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Special Games
1897 UM 34 - OSU 0
1940 UM 40 - OSU 0
1950 UM 9 - OSU 3
1968 OSU 50 - UM 14
1969 UM 24 - OSU12
1973 OSU 10 - UM 10
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1969 UM 24 - OSU 12
1970 OSU 20 - UM 9

1968 Game
The 8-0 Buckeyes met the Michigan Wolverines on November 23, 1968, in front of what was, at the time, the largest crowd to ever fill Ohio Stadium (85,371). Ohio State was ranked number 1; Michigan was ranked number 4. Michigan scored first to lead 7-0 in the first quarter. Ohio State followed with its own touchdown. Both teams scored at the end of the half, and the score at halftime was 21-14 for Ohio State. 
Michigan would not score again. Jim Otis put on a display, scoring four of the Buckeye touchdowns, while Rex Kern directed the offense to 421 yards rushing. The final score was Ohio State 50, Michigan 14.

The final scoreboard for the game showed a victory for OSU, 50-14.

After the game, Coach Woody Hayes said it was “[t]he best victory we ever had….  This is a good football team, and we played a good football team.”  He continued by remarking “All of our kids played real good football.  What happened before is that the offense would have a good day and the defense would stutter around some… Then, another game, it would be the other way around.  We said that if they ever put it together… both played well the same day… we would have something.  This was it."