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SECTION ONE: Introductory Material

1 The author in Tokyo, early 1949
2 Pine Tree on the Izu Pennisula: My First Photo in Japan

SECTION TWO: Portfolios of Photographs

I. Urban Images
Portfolio 1: Tokyo: Views of the City
3 Rebuilding: Outlying Districts
4 An Imperial Palace Gateway
5 Repairing a Roof of the Palace Gateway
6 Ruins of the British Embassy
7 A Sculpture Yard
8 Another Sculpture Yard in the Azabu Neighborhood
9 1920s Office Buildings in Downtown Tokyo
10 Matsuya Department Store as Occupation PX
11 Prewar Apartments
12 Old Farmhouse in a Tokyo Suburb
13 Gate to a Suburban House
14 The Bank Buildings of Maronuochi
15 The Rice Ration in Suburban Tokyo
16 Army Veterans Begging for Alms
17 Honey Bucket Wagon
18 New House: Traditional Construction
19 More of House Construction
20 Children Learning to Draw
21 A Young Geisha at New Year's
22 Contemplative Moods of Street Sellers
23 Firing Up a Bus in Sapporo
Portfolio 2: Tokyo's Commercial Resurgence
24 Shrines and Gas Stations in Post-Occupation Tokyo
25 Temporary Shops in Meguro
26 New Shops Opening Everyday
27 Doing Business under Handicaps
28 Grand Opening Day
29 Maintaining Services in a Commercial Area that was not Destroyed
30 Another View of Shibuya
31 Getting Under Way
32 More Rebuilt Shops
33 Another New Retail and Service Enterprise
34 More Rebuilt Shops
35 The Toy Shop
36 Shopping on the Ginza
37 World War II Soldiers Trying to Make a Living
38 Women on the Construction Crew
39 The Beginnings of the Postwar Japanese Automobile Industry!
40 Enterprising Marketeers
41 The Recycling of Wartime Residue
42 At the Movies in Early 1950s
43 Making Movies
Portfolio 3: Children in the Park
44 Family Pictures
45 Families at the Zoo
46 A Family at the Zoo
47 Entrance and Ticket Booth at Tamagawa Children's Park
48 Sisters at the Tamagawa Chidren's Park
49 Children at Tamagawa Park
50 Street Entertainment: Ueno Park
51 A Street Peddler in Ueno Park
52 GIs and their Girlfriends in the Park
Portfolio 4: Women of the Night
53 Leaving a Downtown Theater
54 Rural Slums
55 Slum Neighborhood and Residents
56 "Pan Pan" or Teenage Amateur Prostitutes in a Rapid Transit Station
57 Pair of "Teenage Prostitutes"
58 Bar Girls: Semi-Pro Prostitutes
59 Bar Girls Soliciting Vigorously
60 Professional Prostitution: Lower Levels
61 Professional Prostitutes: Upper Level House in the Yoshiwara District
62 Entryway of a Professional Upper Level House
63 The Yoshiwara Hospital
II. Cultural Images
Portfolio 5: The Iconic Region: Fuji and Hakone
64 Mount Fuji from Misawa Pass
65 Mount Fuji from Lake Hakone
66 Mount Fuji from the Heights: Lake Hakone and the Town of Hakone
67 Mount Fuji from the Rice Fields
68 Mount Fuji from the Flats, with Rice Straw Stacks
69 Jigoku ("Hell") Hot Spring near Hakone
70 Lake Hakone Shore, with Inns
71 Intersection in the Hakone Area Leading to Many Well-Known Places
72 The Cryptomeria Avenue Entrance to the Hakone Shrine
73 Gateway to the Hakone Shrine
74 Lake Hakone from the Shrine
75 Sengoku Hara
Portfolio 6: Traditional Architecture
76 The Kinkakuji Under Early Repair
77 Gate of the Yasukuni Jinja
78 The Katsura Rikyu: Galleries
79 Katsura Rikyu: Interior of Gallery
80 Katsura Rikyu: Landscaping Detail
81 A Garden from a Mat Room in an Inn
82 A Contemporary Park Gazebo
83 Landowner's Estate in Tochigi Prefecture
84 A Garden in Tokyo
85 Vista: Engakuji, Kamakura
86 Engakuji Temple: The Zendo
87 Engakuji: Zen Devotees Contemplating
88 Zen Comtemplation
89 The Byodo-in in Nara
90 The Pheonix Image
91 Musical Bodhisatva in the Byodo-in
92 A Musical Bodhisatva
93 A Pavilion at the Byodo-in
94 Entrance to the Haiden of the Izumo Taishi Shrine
95 Ise: The Great Torii and Main Bridge
96 The Ise Dance Pavilion
97 An Ise Priest-Dancer
98 Aerial View of the Ise Layout
99 The Main Ise Treasure House
100 The Ise Treasure House Roof Peak and Thatch
101 Oblique View of the Enclosure
102 Kyoto: Imperial Palace, Grand Audience Gallery
103 Temple Guardian
104 Entrance to a Mountain Shrine
105 Stairs to Takaosan
106 The Daibutsu Hall in Nara
107 An Entrance Porch to a Temple in Nikko
108 A Rural Mansion Gate
109 The Great Pagoda in Nara
110 Another Pagoda in Nara
111 A Local Shrine
112 A Shrine Alcove in a Kyoto Garden
113 The God of the Power House
114 An Actor on the Noh Stage
115 Consulting the Scriptures
116 A Christian Church
Portfolio 7: Festivals and Gatherings
117 Children Visit the Great Buddha in Kamakura
118 The Great Kaminarimon--"Thunder Gateway" to the Asakusa Kannon
119 Boy's Day Carp Banners
120 Temple Visitation: 1
121 Temple Visitation: 2
122 Shrine Visitation: 1
123 Shrine Visitation: 2
124 Shrine Visitation: 3
125 Shrine Visitation: 4
126 Village Festival
127 O-Mikoshi Festival: 1
128 O-Mikoshi Festival: 2
129 O-Mikoshi Festival: 3
130 Visiting Yasakuni Jinja on its Annual Day
131 Housewives on a Pilgrimage: 1
132 Housewives on a Pilgrimage: 2
133 Entrance to the Narita Shrine
134 Schoolgirls and Pigeons
135 Gathering Credit and Fortune
136 Lunch Hour in a Shrine Garden
137 Opposing Teams about to Bow to Each Other
138 A Wedding Party
139 New Year's Excursion
140 Firemen's Annual Festival
141 Going Home after the Firemen's Festival
142 A Buddhist Monk Begging
143 More Begging Monks (near the "Honey Buckets")
144 Shinto and Butsan Paraphenalia
145 Jidai Matsuri, Kyoto: A Daimyo's Guard, Heian Era
146 Jidai Matsuri, Kyoto
147 Another Heian Female Personality in the Jidai Matsuri Procession
148 Actors in the Jidai Matsuri
149 A Student Socialist Rally: On the Grounds of the Osaka Feudal Castle
150 Waseda University Students during a Student Strike
151 Placards Posted at Waseda University
152 Radical Student Meeting during the Waseda Student Strike
153 Open Air Art in the Student Strike
Portfolio 8: Farming and Rural Crafts
154 Farmhouse Scene
155 A Farmhouse "Treasure House" (Kura)
156 A Kawaguchi Farmer
157 Rice-Growing in the Kanto Area
158 More Rice Paddies
159 Kawaguchi Farmhouse: 1
160 Kawaguchi Farmhouse: 2
161 Sheltered Rows
162 Slope Drainage
163 Rice Straw Storage
164 Rice Winnowing
165 Straw Rope Making
166 Yamanashi Vinyard
167 Yamanashi Vinyard Manager
168 Sakuma-san the Farmer and Potter in his Yard
169 Sakuma's Work Yard
170 Pottery Clay Storage
171 Sakuma's Clay Wells
172 Clay Well and Water Bucket
173 Back of Kiln at Sakuma's
174 The Kiln from the Side
175 Sakuma at his Kick Wheel
176 A Room of Pots from the Sakuma Kiln
177 Sakuma's Gallery
178 Children in the Sakuma Yard
179 Kawai-san's Ceramic Studio in Kyoto
180 Another View of the Kawai Potters
Portfolio 9: Hokkaido and the Ainu
181 Typical Ainu-Japanese Family Group
182 Ainu Rice Mortar
183 Placing the God Sticks
184 Preparing Sake for the Ceremony
185 An Ainu Elder in Festival Costume
186 Revered Fukai and his Sister
187 Preparing the Sacred Sticks
188 Stick Taking Shape
189 Stick Taking Shape: 2
190 Stick Completed
191 Egari Mura: A Bay Village
192 Another View of Egari Mura
193 Crossroads Stores
194 Streets in Egari Mura
195 A Street in the Snow Country
Portfolio 10: Some Famous Resorts
196 Lake Hakone Shore, Docks, Inns and Tea Houses
197 A Wing of the Fujiya Hotel on Lake Hakone
198 A Fujiya Hotel "Cottage" on the Shore of Lake Hakone
199 Another of the Fujiya "Cottages"
200 Still Another "Cottage"
201 Repairing One of the Great Lanterns at the Fujiya Hotel
202 Entrance to Atami
203 Atami: Inns and Villas
204 A Restaurant in Atami
205 Old Atami
206 A New Sushi Restaurant
207 Ladies at Work
208 Along the Road
209 Fruit Sellers
210 Under the Plum Blossoms
211 Hotel Umbrellas Drying in the Sun at a Ryokan in Atami
212 The Old Resort Hotels at Matsushima
213 Matsushima: Zuiganji Temple
214 Bracketed Overhangs
215 Snack Bar along the Pacific Shore
III. Rural Research Images
Portfolio 11: Inland Sea: Remote Islands, Census, and Family Research
216 Takamatsu Station, Shikoku
217 The Kochi Castle: Main Tower
218 Kochi Castle Roof Lines
219 Kochi Castle Grand Entrance
220 Kochi Castle Residential Quarters
221 Inland Sea Landscape: Shososhima 1
222 On the Island of Shodoshima: 2
223 The Shodoshima Lagoon: 3
224 Repairs
225 The Stoner Carver's Beach on Shodoshima
226 Shodoshima Fisherman's Camp
227 Migratory Fisherman Family
228 Farmhouse on Teshima
229 A Lane on Teshima
230 Another Lane
231 Mimase: A Bay Village 1
232 Inside Mimase: 2
233 Mimase's Seawall: 3
234 Three Dwellings in One
235 Mimase: The Kami Shibai
236 Mimase: Children Dancing
Portfolio 12: Forestry, Society and Economy
237 The Region of Forests
238 The Forest Region is Economic Geography
239 Forested Valley
240 Channelizing Rivers
241 Work Crews on the River
242 Valley Settlement
243 A Forest Landowner's Family: Egari Mura
244 The Author in the Suit of Tokugawa Armor Owned by the Egari Family
245 A Village Hall and Staff
246 The Big Men of the Village
247 Democratic Politics in the Mountain Community
248 Lumbermen
249 A Skid Trail
250 Secondary Products
251 Mountain Children
252 More Mountain Children in the Rugged Terrain
253 View from the Ryokan Balcony
254 A Mountain Estate
255 The Great Nagayamon of the Estate
256 The Storage Wing of the Gatehouse with Rice Straw Bales Propped Up against the Wall
257 A Traditional Kura
258 Gateway to a Famous Mountain Shrine
259 The Base of the Great Shrine Tree
260 Branches of the Great Shrine Tree
261 The Mountain Shrine: Harumime Jimja
262 Harumime Jimja Devotion
263 Mountain Grave Marker
Portfolio 13: Fishing Activities
264 Onagawa Harbor: Our Take-off Point
265 Another Picture of Onagawa Harbor
266 Still another Picture of Onagawa Harbor
267 Family Fisherman in Onagawa Harbor
268 Women Work Hard in the Fishing Villages
269 Harbor of Futomi Mura: A Pacific Coast Fishing Village
270 Ogatsu-Mura: From the Harbor's Edge
271 Ogatsu-Mura: Dividing Up the Day's Catch in a Fishing Cooperative
272 Cooperative Ice House: Ogatsu-Mura
273 Close-up of Ice House: Ogatsu-Mura
274 Ogatsu-Musra: The Dragnets Being Pulled in.
275 Kamogawa: Drying the Small Fry
276 Kamogawa: Unloading the Day's Catch
277 Kamogawa: The Drag Net Comes Up, in an Explosion of Water and Frantic Fish
278 Kamogawa: Bringing the Drag Net into the Boat
279 Kamogawa: Networks
280 The Kamogawa Surf-Boat Windlass
281 The Windlass in Operation
282 Kamogawa: Going Round on the Windlass, Bare Feet in the Sand
283 Kamogawa: The Windlass Rope Handling
284 The Surfboat Comes Upon the Beach
285 Kamogawa: Children on the Beach
286 Kamogawa Beach Scene
287 Kamogawa: Children on the Beach 2
288 A Smaller Surfboat
289 Fishing Trawlers
290 Old Fishing Boat
291 Beach and Bay: Izu Peninsula
292 Izu Peninsula, near Numazo: Drying Small Fish in the Sun
293 Izu Peninsula, near Numazo: Fish Spread Out to Dry on Mats and Racks
294 South on the Izu Peninsula, near Numazo: Nets Drying on Racks
295 Fisherman on Shore
296 Shore Vista
Portfolio 14: The Ama: Shellfish Divers
297 Ama Fishing Girls and their Attendant
298 Ama 2
299 Ama 3 and 4

SECTION IV: Going Home

300 Bennett Family photo

SECTION VII: Supplemental Photos

Supplement 1: Nature, Countryside, Architecture
301. Ornamental Rusticity
302. Iwao Ishino
303. Torii Gateway
304. Hakone Lake
305. Hakone
306. Hot Springs
307. Hot Springs
308. Channelization Operations
309. European-Style Bas-Relief
310. A Mountain Farm Village near Nikko
311. Castle Interior
312. Newer Shops in Tokyo
313. Middle-Class House Under Construction
314. Wall in Residential Area of Tokyo
315. Resort Hotels on Izu Penninsula
316. Courtyard of a Luxury Hotel
317. Commercial Street near Byodo-in
318. Estate Gate in Mountains
319. Buildings in Atami
320. Snackbar in Plum Tree Garden Park in Atami.
321. A Prostitute
Supplement 2: Sakuma-san, Temples and Shrines, Fuji
322. Sakuma-san in His Yard
323. Sakuma-san Kneading Clay.
324. Sakuma-san Throwing a Pot
325. Sakuma-san's Yard with Visiting Children
326. Temple Guardian at Kannon Temple
327. Temple Garden
328. Konogobu-ji
329. Bridge to the Okunoin Temple
330. Confucian Temple
331. Gable of a Temple in Nikko
332. Temple Courtyard
333. Mountain Shrine
334. Phallic Shrine
335. Traditional Farmhouse
336. Rice Stalks at Shirakawa-mura
337. View of Fujiyama
338. Fuji with a viewing pavilion.
339. Ornamental Garden
340. The Plain of Sekigahara
341. Harvested Rice
342. Demolished Gun Emplacement
343. A Farm Family on the Verandah of their House.
Supplement 3: Fishing, Festivals, Events, Misc.
344. Inland Sea near Shodosima
345. Lane on Shodoshima
346. Canal near Denéen Chofu
347. Ainu Elders
348. Ainu Elder
349. Kamogawa: Repairing Nets
350. Hauling in a Surf Boat
351. Pulling in a Net
352. Surf Fishing Boat
353. Net House
354. Fishing Village Marina
355. New Year Festival in Tokyo
356. Firemen's Festival
357. Festival of the Ages
358. Children's Masks and Toys
359. Protest Meeting
360. Baseball Game
361. Park in Tokyo