Records Destruction or Transfer

Part of any effective records management program is the timely destruction of obsolete records. The Ohio State University's approved records retention schedules have been well vetted based on administrative, fiscal, and legal value of the records. Therefore, at the end of a record's life, the record should be destroyed in an appropriate manner and documented through the use of a "Certificate of Records Destruction (CRD)."

Submit the CRD to, or through campus mail, for Records Management approval at least one week before your planned disposition. Please consult the appropriate retention schedule prior to completing the "Certificate of Records Destruction." CRD's should be completed prior to the destruction of any format of record in any storage location, even if it is an offsite storage facility that also has its own destruction paperwork.

The Certificate is available as an editable PDF, which now includes an email submit button, as well as various options for digital signatures, so that the document does not require printing.  Please see the revised instructions for information on these features, as well as how to download and save the CRD for future submissions.  We recommend downloading the form and using Adobe to fill out.

PLEASE NOTE: If there is pending litigation or your office receives a public records request, a hold is placed on the disposal of the records and they must be retained until it is resolved. Do not submit a CRD until the hold is removed or the request has been closed.

Methods for destruction:

  • Non-sensitive records:
    • recycling
    • trash
  • Sensitive/Secure records: view the S3 & S4 Secure Data Destruction Requirements tip sheet for more information.  (Ex. grades, social security numbers, credit card information, medical information, etc.):
    • Paper:
      • incineration
      • maceration
      • shredding (unit shredder, OSU Recycling, or local shredding company)
      • pulping
    • Electronic records:
      • demagnetization (or other electronic destruction)