OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative


What is the OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative?

The Association of American Universities (AAU), Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and Association of University Presses (AUPresses) are implementing a new initiative to advance the wide dissemination of scholarship by humanities and humanistic social sciences faculty members by publishing free, Open Access, digital editions of peer-reviewed and professionally edited monographs. The Ohio State University is a participating institution and the University Libraries has committed to funding our local project, named the OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative, for the next five years.

What are the benefits of participating?

The AAU/ARL/AUPresses Open Access Monograph Publishing Initiative will benefit scholars, the public, universities, libraries, and presses in several ways:

  • Open Access, digital monographs will make new research freely available online, thereby increasing the presence of humanities and social science scholarship on the web and opening up this content to more readers, putting it into the venue where many scholars are working.
  • Publishing costs will be met by university-funded grants and other revenue sources. These publication grants will enable Open Access publishing and will send a strong signal to humanities and social sciences faculties that universities value and wish to promote their scholarship.
  • The expanded dissemination of scholarship within and beyond the academy advances the core mission of universities to create and transmit new knowledge for public benefit.
  • This initiative will enable the incorporation into digital monographs of new capacities, such as the integration of multimedia with text and the application of annotation and commenting tools, and can encourage the development of innovative forms of digital scholarship.
  • The funding model based on publication grants will allow presses to publish important, high-quality scholarship freely accessible to readers and independent of market constraints.

Which universities or colleges are participating so far?

The Ohio State University is one of 13 institutions that have committed to participate as of October 2017.

Who is funding this?

For The Ohio State University, the University Libraries is funding this initiative. The University Libraries has committed to this initiative for the next five years.

Who decides which applications are funded?

The OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative Selection Advisory Committee will review all OSU applications and make award recommendations to the University Libraries Open Access Monograph Initiative Steering Group. In evaluating applications, the Committee and Steering Group will consider the robustness of peer review and evidence that the press is able to publish the work meeting the Initiative’s criteria. The Committee and Steering Group will also work to ensure that the funds allocated through this Initiative support a diverse range of faculty, including rank.

What is the amount of the award?

University Libraries will provide a publishing grant of up to $15,000 to support the publication of an Open Access, digital monograph of 90,000 words or less. Funding will be provided to the publisher. Additional funding for works of greater length or complexity will need to be negotiated by the author, the Libraries, and the publisher.

How much funding is available?

University Libraries will award up to three $15,000 grants per year for the next five years.

What does it mean that the awards are subventions?

A subvention is a payment offered after a monograph has been selected for publication to help underwrite the costs of publishing monographs. They are increasingly common in publication of scholarly monographs as the number of volumes sold to specialist audiences often do not create enough revenue for the publisher to cover its costs of publication. A subvention of Open Access publishing helps the publisher recover some or all of the costs of publication in return for making the monograph available in online form to any interested readers. The subvention offered by the OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative will be paid directly to the publisher.

Who is eligible to apply?

Current OSU humanities and humanistic social sciences tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply for publishing grants from the OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative.

What publications are eligible for funding?

Publications must be long-form peer reviewed scholarship (monographs up to 90,000 words in length) in the humanities or humanistic social sciences published by a participating press. The Open Access digital edition of the monograph must be made freely available online upon publication under a Creative Commons license, preferably CC BY. Monographs with embargoes, or delayed Open Access, are not eligible.

What types of projects are eligible?

The subvention covers production costs for Open Access monographs, or long-form works on a single subject, in the humanities or humanistic social sciences. Eligible monographs must be authored by an OSU tenure-track faculty member. In the event of a multi-author monograph, please contact us for more information and/or note this in your Expression of Interest. This fund does not cover critical editions, edited anthologies, creative works, textbooks, or translations of previously published works.

Could my project include added content enriching the published monograph?

Possibly. The subvention could help cover such costs if the publisher has the capabilities to support added enrichment. It is also possible that the Libraries could help in publishing enriched content for your monograph. Please indicate your interest in this when completing your Expression of Interest and consider talking with us about the many options. Contact lib-oami@osu.edu for a consultation.

Which publishers are ready to accept grants?

View a list of AUPresses member publishers currently ready to accept grants under the terms of this initiative.

Please note: All decisions regarding participation in the Initiative and acceptance of individual publishing projects under the Initiative are at the exclusive discretion of individual member presses; AUPresses and University Libraries plays no role in a press's decision-making process.

If a grant-eligible author does not see a particular publisher of interest on this list, we encourage them to reach out to the press in question.

How, and when, do I apply?

We are currently accepting expressions of interest. If you are interested in a publication grant, please fill out the online Expression of Interest form.

When should I submit an Expression of Interest?

Please submit an Expression of Interest at any point after you have submitted your manuscript for review. Taking this step allows us to know that you are interested in Open Access and a grant and will help us share information on review cycles, the initiative, and questions you may want to ask your publisher as you go through acceptance and publication. If you want to reach out to us sooner, we’re also happy to hear from you via email to lib-oami@osu.edu.

How will the Open Access editions be published?

The Open Access editions of the monographs will be freely available to readers across the globe, under a Creative Commons license, preferably CC BY. Publishers commit to producing an Open Access edition in a digital format that is accessible but platform-agnostic; and in many cases, publishers may also produce a print edition for sale. Potential buyers of the printed book should be made aware that an Open Access version is available. Monographs funded with OAMI awards will be peer-reviewed and edited to the same standards as the publisher's other scholarly books. We  prefer that authors are given the option to retain copyright of their monographs.

Creative Commons offers multiple licenses ranging from CC-BY to CC BY-NC-ND. Do I have a say in which license my book is published under?

Yes. You should determine how you may want to reuse your work and how you want others to access and reuse the content. Then you and your publisher should select the Creative Commons license that best suits your respective needs and goals and indicate what license would be used at the time of application for the subvention award. We are available to consult with authors on the selection of a Creative Commons license. Please contact lib-oami@osu.edu for a consultation.

Is the publisher required to release the Open Access version immediately upon publication or can there be a delay/embargo (e.g., 6 or 12 months) as with some journal articles?

Because this is a subvention of publishing costs to support immediate Open Access, the publisher receiving the subvention must make the monograph Open Access at the time of publication.

Where will the Open Access monographs reside?

There is as of yet no universal platform for Open Access monographs, but all Open Access editions funded by this initiative will be hosted in OSU's institutional repository, the Knowledge Bank. Other hosting platforms may include the OAPEN Library, HathiTrust Digital Library, and Knowledge Unlatched. University Libraries will link to the Open Access editions from the OSU catalog. Publishers will link to Open Access editions from their online catalogs and will include Open Access editions on their normal e-book publishing platforms (if they have them).

If my book is accepted as part of this program, will the publisher still release a print edition?

The decision to release a print edition of an OAMI digital monograph rests with the author and publisher. The initiative does not preclude the publisher producing and selling a print edition either at the same time or after the release of the electronic edition. Potential buyers of the printed book should be made aware that an Open Access version is available.

If I receive an award, how will payment be handled?

We will reach out to authors and their press to finalize the appropriate subvention amount for the monograph and to be sure the publisher is aware of the requirements of our program. We will expect a budget from the publisher detailing the elements of cost incurred in the production of the publication. Subvention funds will be provided directly to the publisher.

What else do authors need to do?

Awardees will be asked to provide a copy of their published manuscript for deposit in OSU's open repository, the Knowledge Bank. A copy of the final digital files for the monograph, as well as any individual multimedia files used in its composition, must be deposited with University Libraries. We will work with you and your publisher to facilitate these activities.

Awardees will be asked to participate in an evaluation of the Initiative. This may include a survey and/or a conversation with a librarian.

A list of awardees and their funded publications will be added to this website.

What about funding for Open Access journal articles?

University Libraries does not currently offer funding for Open Access journal article processing charges. For information on our past Open Access Fund for OSU Authors pilot, please visit go.osu.edu/oafund.

Who do I contact for assistance or additional information about the publishing grants?

For further information on the OSU Open Access Monograph Initiative, contact  lib-oami@osu.edu