On the Edge With William T Vollmann

(text version below image)Exhibit Banner with Photo of William T. Vollmann in Mostar

On the Edge With William T. Vollmann

Curated by Geoffrey D. Smith and Lisa D. Iacobellis

May 20 through September 20, 2015

Thompson Library Gallery

William T. Vollmann is a writer, journalist, photographer and artist whose work stands on the edge of art and politics. This living artist commands respect for embedding himself in major conflicts and the lives of marginalized people to gain a deep personal understanding of the most challenging issues of our time. The work that results has been critically acclaimed: he won the National Book Award in 2005 for Europe Central, his chronicle of World War II, and has been a multiple-time finalist in fiction and non-fiction for the National Book Critics Award.

Vollmann explores a variety of topics relevant to Ohio State. The Seven Dreams series reflects on the relationship between the settlement of this country and the displacement of Native Americans.  The seven-volume Rising Up and Rising Down looks at the social and political history of violence. Imperial Valley exposes the destruction of the environment and local culture for profit. Poor People explores global poverty. The Book of Dolores is a catalog of his different gender expressions. All of these topics evidence the need for respect and tolerance of diverse cultures and the natural world, values central to this university.

This exhibit offers students, faculty and the community of Ohio State the opportunity to take advantage of the largest collection of Vollmann materials in the country, which is housed in the William Charvat Collection of American Literature at The Ohio State University Libraries. We invite you to walk with Vollmann across a great span of topics and consider your approach to the world with fresh eyes.