Research about the movement for a class taught at Bar Eilan University. (Hebrew)

Information about the author Uri Ramon who wrote the play about the Four Mothers. (Hebrew)

A form of the "Four Mothers" movement for signing up to actively participate in the movement. The form details the movement's purpose and urges people to be active in the movement. (Hebrew)

The "Four Mothers" version of the "Haggadah" which was used in a mass Pesach (Passover) ceremony that the movement organized (1998). The purpose of the ceremony was to create an analogy between the biblical Exodus of Egypt and desired Exodus of Lebanon by the Israeli army. (Hebrew)

The "Four Mothers" version of the Pesach (Passover) story of the four sons, written by Rachel Ben Dor, it was used in the movement's Pesach ceremony (1998). The story is how the Haggadah explains the exodus in four different levels of understanding: wise, evil, naïve, and clueless sons. In rewriting, Ben Dor transferred the story to be relevant for the current political arena focusing on different aspects of understanding the necessity of an exodus from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

"Leaving Egypt equals leaving Lebanon" Comparison between the Passover story and the Lebanon war. (Hebrew)

These documents are three out of several thousands of pages which are filled with signatures by the movement's supporters. (Hebrew)

Several blank petition forms. (Hebrew)

A formal form to sign-up interested individuals. (Hebrew)

"Just need to love - just smile", a program to an evening event. (Hebrew)

Standard thank you letter for activism in the movement. (Hebrew)

30 November, 1998, A fax from Dan Steinberg to Ram Ben Dor. The fax contains two essays by Dan Steinberg, "In two days it is my turn to die, a goodbye letter to dad" and "Are we the occupier's, are you crazy?" This fax convinced Ram to become an activist in the movement. (Hebrew)