Tips for Conquering Finals Week from One Buckeye to Another

by Angela Formichelli, Class of 2023

A female student wearing headphones studies at the Fine Arts Library.

Finals week is fast approaching, which means the looming stress of exams, projects and presentations is beginning to set in. As some of you know by now, it can be overwhelming to think about everything that needs to get done in time. As a graduating senior, I have learned a few things that can be helpful going forward. 

Before you begin working on your end-of-semester assignments, plan ahead. Sit down with your calendar and carve out a designated time for each exam or final assignment. Making sure you are prepared in advance will help you settle your nerves before the deadline.  

Next on your list of things to do is to find your study spot. This should be a quiet space where you can concentrate with little distraction. If you have noisy roommates and can’t focus, go to the library. The tables fill up quickly during these last few weeks of the semester, but if your study group books a private room in advance, you will be sure to have a quiet spot to get work done.  

As we get closer to finals, we sometimes forget that we might need other resources to finish assignments. If you can’t make it to the libraries to check out materials, don’t worry. University Libraries’ Research Guides provide virtual resources on many different subjects. These guides provide  resources including dissertations, journal articles, data, statistics and more. There is also a section on the Research Guides page titled ‘Course Guides’ that offers resources compiled for specific courses. 

If you feel you might need more tailored help, Libraries offers A+ Research Coaching. If you have a final paper or presentation to prepare, a coach can help you develop a research question, cite sources and more. 

My personal favorite University Libraries resource for finals week is the Pause4Paws program. They partner with Therapy Dogs International, 4-H Pet Pals and/or Buckeye Paws each semester to provide emotional support for students during our most stressful time. These organizations bring support animals to library locations across campus for students to interact with. If you haven’t taken part in Pause4Paws in the past, be sure to keep an eye on University Libraries website for a schedule so you can take some time during finals to interact with support animals. 

I hope the tips and resources I provided will be of use to you all. I know how difficult this time can be for us, but keep going! The finish line is not as far away as it seems. Good luck on finals, Buckeyes!