Communication with Israeli Parliamentary Members

3 January, 1997, Letter from Knesset member Tamar Gozanski supporting the Four Mothers movement and what they are trying to accomplish. (Hebrew)

24 February, 1997, Letter from Parliament member Gideon Ezra to Ronit Nachmias. (Hebrew)

16 March, 1997, Letter from Knesset member Michael Eitan saying that he will keep on advocating for changing the current situation with the military. (Hebrew)

6 April, 1997, A letter from the movement to Israeli Parliament member Gidon Azra inviting him to speak at a meeting. (Hebrew)

6 April, 1997, Letter to Knesset member Gideon Ezra with handwritten notes. (Hebrew)

25 May, 1997, Parliament member Haim Ramon's response to the Four Mothers coordinators. (Hebrew)

30 June, 1997, A letter from the movement to the Secretary of Defense. The movement thanks the secretary for his recent statement of commitment to find a way to withdraw the troops from Lebanon , while keeping Israel safe. The movement states that it is dedicated to changing the public's opinion towards a pull-out from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

3 July, 1997, A Letter from Parliament member Tamar Gozansky to the movement. (Hebrew)

14 September, 1997, Contents of a letter from a mother, whose son stepped on a landmine in South Lebanon and was killed, to the Minister of defense. (Hebrew)

1998, Notes from a meeting with Parliament Minister Ben-Ami. (Hebrew)

12 January, 1998, Confirmation from the Assistant Minister of Defense on behalf of the Minister of Defense that the letter from the Four Mothers movement was received. (Hebrew)

12 May, 1998, Letter to the Minister of Defense from an author sending the Minister of Defense his book about the Lebanon War from the perspective of field soldiers and expressing that the war is detrimental to the soldiers. (Hebrew)

23 June, 1998, A letter from Knesset member Yossi Beilin stating that there is no current plan to withdraw the troops from Lebanon as well as expressing desire to collaborate with the Four Mothers movement towards their goal. (Hebrew)

29 July, 1998, Protocol from a Parliament meeting regarding the Four Mothers movement petition to discuss the situation in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

6 December, 1998, A short article in the newspaper Yediot Ahronot announcing that a meeting of the Four Mothers movement with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will take place. (Hebrew)

24 September, 1998, Response letter from the Prime Minister's Office saying that the Prime Minister is too busy at that time to meet with the movement. (Hebrew)

26 January, 1999, Invitation from the Knesset to Rachel Ben Dor for a women's day ceremony. (Hebrew)

7 May, 1999, Letter template to a presidential candidate pointing out the importance of getting the troops out of a Lebanon as an election issue. (Hebrew)

15 July, 1999, Letter to Knesset member Naomi Zen. (Hebrew)

15 September, 1999, Unaddressed letter to a Knesset member inviting to the Four Mothers' "Sukkot of Peace" event. (Hebrew)

22 December, 1999, Draft of a request for a meeting with the Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs. (Hebrew)

26 January, 2000, Invitation to Rachel Ben Dor from the Knesset to an award ceremony titled "Women Who Made a Difference" on 26 January, 2000. (Hebrew)

23 February, 2000, Protocol for a Parliament meeting, regarding the situation in Lebanon, as a result of the Four Mothers movement lobby. (Hebrew)

23 May, 2000, From the Minister of Defense Bureau Media Adviser to Rachel Ben Dor about the decision to leave Lebanon. (Hebrew)

31 May, 2000, The letters that the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, gave the movement in a celebratory meeting with the representatives of the movement. The first letter is the official order for a pull-out from Lebanon dated May 23, 2000. The second letter is from Barak to thank the movement for its support of the government in the decision to withdraw from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

Notes for meetings with Parliament members with military backgrounds who are in charge for the national security policy. (Hebrew)