Building Healthy Academic Communities Journal

The National Consortium for Building Health Academic Communities (BHAC) is launching a new open access research journal with the first issue planned for spring, 2017. The academic institutions from across the U.S. - large and small, public and private - that are part of BHAC are dedicated to crafting a comprehensive framework that enriches the health and wellness of students, faculty and staff. We are seeking the following types of submissions consistent with our mission to promote comprehensive, evidence-based practice for faculty & staff wellness, student wellness, academic medical centers, and wellness innovation.

  1. Feature articles (including qualitative (case study) and quantitative research articles, reviews and white papers
  2. Research briefs (pilot studies)
  3. International columns
  4. Innovation center news items
  5. Book and product reviews
  6. Policy and position papers (focusing on state-of-the art institutional policy and position development and implementation)


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