Retention Schedules

Types of Retention Schedules

OSU has two types of retention schedules:

OSU Retention Schedules (2007-present) are now searchable online for OSU faculty, staff, and students! Please contact us at if you have any issues accessing them.

Features of the Virtual Retention (VR) system include:

  • Search for retention schedules by unit
  • Search by keyword across all retention schedules
  • Search the citation database for legal citations that affect retention

Virtual Retention User Guide

Retention schedules created 2006 and earlier are not available online, but can be requested at PDFs of any schedule, complete with approvals, can also be requested from Records Management and should be used to respond to public records requests for schedules.

Note: The online system is only available to persons on the OSU network, but anyone can request retention schedules by emailing  Include in your request which specific unique retention schedules to send.

About OSU Retention Schedules

records retention schedule is a legally mandated tool that classifies records created, sent or received by the university, and provides instruction for records retention and disposition. 

Records are grouped by record series: related records that contain the same types of information and are filed and/or used together as a unit.

Retention schedules cover records in any media format, including paper, electronic and electronic messages.

Updating OSU Retention Schedules

If a unit identifies record series that are not found on the General Schedule, the unit should contact University Records Management to discuss the creation of a unique schedule. Records cannot be disposed of if they are not listed on a university retention schedule.

To request changes to your unique schedule, or a record series on the General Schedule for which your unit is responsible, contact Records Management. 

All retention schedules, general or unique, are developed and approved by University Records Management in consultation with campus and unit representatives.

Contact the University Registrar for access to the following records:

Contact the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University for access to your Medical Records.