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"The Home Front Goes on the Offensive" by Eran Shachar, HaKibbutz, April 3, 1997 (English)

"Protests grow for Lebanon withdrawal" by Amira Segev, Haaretz, October 20, 1997(English)

3 June, 1997, The first article about the movement in Yediot Achrniot, the leading national newspaper, which exposed the Four Mothers to the nation. To the left is a criticism from the Ministry of Defense. (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)

"Lebanon: Israel's Vietnam?" by Peter Hir, The Jerusalem Report, December 11, 1997 (English)

"Lebanon: Public Pressure" by Ariela Ringel-Hoffman, Yediot Achrniot, March 27, 1998 (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)
The author discusses the formation and subsequent development of the movement.

"Bunker Life" by Mark Dennis, Newsweek, April 13, 1998. (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)

"Four Mothers holds national 'mourning vigils' " by David Rudge, Jerusalem Post, May 29, 1998 (English)

7 December, 1998, an article in the newspaper Yediot Ahronot about the first meeting between Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and representatives of the Four Mothers movement. (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)
The title is a quote by Rachel Ben-Dor after the meeting, "We felt that some of the things we said influenced the Prime Minister." The meeting is described as friendly and positive.

Arutz 7, March 6, 2000 (English)

A Japanese article about Four Mothers by Yoshinori Fukushima. (Adobe Acrobat file, Japanese)

25 May, 2000, A German article about Four Mothers. (Adobe Acrobat file, German)

Israel News: A collection of the week's news from Israel, Toronto, Canada, March 10, 2000 (English)

"Four Mothers movement to be dismantled, says founder" by David Rudge, The Jerusalem Post, May 25, 2000 (Adobe Acrobat file)

"Four Mothers made a difference in Israel" by Bill Maxwell, St. Petersburg Times, May 28, 2000 (English)

" 'Four Mothers', the end: 'we won, we can disband' " by Ethan Glickman, Yediot Ahronot, June 4, 2000 (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)
The author discusses the formation and subsequent development of the movement.

"The movement that shaped the Lebanon pullout" by Leora Eren Frucht, Jerusalem Post, June 8, 2000 (English)

"Gadila, We Left Lebanon" by Yael Dar, June 2000 (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)
An article about the increased impact of soldiers' mothers on the military, which began in recent years and resulted from the "Four Mothers" movement's involvement. Dar points out that, "(in the 1950's) the Israeli soldier was ashamed of his mother, but today he doesn't stop calling her."

"'Today: First meeting berween Netanyahu and Four Mother" Yediot Ahronot, December, 1998 (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)

"'Somebody has to dream': After Lebanon, Four Mothers founder promoting peace, pluralism in Israel" by Paula Amann, Washington Jewish Week, April 19, 2001 (English)

"How to support Israel" by Rachel Ben Dor, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, July 20, 2006 (English)

"The Mothers of Victory" by Chaim Hanegbi, Maariv. The subtitle reads: "Irresponsible generals pressed us into Lebanon . The 'Four Mothers' formed the opposition." (Adobe Acrobat file, Hebrew)

6 June, 1997, Short piece by Eitan Glickman about some demonstrations by the Four Mothers movement around the nation. (Hebrew)

6 June, 1997, Article by Eitan Glickman about an emissary trip by the Four Mothers organization to Beirut. (Hebrew)

10 June, 1997, "The Government Owes an Answer to Mothers" Article in the newspaper Maariv. (Hebrew)

18 July, 1997, "IDF is not sitting in Lebanon" by Arielle Rangel-Hoffman. (English)

31 August, 1997, Article about a plan to withdraw Israeli troops in parts with a picture from a Four Mothers demonstration in front of the Ministry of Defense. (Hebrew)

19 September, 1997, Piece in an opinion column praising the Four Mothers movement. (English)

20-21 September, 1997, Article about the Four Mothers in the "International Herald Tribune" titled "As Casualties Rise, Israelis Clamor for Lebanese Pullout" (English)

18 October, 1997, "Mothers protest for Lebanon pullout" Article about a demonstration by the Four Mother's movement at the northern border. (English).

19 October, 1997, Mention in the newspaper Yediot Achrniot of a demonstration in the North. (Hebrew)

October, 1997, "Protests grow for Lebanon withdrawal" (English).

30 November, 1997, "Enough sitting around in Lebanese mud", short article about some demonstrations from the weekend before. (Hebrew)

11 December, 1997, A short article in the Jerusalem Post. The Israeli defense division has reached a conclusion that "The army has to stay where it is" (i.e. Lebanon ). (English)

7 January, 1998, Article about an Israeli general's wife signing a Four Mothers petition. (Hebrew)

January 1998, “Mothers’ Voices” an article in the newspaper Yediot Ahronot by Ethan Glickman about the movement and its progress 11 months after it was founded and about an army general’s wife signing a petitions. (Hebrew)

27 March, 1998, A newspaper article about the origins and history of the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

1999, Newspaper from Rachel Ben Dor’s hometown, Rosh Pina, with a piece about the Passover based rally comparing the exodus of Egypt to an exodus of Lebanon. Also includes a poem about the movement. (Hebrew)

1999, An article about a meeting between the movement's representatives and President Clinton during a visit by the U.S. President and the First Lady. The movement's representatives asked the President to use his influence, so the Lebanon conflict would rise to worldwide consciousness. (Hebrew)

Short segment in an Israeli newspaper with quotes from Four Mothers coordinators Rachel Ben-Dor and Ronit Nachmias. (Hebrew)

25 June, 1999, Article about the Four Mothers sending a message to the president of Syria to improve relations between the two countries and work to withdraw Israeli troops from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

"While my son was serving in Lebanon, a notion of loneliness followed me" by Ruth Kadosh. (Hebrew)

"Sarah would have told God 'Forget it'.", Article about the Four Mothers movement. (English)

"There are no more words- there is only fear.", Short article written by Rachel Ben-Dor. (Hebrew)

7 July, 1999, "The Protest Has Left the North," an editorial written by Rachel Ben Dor in the newspaper Haaretz. It responds to a claim made by an army official that the protesters to the Lebanon war came from central Israel , which wasn't in the range of the Hezbollah's rockets. Ben Dor states that the Four Mothers movement was founded and run by residents of Northern Israel. (Hebrew)

5 October, 1999, First page is a short article, in Hebrew, about the meeting between the mo vement's representatives and Danny Yatom, Ehud Barak's political and security adviser. Second page is a picture of the mentioned meeting in the Jerusalem Post. (English)

"Four Mothers movement to be dismantled, says founder", Article about the end of the movement with quotes from Rachel Ben Dor. (English)

"After the withdrawal: ending ceremony of Four Mothers." Column on the left. (Hebrew)

"The Israel Women's Network Prize" awarded to the Four Mothers organization. (Hebrew)

Article about the Four Mothers' meeting with the French Ambassador to Israel Debouillane De Lacoste. (English)

15 June, 2000, Finnish article about the movement.

21 February, 2000, German article.

30 September, 1997, Another German article.

19 November, 1998, Article in a Norwegian newspaper.

2 April, 1998, Swedish article

27 February, 2000, A statement by Four Mothers on the front page of leading newspaper Yediot Achrniot.

A French article about the movement. (French)

Three Japanese articles about the war in Lebanon and the Four Mothers Movement. (Japanese)

Two German articles reporting on the movement and the war. (German)

Comic from a newspaper. (English)

A picture from a newspaper showing Rachel Ben-Dor and her son lighting candles for every Israeli soldier that died in the war in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

"Voice of a mother" A piece in a newspaper features a picture from a demonstration. (Hebrew)

"Some Motherly Advice" News article about a mother in the United States using the Four Mothers movement as an example and reinforcement of protesting the war in Iraq. (English)

About the war

31 August, 1997, Article in Yediot Achrniot titled “Israeli Tragedy” by Matty Golan about the death of several Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

1 March, 1999, Article from The Independent titled "Hizbollah kills Israeli general." (English)

January 2000, A headline in the newspaper, "Yediot Ahronot," which reads, "In four months IDF will leave Lebanon ." (Hebrew)

6 March, 2000, "IDF to leave Lebanon within four months" Article about the government's announcement of the decision to withdraw troops from Lebanon by July. (Hebrew)

17 March, 2002, "2 Movements to try to recreate the success of Four Mothers" (Hebrew)

"There's someone to talk to." Article about a new distress line made for soldiers in Lebanon and their parents set up by two mothers. (Hebrew)

Article about the Knesset deliberating and Sharon agreeing to a unilateral withdrawal or negotiations with Syria. (Hebrew)


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