Communication with the public

4 March, 1997, Letter to a speaker from an "International Women's Day" event. (Hebrew)

23 May, 1997, A letter by Joshua Zamir encouraging Rachel Ben Dor in her pursuit of the cause and his previous letter to organize an assembly on May 1, 1997 , to support a withdrawal from Lebanon in the kibbutz of Ein Dor. (Hebrew)

30 May, 1997, Letter to the movement from a soldier wounded in Lebanon expressing his support for the movement and its cause. (Hebrew)

31 May, 1997, A letter by Professor Linda Ben-Zvi to the movement. Ben-Zvi lives in the United States and has a son that has been serving in the army when the letter was written. (English)

15 June, 1997, Op-ed titled "Political Voice of Mothers" by Four Mothers member Shirley Cantor published as a response to other articles. (Hebrew)

6 July, 1997, Letter to several coordinators of the movement to express the thoughts and feelings after an event in Machanaim. (Hebrew)

8 October, 1997, Letter to the Four Mothers organization from a US-based international women's human rights organization to support the Four Mothers movement. (English)

7 September, 1997, "Board of peace and security: Alternative safety measures can allow for withdrawal from Lebanon." (Hebrew)

14 September, 1997, Letter from Rami Baiazi Law Office to agree with the movement's cause since it is every parent's right and duty to protect his or her child. (Hebrew)

15 September, 1997, Statement from a General in the Israeli army declaring his support for the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

19 September, 1997, Letter to Ronit Nachmias from a citizen about the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

12 October, 1997, Letter from international affairs coordinator Linda Ben-Zvi to Barbara Streisand asking her to support the movement. (English)

12 October, 1997, Letter to Ms. Hawn asking her to support the movement. (English)

A letter to the citizens of Kiryam Shmonah from one of the members of Four Mothers asking them to come out on 18 December, 1997, and show their support. (Hebrew)

A message to the Four Mothers asking the movement not to hold protests in Kiryam Shmonah. (Hebrew)

1 February, 1998, Part of a correspondence between Linda Ben-Zvi and Uri Horesh. (English)

February, 1998, Letters from a father to his sons after the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

19 May, 1998, Request for a meeting between representatives of the Four Mothers movement and Lily Sharon made by the movement's activity coordinator. (Hebrew)

7 July,1998, Request for a meeting by the Four Mothers movement to the chairman of the company Cellcom. (Hebrew)

23 July,1998, Invitation to the open rehearsal of the play "Phoenician Women" on 23 July, 1998. (Hebrew)

4 August, 1998, Request for a meeting between representatives from the Four Mothers movement and a philharmonic conductor. (Hebrew)

13 August, 1998, A thank you letter from the World Union of Meretz to Four Mothers for a great meeting in Gadot. (Hebrew)

26 November, 1998, An invitation from the head of the local council for the Upper Galilee region to the movement to participate in a "walk of peace" in order to create strong public support for the peace process. (Hebrew)

5 March, 1999, Former military commanders sharing their views regarding the war with the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

12 March, 1999, e-mail from Canadian/Israeli filmmaker Yair Weisblum proposing to do a documentary about the movement. (English)

2 June, 1999, Letter to Mrs. and Mr. Bronfman from Rachel Ben Dor. (English)

24 June, 1999, A picture of Rachel Ben Dor having a discourse with town officials of the Northern town of Rosh Pina during an event organized by the movement named "Protest and Theater for Leaving Lebanon." The photo was in a local newspaper Hal Hatzafon. (Hebrew)

14 December, 1999, Letter to Rachel Ben Dor discussing things that the individual thinks the Four Mothers need to do and issues the movement needs to address. (Hebrew)

17 February, 2000, A letter by the movement to the producers of the talk show Akol Diburim and host, Shli Yahimovitz. The movement wanted to inform the show about its true message on the issue of the movement's future because conflicting messages were brought to the show by several people. (Hebrew)

29 May, 2000, Thank you letter from the Israeli Women's Network to the Four Mothers for attending their ceremony. (Hebrew)

1 June, 2000, Letter from the mayor of Carmiel congratulating the Four Mothers movement on the troops leaving Lebanon. (Hebrew)

20 June, 2000, Letter from am organization called "Small Academy" which also focuses on the role of mothers, praising the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

3 August, 2003, Letter about arranging a meeting so as to conduct research for a play about the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

25 December, correspondence between Linda Bez-Zvi, international coordinator to the Four Mothers movement, and Nikki Jackson regarding the movement. (English)

Letter supporting the Four Mothers by saying that the movement does not allow the government to hide the deaths of soldiers and encourages an end to the bloodshed. (Hebrew)

Letter to Rachel Ben Dor to support the movement by supplying it with source material and information to use for their cause. (Hebrew)

A new year's postcard to the Four Mothers from Micha'el Kleiner. (Hebrew)

To Leave Lebanon in Peace, A message about the Lebanon War and the Four Mothers movement entitled "Lebanon: The Forgotten War" with contact information to support the movement. (English)

Op-ed to challenge the common opinions and policy regarding the Lebanon situation. (Hebrew)

A letter from Ofir Gal details a play about the war in Lebanon named "Picnic in the Combat Zone." (Hebrew)