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Vol 75 (2017) A proposition from algebra – how would Pythagoras phrase it? Abstract   PDF
Moshe Stupel, Avi Sigler
Vol 75 (2017) Body Image and Barbie Abstract   PDF
Courtney Frydryk
Summer 2018 Building Up Geometry Abstract   PDF   m4v
Abby King
Vol 76 (2017) Chewing Your Way to Understanding Abstract   PDF
Dittika Gupta, Suzanne F Lindt, Diana Moss
Spring 2018 Considering ELLs When Planning Lessons Abstract   PDF
Jim Ewing
Vol 77 (2017) Contest Corner Abstract   PDF
Michael Flick, Debbie Kuchey
Vol 74 (2016) Contest Corner: The 2016 State Tournament of Mathematics Results Abstract   PDF
Michael Flick, Debora Kuchey
Vol 75 (2017) Decimal Dilemmas: Interpreting and Addressing Misconceptions Abstract   PDF
Cindy Jong, Jonathan N Thomas, Molly H Fisher, Edna O Schack, Meredith A Davis, Mallory E Bickett
Vol 74 (2016) Drawing Sequences Abstract   PDF
Todd Edwards, Steve Phelps, Alex Mains
Vol 77 (2017) Establishing Equations and Encountering Elves Abstract   PDF
Kendra Maree DeWater
Summer 2018 Euclid's Dilemma Abstract   PDF   mp4
Megan Rhyal
Vol 74 (2016) Examples of multiple proofs in geometry: Part 1, tasks and hints Abstract   PDF
Ruti Segal, Moshe Stupel, Alfinio Flores
Vol 77 (2017) Exploring Sequences through Variations on Fibonacci Abstract   PDF
Gordon A Swain
Spring 2018 Four Corners in Learning Mathematics with Technology Abstract   PDF
Jessica Edwards, Alfinio Flores
Vol 77 (2017) Fueling Teachers’ Interest in Learning about the Standards for Mathematical Practice Abstract   PDF
Lance Michael Kruse, Megan Schlosser, Jonathan Bostic
Summer 2018 Let's Talk Context Abstract   PDF
Jamie Wernet
Vol 74 (2016) Mike's Problem - A Proposed Solution Abstract   PDF
Bob Kinner
Spring 2018 Mondrian Math: An Artful Exploration of Area and Perimeter Abstract   PDF
Elisabeth Johnston, Elizabeth Kennedy Ward
Spring 2018 Multiplying Mistakes Abstract   PDF
Tom Romano
Vol 75 (2017) Narrowing the Achievement Gap with C-STEM Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Debora Kuchey, Michael Flick
Vol 76 (2017) Pixels: Creating Lessons with Historical Connections Between Perimeter and Circumference Abstract   PDF
Shelly Sheats Harkness, Bethany Noblitt
Spring 2018 Productive Mathematical Discussions in Teaching Through Problem Solving Abstract   PDF
Awsaf Abdulla Alwarsh
Vol 74 (2016) Proof Without Words Abstract   PDF
Avi Sigler, Moshe Stupel
Spring 2018 Proof without Words: (a+b+c)^2,(a+b-c)^2,(a+b+c)^2-(a+b-c)^2 Abstract   PDF
Wasim Akram Mandal
Spring 2018 Proof Without Words: Sum of the First n Integers Squared Abstract   PDF
Greg Orosi
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