Throughout Ohio's history, the performing arts in many forms have enriched the lives of its citizens, and Ohioans have worked in the performing arts in numerous capacities.  The Ohio State University Libraries' collections document many professionals in the performing arts, native-born or with strong Ohio connections.  In celebration of the Bicentennial of the State of Ohio, this exhibition honors one Ohioan, Elsie Janis - child actor, vaudevillian, stage and film performer, author, director, poet, song-writer - to represent the many performing artists with Ohio ties. 
This online exhibition is an extension of "Some Sort of Somebody": Ohioan Elsie Janis on the Stage and in the Trenches, drawn primarily from the Elsie Janis Collection of the Laura M. Mueller British and American Theatre and Film Collections, which was shown in the Philip Sills Exhibit Hall of the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, The Ohio State University Libraries, 6 January - 14 April 2003. The contents are drawn from collections of The Ohio State University Libraries' Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute and Cartoon Research Library. 

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This online exhibition is made possible by an Ohio Bicentennial Legacy Award from the Department of History, The Ohio State University, and support from The Ohio State University Libraries.

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