Flyers and Bulletins

Brochure about the movement from before the name "Four Mothers" was used. There was some debate over what the name should be since there were male members in the group. (Hebrew)

Another pre-Four Mothers brochure using the name “The Good Fence” instead as a reference to the fence on the border (Hebrew)

Flyer for an event taking place 22 November, 1997, to support and identify with citizens of western Galilee. (Hebrew)

27 November, 1997, A flyer asking people to join in a public mourning vigil that day. (Hebrew)

21 May, 1997, Flyer for a demonstration taking place the same day. (Hebrew)

18 October, 1997, A flyer about a march at the northern border including discussions about the Lebanese situation; the day concluding in a public event. (Hebrew)

21 May, 1997,A bulletin regarding a demonstration on May 21, 1997. (Hebrew)

21 May, 1997,A handwritten version of a bulletin regarding a demonstration on May 21, 1997. (Hebrew)

January, 1998, Flyer about getting the troops out of Lebanon after UN resolution 425 that the movement want to be done by June 6. (Hebrew)

23 February, 1998, A bulletin announcing a demonstration, which had taken place at the machanayim intersection in the Upper Galilee. (Hebrew)

Flyer for a day of activities for the movement in the north taking place on 17 April, 1998. (Hebrew)

April, 1998, "Let's go home," an advertisement message in an Israeli newspaper encouraging the government to follow UN Resolution 425 to leave Lebanon . Also, it informs the public about the goals of the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

June, 1998, Flyer for the rally during the 16 year anniversary of the war with Lebanon. (Hebrew)

4 June, 1998, bus schedule to bring people to a major rally in Tel-Aviv for the 16th year anniversary (Hebrew)

28 August, 1998, Ad for a panel with members of the Four Mothers movement to answer questions about the movement and the Lebanese situation. (Hebrew)

Flyer for a march on 28 September, 1998, to encourage the leaders of the country to ask for forgiveness that they didn't do enough to stop soldiers getting killed in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

19 May, 1998, Information about a journey to different spots in the north to see Lebanon more from a soldier's point of view. (Hebrew)

17 December, 1998, Ad for a Four Mothers event in the north. (Hebrew)

8 February, 1999, A petition published by Four Mothers asking in the name of the strata of Israel asking for a new prime minister who will take the troops out of Lebanon. (Hebrew)

14 February, 1999, A notice for a Passover ceremony performed by the movement, in order to connect between the Exodus of Egypt and Exodus of Lebanon. (Hebrew)

25 May, 1999, Four Mothers invite all Israeli citizens to join in a journey to leave Lebanon. An event to take place 5 June to remember the 17th year of the Lebanon war by travelling to significant locations. (Hebrew)

27 May, 1999, Day of activities for the 17th anniversary of the Lebanon war. Includes bus schedule to transport people to the event. (Hebrew)

A pamphlet to register members to the movement. It contains the movement's goals, various justifications for withdrawing from Lebanon , and supporting quotes (from a former General, a Parliament member, and a Rabbi). (Hebrew)

Parting from Lebanon in peace. A page that was posted by the movement to gather popular support. It listed several common arguments against exiting Lebanon and then refuted the argument. (Hebrew)

It is possible and needed to leave Lebanon. A flyer promoting participation in the movement. (Hebrew)

"Four days of protest and theater," began on March 21, 1999 . The event includes three plays with themes based on several aspects of war, and many discussions with politicians, scholars, and individuals who were affected by the Lebanese conflict. (Hebrew)

Advertisement for a series of events from 21-24 March, 1999, dubbed "protest and theatre for leaving Lebanon" organized by Four Mothers. (Hebrew)

"Come on, lets bring them home" reads the title. The flyer provides some information about the movement and its goals, as well as notifying of a mass demonstration commemorating 16 years to the beginning of the Lebanon War on June 6, 1998. (Hebrew)

A bulletin announcing that on the day before Yom Kippur (September 28, 1998) the movement will hold a march named "The March of Atonement." (Hebrew)

Flyer for an event called "March of Atonement" on Yom Kippur to state that the leaders of the country should be sorry that they did not do enough to prevent the situation in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

Flyer for a demonstration, focused on getting the government to act, since decision 425 was passed, to prevent more bloodshed. (Hebrew)

A handout encouraging people to support the movement's cause showing some myths about withdrawing the troops and statements correcting them. (Hebrew)

A card for an exhibit entitled "Mother of a soldier hosts Four Mothers" on 25 April, 1998, at a museum in Ain-Hod. (Hebrew)

"It's possible and needed to leave Lebanon", states the title of this information sheet about the movement. (Hebrew)

Flyer about the movement, what it wants and what it does by raising political awareness and influencing politics regarding the situation in Lebanon, asking people to join now to save tears later. (Hebrew)

Question and answer sheet about leaving Lebanon from the Four Mothers. (Hebrew)

"Bring back the soldiers from Lebanon", an information sheet. (Hebrew)

Brochure with information about the movement. (English)

Brochure with information about the movement and how to get involved and help its cause. (Hebrew)

"Return life to the northern border."An edited publicity form for the Four Mothers movement advocating that withdrawing troops form Lebanon is better for the people living at the northern border. (Hebrew)

A sticker with the message "Bring the soldiers back from Lebanon ," which was given to the founders, at the beginning of the movement by members of a former movement, "Parents Against Silence," who were active after the 1982 war in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

Two counters are shown, one for the number of years the Israeli army has been in Lebanon and the other for the number of soldier fatalities in the Lebanon war. "Thousands of casualties, tens of thousands of worrying families, and the Katyushas continue falling." (Hebrew)

"Mother, I left Lebanon!" says a sticker that the movement distributed towards the end of its existence. (Hebrew)

"Leave Lebanon in Peace", this is the most used sticker by the movement. It has the official logo and message of the Four Mothers movement. (Hebrew)

"I was forgotten in Lebanon", bumper sticker. (Hebrew)

Flyer in Arabic handed out at Israel and Lebanon checkpoints about the movement encouraging Lebanese people to talk to their decision makers. (Arabic)

A flyer with notes for a gathering on 2 May, 1997 at Kibbutz Gadot by parents of soldiers to put pressure on Knesset to withdraw troops from Lebanon. (Hebrew)

Informational flyer about the movement and its purpose and asking people to help and contribute. (Hebrew)

"To Leave Lebanon in Peace" General information about the movement and contacts to support it to send out to anyone who might be interested. (Hebrew)

"I have to do something for peace-but what?" Bulletin in the newspaper Yediot Achrniot. Includes actions people can take such as sending letters to Knesset members and going to demonstrations. (Hebrew)

"Path of the 'Four Mothers' Movement" a history and explanation of the movement. (Hebrew)

Top reads "The Truth of the Lebanon Lie" and the bottom half is titled "How did we get to where we are now" (Hebrew)

A handout showing some myths about withdrawing the troops and informative statements correcting them. (English)