1998, Notes for a speech using religious texts to support political arguments against war. (Hebrew)

6 June, 1998, Rachel Ben Dor's speech during a demonstration commemorating 16 years to the beginning of the Lebanon War. She talks about the extraordinary length and high casualty count of the war. In addition, she reaffirms the commitment of the movement to the cause of a withdrawal from Lebanon and peace in the North of Israel. (Hebrew)

Draft of Rachel Ben Dor's speech for the award ceremony by the Israeli Women's Network. (Hebrew)

Part of the speech from the opening eve of the labor party. (Hebrew)

Draft of a speech by Rachel Ben Dor made on the way to the event Exodus of Egypt=Exodus of Lebanon and delivered there. (Hebrew)

Notes for Rachel Ben Dor's speech at the March of Atonement rally. (Hebrew)

Notes for a speech about parents' responsibility for the safety of their children in regard to the ongoing war. (Hebrew)