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Fall 2018 Primes, Primitives, and Pythagoras Abstract   PDF
Taylor Wood, Jenna Odom
Spring 2019 Problem Solving the Hungarian Way Abstract   PDF
Bridget C. Scanga, Janet M. Walker
Fall 2019 Problem Solving the Hungarian Way (Part 2) (pp. 9--15) Abstract   PDF
Janet M. Walker, Bridget C Scanga
Spring 2018 Productive Mathematical Discussions in Teaching Through Problem Solving Abstract   PDF
Awsaf Abdulla Alwarsh
Fall 2016 Proof Without Words Abstract   PDF
Avi Sigler, Moshe Stupel
Spring 2018 Proof without Words: (a+b+c)^2,(a+b-c)^2,(a+b+c)^2-(a+b-c)^2 Abstract   PDF
Wasim Akram Mandal
Fall 2018 Proof Without Words: Arithmetic Mean / Geometric Mean Inequality Abstract   PDF
Wasim Akram Mandal
Fall 2018 Proof Without Words: Sum of the First n Integers Abstract   PDF
Greg Orosi
Spring 2018 Proof Without Words: Sum of the First n Integers Squared Abstract   PDF
Greg Orosi
Spring 2020 Proof Without Words: Trisection of a Parallelogram’s Diagonal (p. 58) Abstract   PDF
Victor Oxman, Moshe Stupel
Fall 2020 Remembering What Matters in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Abstract   PDF
Sandra Wilder
Spring 2017 Revisiting the Meaning of the Denominator Abstract   PDF
Debra Johanning, Lindsey Haubert
Fall 2019 Rewriting the Script (pp. 1--8) Abstract   PDF
Megan Haerr
Fall 2018 Rich Task Construction: Making "Good" Problems Better Abstract   PDF
Michael Waters
Summer 2018 Shapes and Their Equations: Experimentation with Desmos Abstract   PDF
Christopher Simon Iobst
Fall 2016 Social Justice Drives Students Deeper: A Statistics Lesson on Wealth Impacting Quality of Life Abstract   PDF
Mackenzie Wall
Spring 2020 Solving Quadratic Equations Activity & Revisions (pp. 71--90) Abstract   PDF
Jackie McCarthy
Summer 2019 Sparking Surprise: A Negative Number Game to Promote Productive Concepts of Addition and Subtraction Abstract   PDF
Julie Nurnberger-Haag, Jamie L. Wernet
Fall 2020 Stella and the Stunners: The Mathematical Legacy of Rudd Crawford Abstract   PDF
Steve Meiring
Summer 2017 Stocking Fish: A Recursive Problem Abstract   PDF
S. Asli Ozgun-Koca, Michael Meagher
Fall 2019 Strings, Bears, & Boards: Making Fractions Meaning-filled (pp. 54--60) Abstract   PDF
Bridget K Druken, Alison S Marzocchi
Spring 2017 Student Math Circles: Building collaborative places of mathematical inquiry across grades Abstract   PDF
Chris Bolognese, Sonam Shahani
Spring 2020 Student Teaching Reform (pp. 55--57) Abstract   PDF
Zach Thornton
Summer 2018 Survival of the Fitness: Mathematical Activity as a Union of Content and Process Abstract   PDF
Nat Banting
Spring 2020 Taco Cart Lesson, a Three Act Task (pp. 91--106) Abstract   PDF
Hannah Dietz
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