Communication within the Movement

March A document to the movement coordinators to pass on to active members detailing news and updates of the movement. (Hebrew)

26 November, 1997, Shirley Cantor airing some grievances with some individuals in the movement and how some things are done. (Hebrew)

26 November, 1997, The person in charge of PR of the movement sharing some of his concerns about some of the activities of the movement. (Hebrew)

29 June, 1997, Letter from one of the movement coordinators about a prospective petition. (Hebrew)

16 March, 1998, Thank you letter for help in advertising for the movement. (Hebrew)

17 March, 1998, Rachel Ben Dor correspondence with some of the movement's coordinators regarding a meeting. (Hebrew)

19 March, 1998, A message to coordinators of the movement about a possible demonstration during a cabinet meeting at 20 March, 1998. (Hebrew)

9 February, 2000, A letter by Yael Araz to the movement's financial manager, Ronit Nachmias, about a refunding a purchase that Araz made of twenty black flags used in a demonstration. (Hebrew)

27 February, 2000, Letter informing of a secretarial meeting to take place on 3 March and a meeting open to all members to speak to their mind on 8 March. (Hebrew)

18 April, 2000, A correspondence between Rachel Ben Dor and Bruria Sharon. It is a summary of the meeting on March 10, 2000, which was sent to Bruria Sharon. In the meeting, it was decided to minimize the activity of the movement's office and stop accepting donations. Also, on 16 May, 2000, a letter by Bruria Sharon to the movement regarding her suggestions for the future of the movement. (Hebrew)

23 May, 2000, A letter to the movement coordinators discussing the government's decision to withdraw the troops from Lebanon as well as the prospective end of the movement if it's goal of having Israeli soldiers leave Lebanon is reached. (Hebrew)

28 May, 2000, A letter to the members regarding the pullout of Lebanon and the last meeting of the movement. (Hebrew)

2000, A letter by three members of the "Four Mothers" movement thanking Rachel Ben Dor for her effort in leading the movement. Aprat Shpigal, Verda Liphshin, Yael Araz, also, stated that they will be on guard to prevent such a prolonged and pointless occupation from happening again. Lastly, they declared their support of Rachel's encouragement to end the movement's operation. (Hebrew)

Message about a candlelight vigil commemorating the one year anniversary of the helicopter crash that roused the Four Mothers movement to start. (English)