Communication with World Leaders

Letter to Kofi Annan asking him to arrange a meeting with the Four Mothers movement during his visit to Israel. (English)

3 September, 1997, letter to Secretary of State Albright letting her know about the Four Mothers movement and asking her to consider the issue of taking Israeli troops out of Lebanon when she meets with leaders of the countries involved. (English)

20 January, 1998, Letter to First Secretary of the French Embassy Olivier Brochenin asking him to support the Four Mothers movement. (English)

22 January, 1998, Letter to First Secretary of the French Embassy Olivier Brochenin confirming a meeting with him on 23 January. (English)

22 March, 1998, Letter to the Ambassador if the Netherlands asking for help with a forum concerning the conflict in South Lebanon. (English)

24 March, 1998, A letter to Secretary General of the United Nations, Koffi Annan. (English)

5 June, 1998, Correspondence between the movement's international affairs correspondent Linda Ben-Zvi and Lebanese leader Walid Chamoun. (English)

9 December, 1998, Letter to President Bill Clinton asking him to help the Israeli government implement UN Resolution 425. (English)

13 December, 1998, A letter to the United States President Bill Clinton, which includes a plea for his help in placing the Lebanon-Israel conflict into the world public's view. (English)

13 December, 1998, A letter to the United States First Lady Hillary Clinton from one of the movement's spokespersons, Linda Ben-Zvi. (English)

23 December, 1998, A letter from "Four Mothers" representative, Linda Ben-Zvi, to the President of Lebanon, Emil Lahaud. The letter details the movement's continuing attempt to change the public's opinion towards a unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon and the commitment by the movement to end the bloodshed. (English)

1 January, 1999, Position paper circulated amongst influential figures giving a step-by-step plan for Israel to leave Lebanon. (Hebrew)

4 January, 1999, Letter to the Hezbollah leader in South Lebanon asking him to stop hostilities and encourage peace so as to withdraw Israeli troops from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

5 January, 1999, Notes from meeting by members of the movement with the Israel Desk at U.S. State Department. The State Department recommended not to meet with Lebanese citizens and officials. (English)

19 December, 1999, In this letter to the head of the Upper Galilee Regional Council, Aharon Valensi, Rachel Ben-Dor asks him to meet a group of MKs visiting the northern border with the movement. (Hebrew)

23 January, Notes for a meeting with the French Ambassador De La Costa. (English)

Some meeting confirmations and the CV of a broadcaster sent to international affairs coordinator for the movement Linda Ben-Zvi from the Embassy of Sweden, Tel Aviv. (English)