Textbook Affordability Grant

Award amount: $1,000 available as research funds

University Libraries, the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE), and Undergraduate Student Government (USG) have partnered to sponsor this opportunity for faculty to explore the adoption of low- or no-cost course materials for classes at Ohio State. Winners of the Textbook Affordability Grant receive consultation support from ODEE and University Libraries to create, find, and distribute materials.

Ideally projects funded through the Textbook Affordability grant will need limited hands-on support and be close to implementation (work may have already begun). Individuals and teams are encouraged to apply. Successful proposals will include:

  • Adoption and/or adaptation of existing OERs
  • Authoring of new digital course materials to openly license and share with students at Ohio State and beyond
  • Replacing a conventional textbook with library resources (textbooks on reserve, journals, other with help from subject librarian and other experts)
  • A combination of these approaches