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Script Ohio
The script Ohio tradition began on October 24th, 1936. Since then, Script Ohio has been an important moment at the start of every OSU game.

Script Ohio Evolution
“Script Ohio” has been an Ohio State University tradition going on 73 years.  Begun in 1936, “Script Ohio” includes a revolving block “O” at the beginning, the curved formation of the word “Ohio,” and the “dotting of the I” by the sousaphone player.  But
where did the inspiration come from?  According to the OSU Marching Band’s history, Script Ohio, band director Eugene Weigel said “Searching for ideas, I remembered the rotating sign around the Times Square Building in New York City, during my student days at Columbus, and also the sky-writing advertisements at state fair time…” 
However, Weigel was also present in 1932 when the University of Michigan Marching Band took the field at Ohio Stadium.  According to the student newspaper, The Michigan Daily: "Probably the most effective single formation was the word “OHIO” spelled out in script diagonally across the field in the double-deck Ohio stadium to the accompaniment of the O.S.U. marching song, “Fight the Team.”  Other Michigan band formations were “MICH,” a block “O,” and a block “M.”

michigan script ohio   The first formation of the word "Ohio" by the Michigan band in 1932.
Ted Boehm, OSU marching band member in 1935 and 1936, and considered an “authority” on Script Ohio, wrote that indeed, Michigan had performed the first Ohio in script.  The University of Illinois’ marching band also performed a script Ohio at the OSU game in 1936, after the OSU band had already done one, with a number of musicians dotting the “I.”  But are the scripts equivalent to the OSU Script Ohio?  Boehm wrote:
"We submit that the script aspect is only one part of the overall event that is signified by the name.  Of course, the script is the one essential element, but there is more; all of the parts have merged, starting with the triple revolving block Ohio as the lead off formation, the peel-off into the script movement, the interlaced shoestring movement, the pervasive driving beat of the venerable Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse, the dotted “i” and the concluding vocal chorus.  But most powerful of all are the emotional overtones from thousands of proud participants and an ocean of caught-up observers, sharing a common nostalgic experience which has lasted more than forty years."
So which marching band performed a script Ohio first? Michigan. Which marching band created "Script Ohio"? Ohio State.

1998 script Ohio   Ohio State Marching band performing Script Ohio in 1998.