Information and Instructions to Regional Coordinators

1998, Description of the movement's methods of operation. (Hebrew)

Information and news items to regional coordinators and active members. (Hebrew)

29 March, 1998, A faxed document to the movement coordinators to pass on to active members detailing news and updates of the movement. (Hebrew)

February 1999, The movement's interaction with different groups of people, such as students and parents of soldiers. (Hebrew)

21 March, 1999, A week's itinerary for a protest and theatre for leaving Lebanon event. (Hebrew)

5 June, 1999, Schedule for the journey to leave Lebanon event. (Hebrew)

16 December, 1999, Summary of the movement's actions during the months of November and December 1999. (Hebrew)

23 May, 2000, Restating of purpose to end the movement's operation when the prime minister would implement the decision to leave Lebanon. (Hebrew)

28 May, 2000, The scheduling of the final meeting for the celebration of the IDF's withdrawal from Lebanon (the meeting was scheduled for 3 June, 2000). (Hebrew)

4 June, 2000, Announcing the dismissal of the movement's secretary as part of the movement's dissolution after the withdrawal from Lebanon. (Hebrew)