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Oral Histories

Adams, Arthur E.
Bonner, John T.
Branscomb, Lewis C.
Cahill, Vern R.
Cunningham, Luvern
Droste, Paul
Enarson, Harold L.
Fawcett, Novice G.
Good, Donald W.
Greene, Rick
Hairston, Elaine J.
Halverson, William H.
Hebbard, Frederick W.
Hopcraft, David
Johnson, George R.
Kettler, David
Kleberg, John R.
Kuhn, Albert J.
Moulton, Edward Q.
O'Shaughnessy, Jane
O'Shaughnessy, Tommy
Schoen, Kathryn T.
Taylor, Celianna I.

If you’d like to contribute your own account of the student demonstrations of 1970, please contact Kevlin Haire at the OSU Archives to set up an appointment to conduct an oral history interview. The Archives would like to add as many accounts to this page as possible to create a better sense of what transpired that spring.


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