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In the following 3 pages, we have scanned 60 photographs that were not published by the Washington University project. Several photos are variants on photographs found in the main collection, but there are also numerous original photos.

interior of a home

301. Ornamental Rusticity
An interior architectural detail, probably in a mountain inn, illustrating the use of natural wood forms to convey a sense of ornamental rusticity, or shibui.

a young man with eyeglasses smoking

302. Iwao Ishino
Professor Iwao Ishino in his office at Radio Tokyo.

courtyard and entrance of a temple

303. Torii Gateway
A large gateway, perhaps to a temple compound, in the style of a torii.

Lake Hakone seen from the shore

304. Hakone Lake
A view of Hakone Lake from a path to the shrine.

a set of stairs leading up through the forest

305. Hakone
Steps leading up to the torii gate before a shrine in Hakone, in the Fuji area.

a rocky area with steam emerging from a spring

306. Hot Springs
The Onsen (hot springs) near the mountain resort of Noboribetsu.

another view of the rocky area with hot spring

307. Hot Springs
Another photo of the hot springs.

landscape of the countryside

308. Channelization Operations
Channelization operations on a mountain river near Kanuma-shi, NW of Tokyo, not far from the shrine city of Nikko. The Japanese have been conducting land reformation projects for many centuries.

bas relief of several nude figures

309. European-Style Bas-Relief
Meiji period European-style bas-relief on a gate.

interior of a room with large wood beams

311. Castle Interior
Interior of the Kochi Castle in Shikoku.

Cf. 219-220 in portfolio 11

commercial area (buildings built closely together)

312. Newer Shops in Tokyo
Building and rebuilding of small shops and tea houses near downtown Tokyo. This was a new entertainment area in a district burned out during the war.

a wooden home under construction

313. Middle-Class House Under Construction
The constructions shows the use of pre-war techniques.

Cf. also 18-19 in portfolio 1

the side of a stone building with wires rising up from it

314. Wall in Residential Area of Tokyo
A wall for a house on a terrace, with the roof of another house on a lower terrace. This is in Denén Chofu, looking down toward the Tokugawa River in Tokyo.

a young boy walking along the riverbank in a city

315. Resort Hotels on Izu Penninsula
Traditional hotels in a resort town in the Izu peninsula. These large structures were prone to fires, and have since been replaced.

a mother and two children shopping

317. Commercial Street near Byodo-in
A sale in the town near the Byodo-in in Nara.

Cf. 89 and following in portfolio 6

exterior of a traditional building

318. Estate Gate in Mountains
A typical nagai-mon (“long gate”) in the mountains not far from Kanuma-shi. This gate also had been built as a treasure and agricultural store house for the family. These great gates fronting mountain estates are now rare.

exterior of a Western-looking home

319. Buildings in Atami
Early modern-style building--bars and restaurants--in Atami, a resort community on the Izu peninsula, south of Tokyo. The western-style building probably dates from around 1900, and was still in use at the time this photo was taken.

a prostitute in a jail cell

321. A Prostitute
A dramatic photo of a prostitute.

Cf. portfolio 4