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Ohio Stadium
The Stadium was completed just in time for the planned dedication day of October 21, 1922. To prepare for the festivities, President Thompson led the Board of Trustees and members of the faculty to the Stadium to clean the seating sections the day before the celebration.  The dedication game was actually the third game to be played at Ohio Stadium, the first being against Ohio Wesleyan on October 7, and the second against Oberlin on October 14. The dedication of Ohio Stadium included a 21-gun salute, a parade of distinguished guests, the crowning of Eloise Fromme as the Stadium Girl, as well as the football game against the University of Michigan.  Over 72,000 people attended the game, proving that the Stadium could and would be filled by enthusiastic fans that supported the team.  The day was also a commercial success for the Athletic Board who still had to pay off the stadium loans.  By the third quarter, 10,000 hot dogs, 70 gallons of coffee, 8,000 boxes of Cracker Jacks, and 70,000 bottles of soda had been sold!  The only disappointment of the day was the loss to Michigan, 19-0. 
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The next Monday, the student newspaper, The Lantern, noted that: “All walks of life were represented when leaders came from far and near to pay their respects to the Ohio State University’s new athletic plant.”