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Service CategoryService
Accounts, Access and NetworkActive Directory
Accounts, Access and NetworkApp Authorization: Sierra,CarmenWiki, Doc Reg, Rooms, Hours, etc.
Business ServicesApplication Development | Product Portfolio
Software and SystemsArchival Description Management
Hardware and Desktop SupportBackup/Restore
Hardware and Desktop SupportBitLocker Encryption on Library Laptops
Software and SystemsBlogs
Business Services  Business Process Analysis
Hardware and Desktop SupportComputer/Laptop/Mobile Device
Software and SystemsContent Management Systems
Business Services  Content Strategy
Hardware and Desktop SupportDesktop Support
Hardware and Desktop SupportDesktop Software Installation
Software and SystemsDigital Collections
Software and SystemsDigital Exhibits
Business ServicesDigital Library Initiatives
Software and SystemsDiscovery Services (Sierra, WorldCat, mobile catalog)
Software and SystemsDocument Registry
Accounts, Access and NetworkElectronic Resources/Proxy Services
Software and SystemsEmail/Calendar
Accounts, Access and NetworkFile Shares
Software and SystemsFinding Aids
Hardware and Desktop SupportInformation Security Controls
Software and SystemsKnowledge Bank Institutional Repository
Software and SystemsMaster Object Repository/Preservation
Hardware and Desktop SupportMonitors/Peripherals
Accounts, Access and NetworkOff-Campus Access
Hardware and Desktop SupportPresentation Rooms
Hardware and Desktop SupportPrinters for Staff/Faculty (not Public Printers)
Business Services  Product Evaluation
Business Services  Project Management
Software and SystemsPublishing
Software and SystemsStaff Intranet
Software and SystemsTraining
Business Services  Usability/User Experience
Software and SystemsWeb Archiving
Software and SystemsWeb Forms
Hardware and Desktop SupportWireless Media streaming
Business Services  Workflow Automation