Movement Activities

End of June to mid-July, 1997, Summary of the movement's activities. (Hebrew)

4 November, 1997, Description of the movement's activities between October 12, 1997 to November 3, 1997 . Also, a list of upcoming movement events from November 6, 1997 to December 4, 1997 . (Hebrew)

December 1997, A summary of the movement's activities in central Israel from June to December 1997. This document was prepared relatively early in the movement's existence. It specifies the many meetings during the period with Parliamentary members and other influential people. Also, it presents the schedule of the movement's leaders during the first year of existence. (Hebrew)

December 1997, Summary of activities for the period November 6 to December 7, 1997 . Each meeting includes who participated and on what issue was it centered. The demonstrations are described by number of participants, reason for the demonstration, and more. (Hebrew)

12 October, 1997, Update on the movement's recent and upcoming activities, including the type, occasion, and description of the activities (Mostly activities for October 1997). (Hebrew)

1998, Form used to sign people as members. (Hebrew)

January 1998, A review of the actions taken by the movement in the month of January 1998 and the planned actions for February 1998. (Hebrew)

January 1998, A list of parliament, cabinet, and military members that the movement met in January and February of 1998. Also present is a short description of demonstrations during the same period. (Hebrew)

1 January 1998, Conclusion of activities conducted in December 1997, notably a meeting with Ouri Savir and a simulation of Israeli disengagement at the Van Leer Institute. (Hebrew)

February 1998, A list of the movement's official activities in the months of February and March 1998. (Hebrew)

1 February, 1998, Summary of events and activities from 1 February to 29 March, 1998 and planned events for the following April. (Hebrew)

22 April, 1998 , A fax about a meeting in Eilon at 17 April, 1998, for the organizers and people in charge in Eilon about several activities that took place including a demonstration and a meeting. The document also includes decisions made in the meeting. (Hebrew)

4 May, 1998 , Letter to a person in charge of the cities Tel Aviv-Yafo asking for approval for a rally for the 16 year anniversary of the war in Lebanon (Hebrew)

11 May, 1998 , Faded letter from a person in charge of the cities Tel Aviv-Yafo granting approval to the movement to hold a demonstration. (Hebrew)

21 May, 1998 , Letter to a person in charge of the cities Tel Aviv-Yafo about a change to the date of the scheduled rally for the 16 year anniversary of the war in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

1 June, 1998 , Letter inquiring the amount of medical personnel and related services that will be needed for the rally for the 16 year anniversary of the war in Lebanon. (Hebrew)

15 July, 1998 , Discussion issues: continuation of main office financing, fund-raising. Decisions: The main office will continue to operate for at least 6 months with expected funds, on August 7 th stands will be set in shopping malls with members getting signatures and selling movement's T-shirts. (Hebrew)

11 September, 1998, Discussion issues: update on the recent movement activities, plans for the future. Activities include manning stands for accumulating signatures, the demonstration tent in front of the Parliament, the March of Atonement, and more. (Hebrew)

December-March 1998, Summary of movement activities. (Hebrew)

1999, Form used to sign people as members. (Hebrew)

29 June, 1999, Information about activities and other things happening with the movement at the time. (Hebrew)

1999, Report on the movement's activities from September to October 1999. (Hebrew)

11 September, 1999, Report of activities and meeting minutes. Summary of activities as well as notes from a meeting. (Hebrew)

October, 1999, Activities for September and October 1999: Sukkah of peace, meetings with many Israeli Parliament members took place (Yael Dayan, Dani Yatom, and Dani Naveh, to name a few). (Hebrew)

16 December, 1999, Summary of the movement's actions during the months of November and December 1999. (Hebrew)

13 November, 1999, Summary of several meetings with different figures. (Hebrew)

13 January, 1999, Report of activities of the Four Mothers movement for December to January of 1999. (Hebrew)

30 January, 1999, Summary of activities for coordinators from the end of December to January. (Hebrew)

8 March, 2000, Women and grassroots peace movements join local theatre group to put on a play on 8 March, 2000. (Hebrew)