Retention Schedules


The Ohio State University General Records Retention Schedule (January 20, 2021) 

In accordance with the University Records Management Policy and Ohio Revised Code 149.33(B), the university records management program is responsible for establishing a program for managing the retention and disposition of university records. These processes are also a part of the university’s Information Security Control Requirement DAT3 as a means of risk management.

A records retention schedule is a legally mandated tool that classifies records created, sent or received by the university, and provides instruction for records retention and disposition.  Records are grouped by record series: related records that contain the same types of information and are filed and/or used together as a unit. Retention schedules cover records on any media format, including paper and electronic.

Ohio State’s General Records Retention Schedule (General Schedule) guides the management and disposition of university record series that are common to multiple units across campus. All Ohio State units should be familiar with the General Schedule and how the unit’s records align to it.

Some units have records, not found on the General Schedule, that are unique to their operations.  These records series should be listed on unit unique retention schedules.  If a unit identifies record series that do not map to the General Schedule, the unit should contact University Records Management to discuss the creation of a unique schedule.

All retention schedules, general or unique, are developed and approved by University Records Management in consultation with campus and unit representatives.

Contact the University Registrar for access to the following records:

Contact the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University for access to your Medical Records.