Organizational Structure and Meeting Notes

1997, Form for starting a association for the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

23 February, 1998, Meeting minutes from a brief meeting. Second page is minutes from a meeting on 12 December, 1997 specifying roles of different people in the movement. (Hebrew)

2 April, 1998, Minutes from a meeting at the Tel Aviv office discussing a Passover activity in the North and change in the declared stand of the movement due to recent developments. (Hebrew)

13 July, 1998, List of about twenty politicians and VIPs from the entire political spectrum and whether they intend or could help the movement. (Hebrew)

21 July, 1998, Discussion issues: continuation of main office financing, fund-raising. Decisions: The main office will continue to operate for at least 6 months with expected funds, on August 7th stands will be set in shopping malls with members getting signatures and selling movement's T-shirts. (Hebrew)

26 August, 1998, Discussion issues: the public's view on Barak, ensuring Barak would fulfill his promise to pull out of Lebanon , and other issues brought up by the group. Decisions: bring signatures to Cabinet meeting and build stands in Tel-Aviv producing the sounds of the war. (Hebrew)

26 December, 1998, Notes from a meeting that took place in the kibbutz Gadot. (Hebrew)

5 March, 1998, Fax of the minutes from a short secretarial meeting. (Hebrew)

1999, Letter to Ronit Nachmias regarding seedlings for the movement to plant for the Peace Forest event. (Hebrew)

1999, Meeting notes discussing future plans and brainstorming ideas. (Hebrew)

30 January, 1999, Protocol and notes from a Four Mothers meeting. (Hebrew)

30 January, 1999, List of attendees at the meeting. (Hebrew)

16 November, 1999, Meeting notes from 13 November regarding demonstrations in Kiryam Shmonah and movement decisions about what to do for the upcoming withdrawal of troops from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

23 November, 1999, Decisions: adopt a view that a partial withdrawal is unsatisfactory, organize a public debate with several parliament members on January 7, 1999, and arrange a meeting with Kriyat Shemona's residents. (Hebrew)

17 February, 2000, A correspondence between the movement and the manager of a convention center to rent a conference room for a meeting on March 1, 2000. (Hebrew)

3 March, 2000, Meeting notes, meeting goal to be able to clear up current misunderstandings. (Hebrew)

3 March, 2000, Decisions from the meeting and a date for a follow-up meeting 10 March. (Hebrew)

12 March, 2000, A summary of the meeting on March 3, 2000. Discussion issues: mixed messages sent by some members of the movement, questions of future activities, writing a letter to the Hezbollah leader, and financial update. Decisions: the movement would stop all operations except the previously scheduled meetings. (Hebrew)

24 March, 2000, Notes from a general meeting. (Hebrew)

3 June, 2000, The final meeting of the movement, participants and voting results are included in the document. Discussion issues: dismantling of the movement, current financial situation, and usage of the unspent money. Decisions: the movement would be dismantled, there is a total of 38,000 New Shekels left, and the money would be used to build an archive for the movement. (Hebrew)

List of names and phone numbers for the regional coordinators. (Hebrew)

List of coordinators and organizers for the movement by locale.. (Hebrew)

Contact information of some of the movement's coordinators.. (Hebrew)

A form filled for the inclusion of the movement in the book "Giving in Wisdom: the Israeli guide to registered organizations." The form contains information about the movement. (Hebrew)

List of volunteers for coordinating movement activities. (Hebrew)

Handwritten agenda for a movement meeting. (Hebrew)

Results of board member elections.