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The Lantern

Sample from Lantern CollectionThe Lantern is a community newspaper for the Ohio State University campus and surrounding geographic areas. Chartered in 1881, The Lantern is one of the oldest college newspapers in the country. The Lantern became an integral part of the School of Journalism in 1914, serving both as a laboratory for journalism students and the official newspaper for the third-largest single enrollment campus in the country. Today, with a daily circulation of 28,000 papers during the regular school year and a readership of about 75,000 per day, as well as a presence on the Internet at www.TheLantern.com, The Lantern is the third-largest college newspaper in the country.

The University has provided funds to digitize back issues of The Lantern that are currently available only in paper or microfilm formats. To date, the years 1881-1892 and 1959-1989 have been digitized and are available online. In 2010, issues from 1893-1958 and 1990-1996 will be added, providing a complete archive up to the time that an online version of The Lantern was initiated.

Project manager: Amy McCrory, Preservation Office
Funding source: Ohio State University and OSU Libraries
Status: Ongoing
Link: http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Default/Skins/Ohio/Client.asp?Skin=Ohio&AppName=2

Geology Library Digital Projects

The Orton Memorial Library of Geology has an on-going project to provide scanned images of unique material from the collection. In partnership with the Ohio Geological Survey we have begun to build a digital library of Ohio geology. The 11 volumes of the Report of the Geological Survey of Ohio (1873-1906) have been completed and are available at http://library.osu.edu/sites/geology/OGSreports/main.php. Volumes 1-7 are from the Third Geological Survey and volumes 8-11 are from the Fourth. Reports from the First and Second Surveys have been scanned and should be available in the near future.

Project manager: Mary Scott, Orton Memorial Library of Geology
Status: Ongoing
Link: http://library.osu.edu/sites/geology/digital/osu.php

OSU Oral History Project

This program is administered by The Ohio State University Archives. The purpose is to document the history of The Ohio State University by interviewing important faculty members and administrators. Ultimately, the goal is to collect information that is unavailable in traditional print sources and to preserve the history of the university for future generations of researchers. Transcripts and abstracts of the interviews are digitized and added to the Knowledge Bank.

Project manager: Rai Goerler, University Archivist
Funding source: OSU Libraries
Status: Ongoing
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/403

Ohio State University Press Publications

This collection currently includes nearly 300 titles published by The Ohio State University Press since 1960 and currently not in a traditional paper edition. These books in PDF format are publicly available to all interested readers through the OSU Knowledge Bank. The collection also includes additional titles, each of which will be made available five years after publication. Topical focus of this collection is broad, with particular strengths in literary criticism, history, urban policy and planning. Additional titles will be added to this collection.

OSU Press Contact: Malcolm Litchfield, Director
Project manager: Tschera Connell, Head, Scholarly Resources Integration Dept.
Funding source: OSU Libraries
Status: ongoing
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/131

OSU Theses and Dissertations

In January 2001, OhioLINK established the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center (ETDC), which is a free online database of masters' theses and doctoral dissertations from graduate students in participating Ohio colleges and universities. The Ohio State University Graduate School was an early participant, with PhD and Masters students having the option to submit their dissertation or thesis to the ETDC. Beginning with Autumn Quarter 2002, all OSU doctoral dissertations have been submitted electronically. All Masters theses are submitted electronically as of Winter Quarter 2009. OSU Libraries are also digitizing PhD dissertations and Masters theses where a copy has been lost or been borrowed many times.

Project manager: Daniel Dotson, Mathematical Sciences Librarian & Science Education Specialist
Ownership: Microform copies reside in the OSU Libraries
Dates of coverage: PhD from December 2002 to present; Masters theses January 2009 to present; Dissertations and theses before these dates have a small representation
Funding source: Current submissions: Ohio State University graduate students; Older submissions: Ohio State University Libraries

Status: New dissertations and theses are added and, after approval by the Graduate School, released for open access, which happens nearly immediately after submission. The digitizing of the older dissertations and theses is an ongoing project.

Collection: http://www.ohiolink.edu/etd/
[click on "Browse by university department" to view OSU dissertations]
Information: ETD Help

Polar Oral History Project

This program is administered by The American Polar Society and The Ohio State University's Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program and funded by the National Science Foundation. The purpose is to document the early years of American polar exploration by interviewing those who were in the polar regions since the 1930's. Ultimately, the goal is to preserve the heritage of American polar exploration for future generations of researchers and scientists. This collection consists of transcripts of these oral interviews.

Project manager: Laura Kissel, Polar Archives Curator
Funding source: National Science Foundation
Status: ongoing
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/6039


The COINTEL (Counter-Intelligence Program) papers are reports on FBI surveillance of the Black Panther Party, Cleveland, Ohio, between 1967-1973. They were acquired by a donor, who obtained them from a Freedom of Information Act filing. These papers (approximately 1500 pages), which are now in the public domain, are photocopies of the originals, with portions (presumably names) blacked out. Some newspaper clippings and other documents are included.

Project manager: Melanie Schlosser, Metadata Librarian
Project initiator: Women's Studies / Black Studies Subject Specialist
Funding source: OSU Libraries
Status: Complete
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/36467

Mills Atlas

This resource, Archaeological Atlas of Ohio, by William C. Mills, was digitized at the request of the Geology library and Geology professors who desired a scan of this oversize book for preservation purposes, and the ability to zoom in to see minute detail. It contains approximately 90 maps and 90 pages describing the maps. The maps were published in 1914 and are still quite popular for historical research.

Project manager: Amy McCrory, Preservation Office
Funding source: OSU Libraries
Status: Complete
Print copies: http://library.ohio-state.edu/record=b1650034
Link: http://drc.ohiolink.edu/handle/2374.OX/19799

Honors Theses

The University Honors & Scholars Center at The Ohio State University develops and supports an environment that promotes the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students. Undergraduate students have been encouraged to submit their honors theses to the Knowledge Bank since June, 2004.

Project manager: Maureen Walsh, Metadata Librarian
Status: Ongoing
Link:  http://hdl.handle.net/1811/133

Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum

The Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum is co-sponsored by the Council of Graduate Students, the Graduate School, and the Office of Research. Its purposes are to:

  • Provide a significant professional development experience for OSU graduate students;
  • Encourage graduate students to share their research with the academic community;
  • Recognize outstanding graduate student scholarship within the University; and
  • Facilitate exchange between students, faculty, administration, and the public.

Students enrolled in any area of graduate study at The Ohio State University are invited to participate.  This collection features the work of the recipients of the awards in each discipline category from the 21st forum to the present.  Some of the submissions are embargoed for up to 5 years.

Council of Graduate Students contact number:  614-2921-4830
Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum Web sitehttp://cgs.osu.edu/funding/hayes.aspx
Project Manager:  Maureen Walsh, Metadata Librarian
Status: Ongoing
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/29270

Molecular Spectroscopy Archives

This is a joint project of The Spectroscopy Institute and the University Libraries. The project is intended to provide and enhance access to and preserve archival material in the field of molecular spectroscopy. Two archives are available. The OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy has met annually for over 60 years. The archive in the OSU Knowledge Bank contains the programs and abstracts of papers presented at this conference from 1946 to the present.

Subject specialist: Belinda Hurley, Science/Engineering Library
Project manager:
Maureen Walsh, Metadata Librarian
Link: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/5850