Standards and Recommendations

The Digital Initiatives Steering Committee follows these standards and recommendations in our work with digital projects and serve as a list of best practices for media use.



This section of the Digital Projects Web site will include basic guidelines for describing and managing digital resources. It will also include documentation of OSU decisions and provide project examples that can be used in planning a digital project.


Guidelines on Digital Imaging, including best practices for scanning materials, resolution, bit depth, color models, and a howto guide, as well as information on file formats and having archival copies and use copies, as well as information on outsourcing the task, and additional information.



A report on the preservation of Digital Audio, including recommendations on sample rate, bit depth, high resolution copies, and formats. Additionally a list of tools or software to help process files, as well as links to further resources on the subject.

Author: Dan Noonan
Date: 6/4/2008

Text and Documents

These reports examine the PDF/A format's viability for use by OSU Libraries. They are written by a working group of the Digital Initiatives Steering Committee and include information about the standard, the tests performed, information about other repositories using the format and the group's recommendations.

Authors: Beth Black and Dan Noonan
Date: 2/20/2008

Authors: Amy McCrory, Beth Black, and Dan Noonan
Date: 7/2/2008

OSUL Compliance with OAIS

This report examines OSU Libraries' compliance with each part of the OAIS Functional Model. Written by a working group of the Digital Initiatives Steering Committee, it assesses our current ability to acquire, deliver, and preserve digital materials, as well as highlighting areas needing additional development in order to increase compliance with OAIS.

Authors: Amy McCrory, Tschera Connell, and Beth Black
Date: 10/1/2008