June, 1997, Notes for an interview about the 15 years in Lebanon rally. (Hebrew)

20 July, 1997, Draft of a letter to parliament member Lankeri written by Rachel Ben Dor. (Hebrew)

September, 1997, Ram Ben Dor's notes from one of the movement's planning meetings. (Hebrew)

26 May, 1998, Notes for an op-ed which was followed by a radio interview on the broadcast "Good Morning Israel." (Hebrew)

20 July, 1998, Notes about meetings with Parliament members by Rachel Ben Dor. (Hebrew)

September, 1998, Notes by Rachel Ben Dor for a press release about the event March of Atonement.

23 September, 1998, Rachel Ben Dor's notes for an interview with Shelley Yachimovich on the show "Akol Diburim."

25 November, 1998, Notes by Rachel Ben Dor for an op-ed about military force being the only method utilized in the Lebanon situation over the years. (Hebrew)

1998, Rachel Ben Dor's movement notes about potential meetings with Parliament members and Israeli VIPs. (Hebrew)

Notes about some of the movement's expenses. (Hebrew)

Some of Linda Ben-Zvi's notes as international affairs correspondent for the movement. (English)

20 October, 1998, Rachel Ben Dor's notes from a meeting with the chairman of the Jewish Agency (sochnuot) Avraham Burg. (Hebrew)

11 April, 1999, Notes by Rachel Ben Dor for a meeting with President Ezer Weitzman. (Hebrew)

April, 1999, Notes for a radio interview Razi Barkai about a proposal to add another minute of silence on Memorial Day for those who will die in war. (Hebrew)

19 June, 1999, Notes by Rachel Ben Dor for a speech during the event Protest and Theater. (Hebrew)

1999, Draft of a response to Parliament members' criticisms about the movement's activists as women protesting the war and government policies. Coincidentally it was written on the back of a crossed out copy of rabbinic literature text about Samson and Delilah and their power struggle. (Hebrew)

1999, Rachel Ben Dorís planning notes for a rally commemorating the 17th anniversary of the Lebanon war. (Hebrew)

List of stops on the way to the above rally from the north. (Hebrew)

Rachel Ben Dor's personal notes about the emotional distress she had about the war, which acted as motivation to start protesting. (Hebrew)

Brainstorming and notes for the 15 year commemoration of the Lebanon war rally. (Hebrew)

Notes by Rachel Ben Dor on Ornim College stationary, where she was working at the time, for the first TV interview about the movement on a Friday evening news program. Second part says "Israel lost its innocence in Lebanon" To be put on a protest sign. (Hebrew)

Notes for an interview featuring Rachel Ben Dor and Major-General Amiram Levine in charge of the northern border on a primetime television show. (Hebrew)

Rachel Ben Dor's notes to movement coordinators about future activities. (Hebrew)

Notes by Rachel Ben Dor for a response to the media about the image that the movement members are just acting emotionally toward the war. (Hebrew)

Rachel Ben Dor's notes for a press release regarding an event that used cynical humor to express brain power versus military power (moah vs. koah). (Hebrew)

Draft of a press release by Rachel Ben Dor addressing the issue that the leaders are talking but not taking action. (Hebrew)

Notes for an op-ed by Rachel Ben Dor about the tragedy of turning the beautiful scenery of the Galilee into a warzone. (Hebrew)

Notes for an interview for the radio station Glz (military radio) about whether parents of soldiers are allowed to express their opinions about military matters. (Hebrew)

Rachel Ben Dor"s notes for a media interview. (Hebrew)

Draft of an article by Rachel Ben Dor about why the current situation in Lebanon can not continue. (Hebrew)

Notes for an interview with Yaron London about publicizing a Hanukah event at Tel Hai College. (Hebrew)

Notes for a lecture about leadership and peace using verses from the Talmud. (Hebrew)

Notes for a lecture about the borders of Israel in the Talmud applied to the current situation. (Hebrew)

Notes by Ram Ben Dor from a meeting to plan future events. (Hebrew)

Notes from a meeting to plan a journey to raise awareness about the war. (Hebrew)

Rachel Ben Dor's notes for a press release about a protest that took place at the northern border. (Hebrew)

Notes by Rachel Ben Dor for organizing the Peace Forest event. (Hebrew)

Notes about communication with the movement's main office and a list of some of the past events and activities. (Hebrew)

Notes for a petition asking the government to find a solution to end the war and ideas of how to circulate the petition and make it known. (Hebrew)

Meeting with coordinators from the central region. (Hebrew)

July, 2006, Plan for a site map for a website archiving movement materials. (Hebrew)