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About This Site

The idea to create a web site about the history of the OSU/UM rivalry began with a suggestion by Fred G. Ruffner, Jr.  Ruffner, a 1950 Ohio State graduate who lives in Michigan and is the founder of Gale Publishing, asked whether the libraries of the two universities could cooperate to create something that would coincide with the Big Game.  In response, two different projects were created.  This site, which explores the football rivalry, was developed using the collections in the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan and the Ohio State University Archives. The staff in both archives worked to combine our resources to create an exhibit that recognizes the excellence of both the football teams and the materials in the archives. 

The second collaboration was with the University of Michigan’s Special Collections Library and the Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.  Each library has created an online exhibit of rare and unusual items within their collections that originated in the other state.  These exhibits can be found at: http://www.lib.umich.edu/ohio-mich/ and at http://library.osu.edu/sites/rarebooks/ohio-mich/ 

For additional information about the universities and their libraries, please visit the following sites:
The Ohio State University
The University of Michigan
The Ohio State University Libraries
The University of Michigan Libraries

For additional information about football and the athletic departments, please visit:
The Ohio State University Athletic Department
The University of Michigan Athletic Department