Transferring Records to the University Archives

Some records created by OSU departments and units have enduring historical value and should be transferred to the University Archives once they have served their useful life as dictated by the records retention schedule. Each year the Archives receives more than 500 boxes from departments and units of OSU and answers more than 2,000 requests for information. If you have determined that records should be transferred to the Archives, please follow procedures cited below:

  • Order boxes (12x15x10in) from OSU Stores Supplier Staples (item #478887). Estimate 2 boxes per drawer of files.
  • Check your Records Retention Schedule. Do not send records which the schedule instructs you to destroy. If you do not have a schedule call the Archives (2-2409) first--before packing the records
  • Inventory each box by listing the titles of each folder. The Archives will use your inventory to find the records. Therefore, it is essential that the inventory be as specific, accurate, and comprehensives as possible.
  • Label each box on the front (12in) side. Indicate the name of the transmitting office and the number of boxes (Example: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.)
  • Send the inventory to the University Archives (2700 Kenny Road) or include it in the first box. Please do not attach or tape the inventory to the box. The inventory should have the name of the office and the name of the person preparing the inventory.
  • To schedule movers, contact either:
    • Accelerated Moving and Storage (614.836.1007614.836.1007 - Todd Wilson)
    • Andrews Moving (614.777.1515614.777.1515 - Ann Herrod) 
  • Boxes should be delivered to the loading dock at the Library Book Depository/Archives, 2700 Kenny Road.
  • Call University Archives (2-2409) when the movers arrive at your office to transfer the boxes.

Further infomation about the University Archives' Collection Development Policy can be found at: