair person of the "Four Mothers Movement - Leaving Lebanon in Peace," receiving an award along with a friend. His friend was killed in the war a week later.

Four Mothers planning meeting
One of many meetings at the house of Rachel Ben Dor. Sitting from right to left: Ronit Nachmias, Rachel Ben Dor, Ram Ben Dor, Miri Sela.

Mizad Haslihot - A demonstration that took place a few days prior to Yom A'kippurim. (video in Hebrew)

Annual Rally, in center of Tel Aviv, commemorating the 16th year of the War in Lebanon.

Muddy war a demonstration across the road from the Prime Minister's office during a cabinet meeting. Our faces were covered with mud from Lebanon to symbolize us sinking in the Lebanese mud.

Exodus of Lebanon = Exodus of Egypt
During Passover 1998, we had a rally at the border between Lebanon and Israel. Rachel Ben Dor, holding the Bible in her left hand, spoke at the demonstration at the Israel/Lebanon border about the necessity to stop the war with Lebanon based on a chapter from the Bible.  At this event she quoted the words of Jeremiah 31:14-16 as he referred to Rachel, in his lament of the exile. The Lord said, "They shall come back from the land of the enemy," emphasized the claim. As she continued to read "The Lord says, 'and your children shall return to their own border,'" the participants of the rally and television viewers were more convinced, according to newspapers' surveys, of the idea to leave Lebanon in peace.

Pesach ceremony, Exodus of Lebanon = Exodus of Egypt: The "Four Mothers" version of the "Haggadah" which was used in a mass Pesach (Passover) ceremony that the movement organized (1998). The "Four Mothers" version of the Pesach (Passover) story of the four sons, written by Rachel Ben Dor, it was used in the movement's Pesach ceremony (1998). The story is how the Haggadah explains the exodus in four different levels of understanding: wise, evil, naïve, and clueless sons. In rewriting, Ben Dor transferred the story to be relevant for the current political arena focusing on different aspects of understanding the necessity of an exodus from Lebanon. (Documents in Hebrew)

The light of peace was brought to the Israeli Lebanese border
A demonstration along the border ended in a ceremony, in which the Hanukkah Menorah at Kibbutz Kfar Giladi was lit.

Delivering letters to the Prime Minister
Members of Four Mothers movement delivering letters asking to stop the war with Lebanon.

Demonstration infront of Israeli Ministry of Defense
Mourning of casualties of the war of Lebanon.

The journey from the northern border to the 17-years rally in Tel Aviv

6 June, 1999, A photo of the Rachel Ben Dor and her son Stav lighting candles in memory of the deceased soldiers from the Lebanon war in the ceremony marking the 17 th year of the war. This picture appeared in the newspaper Yediot Ahronot.

Leaving Lebanon after 18 years - soldiers calling their mothers telling them "we are out"

Soldiers leaving Lebanon, hoping not to go back to this war zone again

June 2000 - The end! - Last day in the office. Closing ceremony at Kibbutz Gadot

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