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Over the past few years, Japanese comics, or manga, have been gaining popularity as a form of entertainment.  What most people don't realize is that manga is a rising academic source for students of Japanese language, literature, and culture.  

This site is still under construction, and much of material found here can be found on the OSU Library's Wiki pages.  The material on these pages is the result of the efforts by many people.

Manga at The Ohio State University

Ohio State University has one of the largest academic cartoon collections in the country.  This includes an extensive compilation of manga, both in English and Japanese.

The Ohio State University Libraries' manga collection (part of the Cartoon Research Library) is "broadly representative," focusing on works by well-known mangaka issued over the past century. Exhibition catalogs, critical studies, biographies, "how to" books, guides, and other secondary works are intensively collected as well.

At Ohio State manga are treated as rare books, available for reading and consultation at the Cartoon Research Library, but not for circulation. Through purchase, gift or donation sometimes second copies are acquired which can be checked out of the library.

Manga Shoppu Shiriizu


Tips for Finding Manga in Ohio State's Library Catalog 

Some Useful Books for Manga Research

500 Manga Heroes and Villains

Samurai from Outer Space

Manga Research Sources

Manga Analysis

Manga Bibliography

Manga History

Manga Information - Where to Look

Manga Publishers