2015 Grant Winners

University Libraries, the Office of Distance Education and E-Learning (ODEE), and Undergraduate Student Government are sponsoring a grant to faculty to encourage and support adoption of low- or no-cost course materials in order to save students money.  Faculty will receive $1,000 (taxable payroll supplement or tax-free research fund account) plus support from ODEE and the Libraries to replace traditional high-cost course materials with free, low-cost, or open alternatives.

The application deadline is October 1, 2015 for courses to be taught in Spring or Fall semesters of 2016.

Overview of Grant

Application Form


Robyn Warhol; English

A project to replace required books in English 4542 “The Nineteenth-Century British Novel” with a website of free versions of the novels that replicate the way the novels appeared in serialized form.

Elizabeth Weiser; English; Newark Campus

A project to replace a textbook for English 3271 “Structure of the English Language” with online readings in Carmen and videos from free and OSU-licensed databases. 

Christin E. Burd and Craig J. Burd; Molecular Genetics

A project to replace a textbook for MolGen 5300 “Cancer Biology” with publicly available scientific articles (many from PubMed) and online video tutorials.

Elena Foulis; Spanish and Portuguese

A project to replace a textbook for Spanish 3450 “Intro. to the Study of Literature & Culture in Spanish: Reading Texts” with online primary and secondary texts and media.

Halil Sezen; Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

A project to replace the textbook for CE 4350 and 5350 “Reinforced Concrete Design I and II”  with limited fair use excerpts from the text in Carmen combined with expanded lecture notes and free or library-licensed readings. 

Leah Wahlin; Engineering Education Innovation Center

A project to replace a current textbook for ENGR 2367 “American Attitudes about Technology” with a newly created textbook that is free for OSU students using free and OSU-licensed resources. 

Bart Snapp; Mathematics

A project to replace the current textbook for Math 1151 (Calculus I) with a newly created open textbook.

David Adams; English; Lima Campus

A project to replace a current textbook for English 2261 “Introduction to Fiction” with a customized set of stories and critical apparatus.

Karl Ola Ahlqvist; Geography

A project to replace the textbook for GEOG 2750 “World Regional Geography” with a combination of online texts, video, and other resources using a digital globe (such as Google Earth) as the organizing platform. 


Additional information about grants and related opportunities is available from the Affordable Learning Exchange at affordablelearning.osu.edu.