The Ohio State University Archives Announces Recipient of 2023-2024 Research Award

A portrait of Dr. Edward Armston-Sheret

The Ohio State University Archives has announced the 2023-2024 recipient of the $5,000 Archives Research Award. Dr. Edward Armston-Sheret, the Alan Pearsall Fellow in Naval and Maritime History at the University of London, is the inaugural recipient of the award. Dr. Armston-Sheret was selected from a pool of eight applicants.

Armston-Sheret will visit the Archives to conduct his research in the summer of 2023. As he states in his application, Armston-Sheret will use the Sir Hubert Wilkins and Admiral Richard E. Byrd collections to research how American and British explorers shared knowledge about ways to care for the body in the polar environments.

“I will bring … three bodies of literature together to examine the importance of international networks in twentieth century exploration," said Armston-Sheret. "In doing so, I will develop my previous scholarship on questions of health and hygiene on polar expeditions.”

"One of the reasons we chose Armston-Sheret is because his research has a broad environmental focus and uses multiple collections at University Archives,” said University Archivist Tamar Chute. “We are excited that he is our first recipient of the Archives Research Award."

The Archives Research Award was established in 2022 and will be awarded annually. It is available to graduate students, faculty and independent scholars who demonstrate a need to utilize the collections onsite. To learn more about the award and how to apply, visit the award page.